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Hachisuro's recommended points

Hachislot is an emerging online casino established in February 2023, originally operated under the name Sportsbet, and has been newly renewed.

First of all, I will introduce three recommended points of Hachislot.

Luxurious and rich promotion

At Hachislot, we are holding luxurious and abundant promotions such as "first deposit bonus", "weekly cashback", "weekend deposit bonus", "slot rebate bonus".

We also actively hold tournaments, so there is always a chance to win big.

Recently, all online casinos are carrying out flashy promotions, but Hachislot is one of the top luxury among them.

Safe, secure and reliable curacao island license possession

The license possessed by Hachislo is issued by the Curacao government, so the reliability as an online casino is outstanding.

Because it is a Curacao license owned by many major online casinos, the safety of Hachislot is unwavering. You can focus only on gambling without worrying about fraudulent activities such as withdrawal refusal or cheating.

Transparent and clear VIP system

Hachislot's VIP system consists of 4 ranks, and the conditions for ranking up are clearly disclosed, making it easy to set goals.

There are various benefits such as level up bonuses for each rank up, slot cashback, withdrawal priority support, VIP support, etc.

Anyone who has made at least 3 deposits has a chance to become a VIP member, so let's aim for the highest rank "All Star".

Verify the reputation of Hachislot from word of mouth

I tried to collect the reputation of the players who are actually playing with Hachislot. We will introduce not only good reviews, but also bad reviews without hesitation, so please refer to them.

Good reviews of Hachisuro

Bonuses, cashbacks, rebates... is it okay to give them away? The promotion is too gorgeous to make you want to worry www

Australian language support is a nice touch. I was worried because it was a new casino, but it seems to be fine with this one.

I like the game line-up! Almost all of the popular ones are suppressed, and there are many slots that are minor but fun.

Bad reviews of Hachisuro

What is a 20x wagering requirement for rebates? If it's a rebate, I'd like you to present it in cash.

I thought all the slots were free to play, but there are many slots that are only for real play. Please support free play for all slots.

It says you can make inquiries via LINE, but the page you landed on has an error (sweat). Wasp.

Hachislo registration bonus

Until now, Hachislo had a $30 registration bonus (no deposit required bonus) campaign, but as of October 2023, it is no longer possible to apply.

If the registration bonus is revived in the future, we will introduce it again on this site.

Hachislo welcome bonus

Hachislot's welcome bonus (first deposit bonus) is applied from the first to the third deposit, and you can get up to $ 900.

Number of depositsbonus percentageMaximum bonus amount
First time100%$500
Second time50%$200
Third time50%$200

Please note that all bonuses require a minimum deposit of $10 or more.

Hachislot bonus withdrawal conditions

In order to withdraw the bonus from Hachislot, you need to bet 20 times including the deposit amount.

For example, if you deposit $300 for the first deposit, the bonus given will also be $300, so withdrawal conditions will apply to a total of $600. In other words, you can withdraw for the first time with a minimum bet of $ 12,000 at "$ 600 x 20".

However, the consumption rate differs depending on the type of game you bet on.

live casino15%
Table game15%

Slots are recommended for efficient bonus digestion. However, please note that bets of $ 25 or more are not applicable to wagering requirements.

In addition, the maximum withdrawal amount of the bonus is determined, and even if you use the bonus to make a profit that exceeds the maximum limit, the excess amount will be invalid.

Number of depositsMaximum withdrawal amount
First time$5,000
Second time$2,000
Third time$2,000

Hachislot deposit method

You can use credit cards, bank remittances, various online electronic payment services, and various virtual currencies as payment methods for Hachislot.

The minimum deposit amount, maximum deposit amount and fees for each deposit method are as follows.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
direct deposit$10$15,000free
bank transfer$10$5,000free
Credit card (VISA/JCB)$10$600free
Vega wallet$10$5,000free
virtual currency$15$5,000free

Hachislot withdrawal method

Please note that currently only various online electronic payment services can be used as a withdrawal method for Hachislot, and withdrawals using bank transfers are not possible.

The minimum withdrawal amount, maximum withdrawal amount and fees for each withdrawal method are as follows.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountcommission
Vega wallet$10$5,000free

However, in order to withdraw money, you need to verify your identity, which will be described later. If you have not completed your identity verification, you will not be able to check the withdrawal page.

What is the withdrawal speed of Hachislot?

Hachislot is an online casino affiliated with Live Casino House, which has a reputation for its withdrawal speed, so speedy withdrawals are possible.

After the withdrawal request, the process will be completed within a few minutes at the earliest. Since it is also widely advertised on the official website, you can see confidence in the withdrawal speed.

Identity verification of Hachislot (KYC authentication)

In order to withdraw winnings from Hachislot, it is necessary to complete identity verification (KYC authentication) in advance.

This is implemented in all online casinos, not just Hachislot, and is essential to prevent money laundering and spoofing.

To confirm your identity, access "My Account" while logged in and select "Account Verification" from the menu.

Then, there is a button "Select file" under "Identity verification: pending", so upload 3 required documents from there.

The documents required for identity verification are as follows.


·Driver's license

・My number card


One of the above identification documents and must be valid. Take a photo of both sides of your driver's license, and the photo page and handwritten address page of your passport.

address verification documents

・Utility bill/certificate of residence (issued within 3 months)

Proof of deposit method

・Bank transfer

・Credit card (both sides)


・ iwallets

・Vega wallet

・Virtual currency

Please prepare a page with a payment history that is actually used for the above deposit method.

Hachisuro registration method

The registration method of Hachislot is very easy, and an account will be opened in about 1 to 2 minutes at the earliest.

Step 1. Access Hachislo official website

Step 2. Click "New Registration"

Step 3. Enter your name, date of birth, address, email address, password, etc.

Step 4. Check Terms and Newsletter

Step 5. Click "Register" and check your email for "Welcome to Hachislot!"

Step 6. Click "Authenticate" in the message

Step 7. Complete registration

Hachislot game

Hachislot has over 2,700 types of games, including live casinos, table games, and slots.

With a wide lineup from classic games to the latest games, you can enjoy it forever without getting bored. Another big advantage of Hachislot is the speed at which new games are introduced.

Hachisuro Recommended Slots

Hachislot has more than 2,600 types of slots, ranging from general video slots to classic slots to Australian pachislot-style slots.

There are lots of slots that everyone can enjoy, such as "San Quentin", whose explosive power is out of the standard, "Moon Princess", which is overwhelmingly popular in each online casino, and classic slots such as "Tome of Madness" and "Book of Dead".

Hachislo Live Casino

Hachislot Live Casino has partnered with a total of 7 game providers, each offering a variety of live casinos such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Mega Wheels.

Among them, the overwhelmingly popular and recommended one is Evolution Gaming's masterpiece "CrazyTime". A game show style live casino released in 2020 with a chance to win a ridiculous payout of up to 20,000 times your payout.

So far, it has hit the big win of hundreds of millions of yen many times, and gamblers from all over the world are participating with the aim of becoming a millionaire dreaming day after day.

Hachislot jackpot

Hachislot also focuses on jackpot slots. All of them are full of explosive power and have the dream of getting rich quickly, but the one I would like to recommend the most is "Mega Moolah".

A jackpot slot released by Microgaming in 2006, it is still very popular even after more than 16 years of operation.

In the past, a jackpot of about 2.4 billion yen, which is unthinkable in common sense, was registered in the Guinness World Records, and the record has not been broken even now.

Although the gameplay is simple and the free spins bonus is almost non-explosive, it is no exaggeration to say that the explosive power of the blow is unique.

Hachislot illegal?

Hachislot is an online casino with a Curacao license, so there is absolutely no illegality. It is an internationally-legal and reliable online casino.

I think there are many people who are worried, "But casinos are prohibited in Australia, aren't they? If you play with Hachislot, won't you get caught?"

However, Hachislot is an overseas online casino based in Curacao and is outside the scope of Australian gambling laws.

There is no law against playing at overseas online casinos, so you can rest assured that playing in Australia will not be considered illegal.

Hachisuro support

Hachisuro's support is fully Australian and can be contacted using either email or live chat.

Email[email protected] (Reception 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
live chatEvery day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Hachislot is an online casino that values ​​the Australian market very much, so it has a reputation for high quality Australian language support.

As far as I actually tried live chat, the Australian was not necessarily Australian staff, but I could understand it without any problems.

Even if you use difficult Australian or give detailed information, they will understand, so even beginners who play online casinos for the first time can rest assured.

Hachisuro Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we have summarized the frequently asked questions and answers at Hachislot, so we hope it will be helpful.

What is the reason if I cannot deposit to Hachislot?

If you are unable to make a deposit to Hachislot, the possible reasons are as follows.

・Incorrect input of payment information used for payment

・Using a payment method in the name of another person

・Exceeding credit card limit

・Violation of credit card terms of use

・Hachislo is undergoing maintenance

Of particular concern is violation of credit card terms of use. VISA and JCB can be used at Hachislot, but even if international brands support them, credit card issuers may prohibit them.

Please note that credit cards issued by financial institutions are particularly prone to this, and deposit errors are likely to occur.

Why can't I withdraw from Hachislo?

If you cannot withdraw from Hachislot, the possible reasons are as follows.

・Identity verification has not been completed (withdrawal page will not open)

・Maximum withdrawal amount exceeded (depending on each payment method)

・Violation of Terms of Service

・Hachislo is undergoing maintenance

Withdrawals may be refused if terms and conditions are violated. In the worst case, your account may be frozen, so be sure to check for any violations of the terms of use before playing with Hachislot.

Is there any cheating with Hachislot?

Hachislo is an online casino with a Curacao license, so it offers games equally to all players.

In the unlikely event that fraudulent acts such as cheating are discovered, the license will be canceled immediately. In the first place, game development and operation are all done by another game provider, so Hachislot can never cheat.

If you register with Hachislot from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you can get a first deposit bonus of up to $900.
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.0 Comprehensive evaluation
Hachislot Comprehensive Review [2023 Latest]
4.0 rating