Bet Levels Casino (BET REBELS) Comprehensive Review [Latest in 2023]

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BET REBELS CASINO is a sports betting online casino operated in the Republic of Malta.

Be one of the trusted online casinos with a license in the Republic of Malta. We just entered the Australian market in 2023.

We offer a wide range of casino games including sports betting, virtual sports, live casino and online slots.

Betlevels Casino has some features not found in other online casinos. By reading this article, let's discover the charm of playing at Betlevels Casino!

Bet Rebels Casino Highlights

Betlevels Casino has a wider range of sports and bonuses than other online casinos. Also, because of the wide range, there are competitions and bonuses that you cannot find at other online casinos. It is also attractive to hold tournaments that are slightly different from other online casinos.

Overwhelming selection of sports

With an industry-leading sports selection, you can bet on your favorite matches from over 2,500 sports!

Soccer is especially popular, with more than 1,000 matches! It is also possible to watch Australia's J-League and the World Cup. There are 30 other sports such as table tennis, badminton, and basketball.

There are also online games such as e-sports and e-football.

You can also bet on games that are unfamiliar in Australia, such as Gaelic hurling and snooker, so it's perfect for expanding your hobbies.

Plenty of bonuses that can be used in sports

Other online casinos also offer a wide variety of bonuses that you won't find often. In general online casinos, bonuses that can be applied only once or several times a year, such as registration bonuses, deposit bonuses, and birthday bonuses, are the mainstream.

However, at Betlevels Casino, there are different types of bonuses, such as a loyalty bonus that gives you 50% of the deposit amount if you deposit, and a multi-bet insurance that allows you to select 5 tennis and basketball events and get a refund if you lose. Various.

There are many bonuses that can be used not only in online casinos, but also in sports betting.

Hold unique tournaments

Online casinos host tournaments for online slots and live casinos. Betlevels Casino also hosted three unique tournaments as of April 2023.

One of them, Evolution Tournament, is an online casino tournament for Evolution slot games.

In this tournament, you get points for winning games, and whoever collects the most points in the end gets a prize amount according to their rank. In this tournament, 1st place is €650, 2nd place is €350, and 3rd place is €250. The entire tournament costs €1,600.

Also, many online casinos only send prizes to the top 5 players, but Betlevels Casino often offers 50 free spins to the 6th to 10th place, which is conscientious.

Review Betlevels Casino Reputation

Betlevels Casino started supporting Australian in 2023, which is still early days. Therefore, there is a place where the operation and name recognition in Australia are still in the future.

However, the online casino itself has been in operation since before 2023 and has received high praise not only for its wide variety of tournaments and sports, but also for its ease of use. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the casino by introducing good and bad reviews below.

Betlevelz Casino Good Reviews

  • lots of bonuses
  • lots of slots
  • Both online casino and sports betting

Betlevels Casino has a great variety overall. The types of games, the types of sports, the styles you can play, etc., you will never get tired of playing.

lots of bonuses

There are many bonuses that are rarely seen in regular online casinos.

For example, at Betlevels Casino you have the chance to win monthly, weekly and daily (weekdays only) bonuses.

You will receive a percentage of the amount you deposit as a bonus, so the more you deposit, the more bonuses you will receive.

The more you play, the more you can play VIP system is also offered at other online casinos. However, even if you are not a VIP, it is rare to get a bonus that you can get just by playing.

lots of slots

In total there are over 2100 online slots at Betlevels Casino. Among them, there are many Reiwa-like slots that are conscious of high graphics, such as 3D slots.

Above all, we have many slots from major providers such as NETENT and PLAY’n GO. This means that you can play all the popular slots in one online casino. So if you use two or three online casinos at the same time, you may be able to play all your favorite slots at Betlevelz Casino.

Both online casino and sports betting

Since you can play online casino and sports betting on the same site, you can use the dividends you get from either. Therefore, the hassle of depositing and withdrawing money is reduced compared to playing separately.

Since the two are in one, the width of the bonus is also effectively doubled. Online casinos and sports betting come together to make it easier and cheaper to play.

Betlevelz Casino Bad Reviews

  • Site description is confusing
  • few payment methods

On the other hand, there were some dissatisfactions because the operation in Australia is still new.

Site description is confusing

There may be some details that make the website difficult to use.

If you make the browser smaller when using it on a computer, you will not be able to click on sentences such as "Campaign" or "Casino Tournament".

However, since we have just opened a Australian site in May 2023, the quality of the website should improve as more people play.

You can also rest assured that important areas such as payments and customer service are taken care of. Since Australian people respond to emails in Australian, we recommend that you contact them directly if you have any concerns.

few payment methods

We only accept card and electronic payments.

Both are royal roads, so they are easy to use, but there are few types because there are online casinos that handle virtual currency.

Betlevels Casino also lacks major electronic payments. Electronic payment services may stop suddenly, so it is recommended to choose an electronic payment method that is often used in various places. Therefore, in terms of peace of mind, only Ecopayz is an electronic payment that can be recommended.

Betlevels Casino recommends using bank transfers or electronic payments with Ecopayz.

Betlevelz casino deposit bonus

Betlevels offers a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit. You can receive bonuses up to $200.

If you want to receive this bonus, please click the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner below and register with Betlevels.

Deposit bonus for sports betting

For players looking to play sports betting, Betlevels also offers a 100% sports-specific deposit bonus of up to $150.

Bonuses that can also be used for sports betting are rare, so please try to earn this as well.

daily bonus

The daily bonus is a bonus that is only available on weekdays. You can earn it every Monday to Friday, European time, with a partial bonus on your first three deposits.

Percentage of money receivedMaximum bonus amountMinimum deposit amount
First time30%€60€10
Second time40%€80€30
Third time45%€135€50

Since it is a self-declaration system, you need to click the bonus application button when depositing. There are conditions to meet the bet amount, so please check the official website for details.

monthly bonus

A monthly bonus is a bonus that you can receive when you make your first deposit between the 1st and 6th of every month. You will receive a 50% bonus amount for the deposit amount, and if the deposit amount is €100, you will receive a half bonus amount of €50. You can spend €150 in total.

A monthly bonus will be activated from the month following your first deposit, and you can earn up to €100. The bonus amount can be used as dividends by playing slots and 3D slots. Click the Claim Bonus button when making a deposit to receive your bonus.

weekend bonus

Weekend bonuses are bonuses that you receive every Saturday to Sunday (European time). Earn 50% on your first deposit and get a bonus of up to €150. The minimum amount is €10 and is a bonus that can only be used on slots.

winmore bonus

The Winmore Bonus is a bonus that varies in bonus amount depending on the number of events selected in sports betting.

For example, if you select 5 events, you will receive a 5% reduction. In this case, the minimum odds are 4, so a €2 bet will return €2 for a bet amount of €40.

The bonus percentage is up to 80% and you can get a bonus amount of up to €3,500.

Betlevelz casino deposit methods

To deposit at Betlevels Casino, first go to the deposit screen in My Account and enter the amount you want to deposit. After clicking "Confirm amount", fill in the payment information and you are done.

Payment method Minimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amount
Credit/Debit Card€10€500
Venus Point€50€500
Jeton €10€2,000

Betlevels casino withdrawal methods

Withdrawal is the same as depositing, just enter the amount you want to withdraw from My Account on the official website and fill in the payment information.

Withdrawal method Minimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amount
bank transfer€10€11,000
Venus Point€20€3,000

Betlevelz Casino Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

Identity verification must be completed within 7 days from the date of the first deposit. After verifying your identity, you can withdraw money from the casino.

For identity verification documents


・Documents that can confirm your address

・Payment certificate

is required. Once you have the necessary documents,[email protected]Please send an email to

How to register at Betlevels Casino

You can register in the same way you would provide your information and login information on any other website.

The steps to register are as follows.

How to register at Betlevels Casino:

STEP1 Click "Register Now" from the top right of the official website

STEP2 Fill in personal information and account information according to the website

  • name
  • sex
  • Date of birth
  • email address
  • currency
  • phone number
  • phone number
  • address
  • post code
  • username
  • language
  • password
  • Confirm password
  • secret question
  • answer

Enter the.

STEP3 Click the "Register Now" button

Agree to the terms of use and select whether or not to receive campaign information.

Click "Register Now" to complete your registration.

STEP3 Click "Click here" in the received email to complete the registration

If you have a bonus code, enter it at STEP2.

betlevelz casino games

The games at Betlevelz Casino are plentiful. With over 50 game providers, over 2500 sports betting games, 48 ​​live casinos and over 2100 online slots.

We have many popular online slots in online casinos, so you can enjoy all the fun of slot games in one online casino.

Among the many online slots, there are several popular game providers, so we have narrowed down to three companies below.


NetEnt is a Swedish game provider founded in 1996. Online slots with high image quality and exhilarating combos are attractive. He is also one of the pioneers of online casinos.

Over 300 slot types. There is a wide range of slots, including online slots tied up with movies and anime, and slots without jackpot features or free spins.

Starburst and Gonzo's Quest are popular online slots.

PLAY'n Go company

PLAY'n Go is a Swedish game provider founded in 2004. With more than 180 types of games, it won the "Best Casino Supplier of the Year" in 2019 due to its high game quality and graphics.

It features high-explosive online slots, among which “Moon Princess” and “GIGANTOONZ” are famous.

Both are puzzle-style games, and cute characters make it easy to aim for high dividends in the game.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a game provider founded in Malta in 2015. We have developed more than 100 types of online slots, and we have many online slots with payouts of up to 5000 times or more.

Online slots are famous for “Sweet Bonanza” and “Dog House”. Both are popular for their simple illustrations and smooth graphics.

Betlevels casino license

Betlevels Casino is licensed in the Republic of Malta. The Republic of Malta is said to be one of the strictest online casinos and difficult to obtain.

They are also strictly monitored even after acquisition, ensuring that the online casino is fair.

Betlevels Casino therefore offers fair and reliable play.

Betlevels casino support

We provide Australian customer support by e-mail. You can generally receive a response within 72 hours.

Also, there is a point that Australian is not fully supported, so telephone, skype, and live chat are supported in English, Italian, or Greek.

However, if it is an email, the Australian staff will respond politely.

Betlevelz Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Casino, and online casino, is a betting site that is slowly gaining popularity in Australia. Below you will find answers to Betlevels Casino, including some frequently asked questions about online casinos.

Are there any fees when making deposits and withdrawals at Betlevels Casino?

Fees for deposits and withdrawals are basically free. However, some banks may charge a fee. Betlevels Casino does not accept Australian Yen, so you may be charged a foreign exchange fee if you deposit or withdraw using a different currency.

Is Betlevelz Casino Safe? reliable?

Reliable. Some online casinos have fraudulent sites. Some of these online casinos do not hold government-issued licenses, have unresponsive customer support, or only accept credit cards for deposits and withdrawals.
Betlevels Casino is none of those things. Betlevels Casino's Malta license is known to be one of the most difficult online casino licenses to obtain. With third-party monitoring, Betlevels Casino is practically unable to commit fraud.
Customer support will respond within 72 hours, and all deposits and withdrawals are checked for money-rotating, so you can deposit and withdraw safely.

Is Betlevelz Casino Illegal?

It's not illegal. If you have a company in Australia and offer your site only in Australia, it is illegal. In fact, online casinos with Australian live dealers have been busted in the past. Although the result was no prosecution, there is a view that online casinos that basically operate only in Australia or that strongly target Australian people will be illegal.
An online casino that has a company overseas and provides overseas services in Australian is a gray zone. As a sense, it will be like playing a land casino overseas in Australian. Betlevels Casino operates overseas, so it is not illegal.

Is there a no deposit bonus at Betlevelz Casino?

Betlevels does not offer a no deposit bonus, but there are plenty of other bonuses out there. For example, the first deposit bonus offers a match-up bonus of up to €600.

If you register with BetLevels from Best-Gambling-Sites.org and make your first deposit, you can get a 100% first deposit bonus up to $200!
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.0 Comprehensive evaluation
Bet Levels Casino (BET REBELS) Comprehensive Review [Latest in 2023]
4.0 rating