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Play Ojo Deposit Bonus 80 Free Spins [Exclusive to this site]

When you register for Play Ojo from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you get 80 free spins instead of the usual 50.

What is Play Ojo Deposit Bonus?

play ojoWith the first deposit bonus, you can get 80 free spins instead of the usual 50 free spins when you register an account through our site. A first deposit bonus is a bonus that you get when you register at a casino and make your first deposit. As Playojo claims to be a user-friendly casino with no wagering requirements, these free spins have no wagering requirements or withdrawal limits.

Play Ojo Deposit Free Spins Overview

Bonus80 Deposit Free Spins
bonus typemixed type
Wagering requirementsnone
withdrawal limit none
Maximum bet amountnone
Deadline for deposit bonus24hours

What does the Play Ojo deposit bonus include?

If you register at Playojo Casino from Best-Gambling-Sites.org,

80 no deposit free spins

can be obtained.

The target slot is "Oiran Dream".

Play Ojo Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

Play Ojo is a casino that eliminates the "wagering requirements" that on-cabin players may find most stressful. Of course, there are no wagering requirements on the free spins of the first deposit bonus!

Play Ojo Deposit Bonus Withdrawal Limits

The Play Ojo first deposit bonus has no withdrawal limits. All winnings from 80 free spins won at Best-Gambling-Sites.org go to the player!

Play Ojo Deposit Bonus Expiration Date

Play Ojo no deposit free spins are valid for 24 hours. Once you receive your free spins after making your first deposit, use them up before the expiration date.

Play Ojo deposit bonus redemption rate

There are no wagering requirements for Play Ojo bonuses, so you don't have to worry about the redemption rate for each game.

Banned Games for Play Ojo Deposit Bonus

Play Ojo's first deposit free spins target game is "Oiran Dream". Please note that other slots are not eligible.

How to register Play Ojo

Let's take a look at the registration procedure for Play Ojo together.

STEP1 Click on the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner

Click the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner below!

STEP2 Play Ojo page

After transitioning to the Play Ojo page, click "Register Now" in the upper right.

STEP3 Registration of personal information

  • name
  • birthday
  • sex
  • email address
  • mobile number

will be entered.


  • address
  • post code
  • Country of Residence


  • username
  • password

and enter

  • age verification
  • Whether you would like to receive an offer
  • terms of service

Registration is complete when you check the box.

How to get the Play Ojo bonus

Let's take a look together at how to get the Play Ojo bonus. 50 normal deposit free spins are automatically attached after the first deposit, and 30 free spins limited to Casino Australia need to receive a bonus from the daily promo.

STEP 1 Register from Best-Gambling-Sites.org to Play Ojo

STEP 2 Select "First time limited offer" and make the first deposit ($ 20 or more) to Play Ojo

STEP 3 50 free spins will be attached

STEP ④ After using up 50 spins, you will receive "site limited + 30 spins" from "Daily Promo".

What is Slot Oiran Dream?

Oiran Dream is a video slot released in 2020 by JTG (Australia Technicals Games), a game provider familiar with pachislot-style slots.

release dateAugust 17, 2020
game providerJTG (Australia Technical Games)
slot typeVideo slot (pachislot style)
Payout rate (RTP)96.34%
Reel configuration3 reels x 3 lines
Minimum bet amount$0.2
Maximum bet amount$100
volatility levelMIDDLE
big win500 times

It is the successor to the popular slot "Hawaiian Dream" and is equipped with features such as "Rush" and "Time" that are common in Australian pachislot.

During the base game, 4 consecutive respins guarantee a 7 free spins bonus called “Oiran Rush”, and the rush will continue with a probability of about 74%.

In addition, during the rush, there is a lottery for a dividend-specific bonus called "Doki Doki Time", and after the end, the Oiran Rush will always start.

The effects and bonuses that are reminiscent of pachislot are sure to captivate not only online casino players but also pachislot fans.

Play Ojo Frequently Asked Questions

How much deposit is required to claim the Play Ojo deposit bonus?

A first deposit of $20 or more is required to get Play Ojo no deposit free spins.

If you want to know more about Playojo,play ojo review article

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