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The cashback system that returns cash even if you lose is attractive!
5x withdrawal requirements for deposits

Casino Secret is a relatively new casino that opened in July 2018.

Various casinos have opened in recent years, but what makes Casino Secret special is its unique bonus offers.

In particular, the cashback system is excellent, and it is packed with elements that make players want to play at Casino Secret again.

In this article, we will cover everything from the appeal of secret casinos to registration methods, deposits and withdrawals, and bonuses, so if you are interested, please read to the end.

The official name is Casino Secret, not Secret Casino.

3 recommended points of Casino Secret

What makes Casino Secret different from other casinos? I would like to introduce three unique points.

Half price cash back if you don't win on the first try

Cashback is what makes Casino Secret different from other casinos! In particular, the first deposit cashback is a campaign where if you lose at the time of the first deposit, cash will be returned to half of the deposit amount (up to $ 500). Plus, there are no wagering requirements, so you can withdraw your cash at any time. If you register from Best-Gambling-Sites, $500 will be greatly increased to $700. There is an instant cashback that will be automatically awarded permanently from the second time onwards.

Dedicated Live Casino Studio Casino Secret Club

casino secret isEvolution companyand set up a dedicated live casino studio "Casino Secret Club"! Since it is a table exclusively for players of the casino secret club, there is no such thing as "the table is full and you can not play" ♩ There are four types of tables: blackjack, VIP blackjack, VIP baccarat, and baccarat first person.

Over 2,000 types! Lineup of popular slots

Slots that are hotly supported by Australian players, Moon Princess andHawaiian Dream, Dream of Gold Delight, and at Casino Secret, you can play slots from popular providers as soon as possible!

How to register Casino Secret

I immediately wanted to play at Casino Secret! For those of you who say, we will introduce how to register at Casino Secret.

Don't forget to click the banner below Best-Gambling-Sites! You can't get a bonus unless you go through Best-Gambling-Sites!

After transitioning to the registration screen ①

·email address


·phone number

Enter the.

For phone numbers, omit the leading 0

Example: 080-1234-5678 → 80-1234-5678

On the registration screen ②,

・Name (Romaji)

・Last name (Romaji)

・Country (Please select Australia)

・Currency (Please select USD)

·post code



·Street Bunch

·Date of birth


Enter the.

Check the box below.

☑︎ I would like to receive information about the campaign via email or SNS.

If you would like to receive campaign information, please check here. If you don't want to receive it, don't put it in.

・I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Please be sure to read the terms.

Enter the 4-digit account code sent to you by SMS.

Your registration at Casino Secret is now complete.

Get Exclusive Casino Secret Registration Bonuses at Best-Gambling-Sites.org!

Best-Gambling-Sites.org is giving away a special $33 no-deposit bonus!

The great thing about this no deposit bonus is that there are no restrictions on games and the live casino is 100% redeemable!

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer!

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i play live casino

Casino Secret Initial cashback upper limit $700 (Casino Australia only)

One of the big benefits of playing at Casino Secret is the cashback on your first deposit. Cash back up to $500. Furthermore, if you register via Best-Gambling-Sites, you will get cash back up to $700 instead of the usual maximum of $500! Moreover, there are no withdrawal conditions for cashback!

Cashback procedure

  1. Make your first deposit and play your favorite games
  2. Half price cash back if you lose
  3. You can withdraw up to $700 immediately!

Play $1,400 and lose $700 cashback

How fat! Even if I lose, I won't regret it

Instant cashback for second and subsequent deposits

At Casino Secret, you can receive not only a great first cashback, but also instant cashback from the second time onwards.

Instant cashback refers to cashback accrued on non-winning spins.

To receive instant cashback, you must play on eligible games. You can check the eligible games from “Cashback” at the top of the site.

Instant cashback is credited to your cashback balance and is transferable to your real money balance.

Daily, weekly, and monthly limits are set, but the specific limits are not disclosed.

By the way, please note that this instant cashback will not be applied unless the bonus is used up.

What are the casino secret bonus withdrawal requirements (wagering requirements)?

For Best-Gambling-Sites.org limited, no deposit bonus $33, the withdrawal requirement (wagering requirement) is 25 times.

There are no withdrawal requirements (wagering requirements) for first deposit cashback & instant cashback!

Casino Secret Recommended Games

Casino Secret boasts over 2,000 games. In addition to slots, you can enjoy table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette that can only be experienced at home. In addition, at the live casino, you can play against dealers overseas in real time through the screen, so you can enjoy the real feeling of being there! Please check out the new games that are appearing one after another.

slot games

Casino Secret has an overwhelming variety of slots. You can find pachislot, megaways, jackpot, dropout games and your favorite slots!

For online casino beginners, we recommend pachislot-style slots such as Hawaiian Dream and Oiran Dream, and the falling game Moon Princess.

If you want to check out new games, look for the slot you want to play in the new menu category.

Recommended Slots Hawaiian Dream

JTG CompanyHawaiian Dream, which is a classic video slot and is also said to be an on-casino version of Oki Slot. It is a simple 3x3 reel slot with 5 paylines, just like pachislot. Full of tropical mood with Hawaiian music and swimsuit girls. With a free spins bonus of 3 tiers and a randomized feature, it's a relaxed yet explosive slot.

live casino

Casino Secret has a large number of live casino games! Evolution famous for live casino Gaming,Pragmatic Play Live, with games from Ezugi.

In addition, Casino Secret has collaborated with Evolution Gaming to set up a special table. Being able to get to your seat without having to wait in line is one of the exclusive benefits of Casino Secret.

Recommended Live Casino Lightning Baccarat

Evolution GamingA baccarat game provided by the company. What is different from ordinary baccarat is that a lottery of lightning cards with a payout increase ratio is held for each game, and if you win, you can expect a payout increase! This game is recommended for those who want to get rich quickly.

Casino Secret Deposit Methods

You can make deposits at Casino Secret in the following ways:

Credit card (Visa,master Card,JCB,Diners, American Express)
ecoPayz (ecoPayz)
Venus Point
Much better
bank transfer

Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners)

It is convenient because you can deposit money immediately with your card. Credit cards are not accepted for withdrawals, so you will have to choose other payment methods.

Minimum deposit amount$20
Maximum deposit amount$2,000
commissionA 1.7% fee will be charged for orders under $500. (up to $5)

Credit card (AMEX)

Minimum deposit amount$20
Maximum deposit amount$600
commissionA 1.7% fee will be charged for orders under $500. (up to $5)

bank transfer

You can also deposit and withdraw money from your bank account. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to receive the money compared to electronic payments.

Minimum deposit amount$25
Maximum deposit amount$10,000
commissionA 1.7% fee will be charged for orders under $500. (up to $5)

Electronic payment (EcoPayz, Venus Point, Match Better Jay Pay)

Online payment is very convenient in that there are no fees and the speed of deposits and withdrawals is fast.

Minimum deposit amount$20
Maximum deposit amount$10,000

Casinosecret deposit reflection time

Deposits are instantly reflected in your account.

Casino Secret Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw money from Casino Secret in the following ways:

ecoPayz (ecoPayz)
Venus Point
Much better
bank transfer

Electronic payment (EcoPayz, Venus Point, Matchbetter)

Minimum deposit amount$20
Maximum deposit amount$10,000

Electronic payment (iWallet)

Minimum deposit amount$20
Maximum deposit amount$5,000

About withdrawal reflection time

Withdrawal request approvals are usually processed within 24 hours. Withdrawals depend on the withdrawal method.

bank transferWithin 5 business days after the withdrawal application is approved, with the next day as the starting date for calculating business days
othersWithin 24 hours after approval of withdrawal application

Do I need to verify my identity to withdraw from Casino Secret?

At Casino Secret, you need to verify your identity when you make your first withdrawal.

The following three types of documents are required for identity verification.

① Identification card


·Driver's license

・My number card

・Alien registration card/residence card


・A face photo is required for any document with a face photo.

・Please take a picture so that your name, address, expiration date, and photo are clearly visible.

② Address confirmation documents

・Utility bills

・Certificate of residence

・Credit card statement

Please have your address confirmation document issued within the last three months.

③ Credit card (both sides)

・Please cover up the part other than the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number with a sticky note. The same goes for the CVV/CVC code on the back.

・A card with a signature on the back of the credit card is required.

Documents to submit

Please pay attention to the following points when submitting documents.

・Please submit in color.

・Please photograph the four corners of the certificate.

・When sending by e-mail, please send in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.

・The address on your ID card and address confirmation document must match.

Approval of identity verification documents is usually completed within 72 hours. Notification of approval completion will be sent by email. Or if additional documents are required, we will contact you by email, so please check your email account.

About the safety of Casino Secret

Casino Secret is a relatively new casino that opened in 2018, but its safety is still a concern! Let's take a look at the safety aspects to see if you can play with peace of mind.

Casino Secret License

Until August 2024, it operated under a Malta Gaming Commission license, which was changed to a Curacao license from September 14, 2024.

Curacao is one of the constituent countries of the Netherlands and has been issuing gambling licenses since 2002, with many online casinos holding Curacao licenses.

By acquiring a Curacao license, Casino Secret seems to have a wider range of payment methods, introduce new games and develop campaigns.

I hope it will be even more convenient and profitable~

3D secure (credit card authentication service)

You may be required to enter 3D Secure when making a credit card deposit to Casino Secret. 3D Secure is a personal authentication service by VISA and Mastercard that can prevent fraudulent use such as spoofing by stealing credit card information.

If 3D Secure is not set for your credit card, please perform 3D Secure authentication with each card issuer.

Setting up 3D Secure gives you peace of mind

Random Number Generator (RNG) for fair play

Casino Secret's games are equipped with a random number generator (RNG) that generates random numbers, and the operator cannot manipulate the numbers themselves. This ensures fairness for operators and players.

It means you can't cheat with RNG

Casino Secret support

Casino Secret supports Australian language support. There are two ways to contact us: email and chat.

live chat15:30 to 0:00 the next day (Australia time) / 16:30 to 1:00 the next day from October 30
Inquiry form (email)Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Access to live chat

For live chat, click the purple icon displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

The chat screen will be displayed, so let's type your question into the chat box.

access to email

Accessing the Casino Secret email (inquiry) is a little confusing, so here are the steps. First, click “Customer Support” at the bottom right of the top page.

Move to the FAQ page. Click on the "Contact Form" on the top right

An inquiry screen is displayed.

An email will be sent to the email address entered here.

About the reputation of Casino Secret

How is Casino Secret rated by existing players? I picked up good and bad reviews from Twitter.

good reviews

Casino Secret's $6 cashback has reached $200~ Withdrawal! Exclusive table No matter when you enter, there are few people, but it's okay. I'm glad it was so easy to do. (Twitter)

Thank you for the $250 cashback dollar bag after melting $500 from Casino Secret in the frog slot. I will!Twitter)

Ready for the 730 days plan! From now on, we will proceed only with Casino Secret! I visited various sites, but the decisive factor is that there is a cashback!Twitter)

Casino secret original cashback is also popular. This seems to be the decisive factor for many people to play! It's reassuring to know that even if you lose, you'll get half the money back.

Bad word of mouth

I thought the withdrawal condition was 1x, but when I was contacted saying it was 5x, I had a feeling it would melt (´・ω・`) I should have stopped(´・ω・`)Twitter)

I think that there are many people who are dissatisfied with the 5 times withdrawal requirement for the deposit, but if there is such a great and wonderful bonus, they will still want to use it.Twitter)

There were some players who said that the 5x withdrawal requirement for normal play was a problem, but there were also opinions that it was still worth playing compared to the cashback deals!

Casino Secret FAQ

Is the Casino Secret app compatible?

There is no dedicated app for Casino Secret, but you can create a shortcut on your smartphone.

What is your Casino Secret email address?

Casino Secret does not publish contact email addresses. If you would like to contact support, please use the contact form.

What currencies does Casino Secret accept?

The currency that can be used at Casino Secret is USD (United States Dollar).

What types of tournaments are available at Casino Secret?

Casino Secret tournaments include
・ Tournament to compete for total winning amount
・Tournament to compete for the longest consecutive wins
・Tournament to compete for the maximum amount of winnings per spin
・Tournament to compete for total bet amount
there is.

Last updated 2024.9.4

Casino Secret attracts on-cabin players with its unique cashback system. For those of you who want to play right away, Best-Gambling-Sites.org is offering a limited $33 no deposit bonus and $700 cashback.
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.8 Comprehensive evaluation

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Casino Secret Comprehensive Review [2024 Latest]
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