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If you register from Best-Gambling-Sites, you will receive a welcome bonus of LuckyNiki up to $1000.
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Welcome bonus can be selected from 100% first deposit bonus (up to $1,000) and 50% cashback (up to $500)

Recommended points of LuckyNiki

LuckyNiki started operations in 2017 with a team of staff with a wealth of achievements and experience in the online casino industry. In 2023, it will be redesigned to look like the Metaverse, and it is starting to attract more attention as an online casino that is ahead of the times.

First of all, I tried to summarize the recommended points of such Lucky Niki.

A view of the world that Australian people are familiar with

Lucky Niki is the original anime online casino. Nowadays, more and more online casinos use anime characters, but LuckyNiki was the first to adopt this world view.

Starting with the main character “Nicky”, a total of 5 beautiful girl characters such as “Mao”, “Haru”, “Aya”, and “Eri” are making Lucky Nicky exciting. Because Australia has the world's highest anime culture, it is a world view that many Australian people are familiar with.

Plenty of bonuses including daily promotions

LuckyNiki offers a wide range of promotions and bonuses for all users, from new users to existing users. Wagering requirements for received bonuses are 15x to 30x, and there are even 1x cashback bonuses.

Enjoy a welcome offer up to $1,000, 50% cashback on your first deposit up to $500, and daily promotions that vary by day of the week. General users can expand their funds, and high rollers who repeat high bets can enjoy gambling with reduced risk of loss.

Malta Licensed and Reliable Casino

A license is essential for the operation of an online casino, and LuckyNiki has a license issued by the government of the "Republic of Malta".

Currently, we handle online casino licenses in various countries, but there are also countries where you can easily issue licenses without any screening and just pay the fee. Be especially careful with licenses issued by Latin American countries.

The Malta license owned by LuckyNiki has undergone a very strict examination, and its reliability is top class. In addition, LuckyNiki is a safe, secure and reliable online casino because it is monitored by a third-party organization called ITech Labs.

Review the reputation of LuckyNiki from reviews

I tried to verify the reputation based on reviews from users who actually played Lucky Niki. In addition to good reviews, we will also introduce bad reviews without hesitation, so please refer to it.

LuckyNiki Good Reviews

The rumored Lucky Nicky has somehow been sorted into the winners. +$340 is amazing, isn't it? hey? hey? hey?

Uooo oh oh! Dear LuckyNiki, Thank you for the immediate deposit even though I just applied for withdrawal.
We will always play with the deposit bonus after the second time

I don't know what the bonus is, but I received a bonus from LuckyNiki. It's not a bonus, it's directly in cash and there are no wagering requirements. Thank you! ! ! I'm currently accumulating at Lucky Niki, so I wonder if they supported me. Thank you. I told you from the basement during sneaky work lol

Bad LuckyNiki Reviews

I won a fair amount last month at Lucky Niki, so the deposit offer finally stopped coming...
I'm a VIP! ! ! ! ! !

on-casi. Lucky Nicky. The nature of this company is that they don't want to pay winnings. About this.
In the case of a normal company, if there is a defect on the company's side, the incidental actions should be canceled. It is Lucky Niki that the very obvious theory does not apply.

Lucky Niki is fighting again, winnings will be forfeited. should i stop this site

LuckyNiki First Deposit Bonus

Bonus 100% deposit bonus (up to $1,000) / 50% cashback (up to $500)
bonus typeIntegrated type (Mixed type)
Wagering requirements 15x (deposit bonus) / 1x (cashback)
withdrawal limit   $100
date of expiry 30 days
Maximum bet amount Slots: $5 Table games: $25

①100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000

LuckyNiki offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 to players who register an account through Best-Gambling-Sites.org and make their first deposit.

Deposit $1,000 and enjoy $2,000 worth of play. The wagering requirement is only 15x. LuckyNiki bonuses are mixed, so the wagering requirements must be calculated as (cash + bonus) x 15 times your wallet.

In addition to the welcome bonus, you can also receive a 50% cashback up to $500 as introduced below. However, please note that you can only receive one of the two.

②50% cashback bonus up to $500

LuckyNiki's first cashback is a promotion that is applied when you lose your first deposit, and 50% of the deposit amount is cashback up to $ 500.

For example, if you deposit $300 for the first time and lose the game and your balance is less than $1, you will get back 50% of $300, which is $150. Moreover, since the wagering requirement is 1x, it is easy to withdraw, and it can also be used as a war fund for other games.

However, if you have selected the "up to $1,000 welcome bonus", the first cashback will not be applied. When you make your first deposit with LuckyNiki, choose carefully whether you want to use the welcome bonus or the first cashback.

Lucky NickyFirst deposit bonus detailsPlease confirm

LuckyNiki bonus gacha

Lucky Niki's "Bonus Gacha" is a daily promo where you can get a deposit bonus of up to $200. Every week from 9:00 am Monday to 8:59 am Wednesday.

There are three bonus percentages, 50%, 100%, and 150%, and which one is applied depends on luck at that time. After the deposit is completed, it will be reflected in the bonus balance of your account, so you will know how much you have received for the first time.

At the beginning of the week, try your luck with the exciting Gacha.

LuckyNiki Thursday Winning Spins

Lucky Niki's 'Thursday Winning Spins' is a daily promo that gives you up to 200 free spins. Every week from Thursday 9:00 am to Friday 8:59 am.

A minimum deposit of $100 during the opening hours will entitle you to free spins, the number of which depends on your VIP level. Bronze 120 spins, Silver 140 spins, Gold 160 spins, Platinum 180 spins, and Diamond and above 200 spins with a spin value of $0.4 (excluding some games).

Let's actively raise the VIP level in order to get even a little profit.

LuckyNiki Weekend 100% Bonus

LuckyNiki's Weekend 100% Bonus is a daily promo with a deposit bonus of up to $300. Every week from Friday 9:00 am to Monday 8:59 am.

In other words, if you deposit $300 during the opening hours, you can make a total of $600 with the bonus, so you can definitely enjoy the weekend of Lucky Niki even more.

What is LuckyNiki Prize Twister?

Lucky Niki's "Prize Twister" is a daily promo where you can win a jackpot of up to $20,000, cash (cash), free spins, and more. Every week from Friday 9:00 am to Monday 8:59 am.

Participation in Prize Twister is open to all users who received the 100% weekend bonus above. In other words, on weekends, you will receive a deposit bonus and a jackpot opportunity at the same time.

Win $20,000 with LuckyNiki's signature Prize Twister.

LuckyNiki Deposit Methods

LuckyNiki accepts credit cards, bank transfers, various online electronic payment services, and virtual currencies. The minimum deposit amount, maximum deposit amount, and fees for each are as follows.

Payment method Minimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
bank transfer$20\1,000,000free
virtual currency$20$10,000free

LuckyNiki Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawals from LuckyNiki can be made using bank remittance, various online electronic payment services, and virtual currency. Credit cards are a payment method exclusively for deposits, so if you deposit with a credit card, prepare another payment method.

The minimum withdrawal amount, maximum withdrawal amount, and fees for each are as follows.

Withdrawal method Minimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountcommission
bank transfer$20\490,000free
virtual currencyfree

LuckyNiki Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

When withdrawing money from LuckyNiki for the first time, it is necessary to verify your identity (KYC certification). This is a confirmation to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent use, and may be requested at times other than withdrawals.

In order not to panic at that time, we recommend that you make your first deposit to LuckyNiki in advance. To verify your identity, please go to "Upload Documents" in the "Cashier".

[Documents required for identity verification]

■ Identification card


·Driver's license

・My number card

(Valid conditions)

Color, within the expiration date, with a photo, the entire document

■ Address confirmation documents

・Utility statement

・Bank statement

・Credit card statement

・Certificate of residence

[Valid conditions]

Color, within 3 months of issuance, identity card and name match, address listed, issuer and issue date listed

Just make sure you verify your identity as soon as possible!

How to register LuckyNiki

The LuckyNiki registration process is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes even if you are new to playing online casinos for the first time.

STEP1: Access the LuckyNiki official website from the banner

STEP2: Tap "Play Now" or "Register"

STEP3: Enter your name and email address and click "Continue"

STEP4: Enter your birthday and mobile number and click "Continue"

STEP5: Enter the user name and password and "Continue"

STEP6: Complete registration after agreeing to age and terms of use

If the information you enter here differs from the information you received when verifying your identity, you will not be able to withdraw. Please enter all personal information correctly.

LuckyNiki games

LuckyNiki has more than 3,000 games. We have partnered with more than 30 providers of live casinos, table games, slots, virtual sports, etc., and new games are being released one after another.

There are many types of slots, including classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots, and many pachislot-style slots that are extremely popular among Australian users.

In addition, there are many unique games that can only be played at Lucky Niki, so you can find new excitement and discoveries that you can never experience at other online casinos.

Is LuckyNiki illegal?

LuckyNiki is licensed by the Republic of Malta, so there is no illegality as an online casino. 100% safe, secure and legal online casino.

If you are a legal online casino based overseas, you can rest assured that it is not illegal to play in Australia. The gambling law is a law that prohibits gambling in Australia, and if the operating company (handler) is based overseas, it cannot be cracked down by the gambling law.

However, it is not recognized by law like public gambling. In other words, LuckyNiki is in the position of “neither legal nor illegal, gray zone”. Of course the gray zone is not illegal, so it's okay to play LuckyNiki.

You can trust it with a Maltese license!

LuckyNiki support

LuckyNiki's support fully supports Australian, and you can contact us from three methods: email, live chat, and phone. One of the big advantages of LuckyNiki is that it supports telephone support, which is rare in online casinos.

Live chat and phone are available daily from 3:00pm to 3:00am (7 days a week), and email is available 24/7. Please be assured that our highly educated Australian language specialists will respond kindly and politely.

LuckyNiki Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we have summarized the frequently asked questions and answers about Lucky Niki.

Q.Does LuckyNiki have a VIP system?

Although the conditions have not been disclosed, there is a VIP system that is completely invite-only. You will receive an invitation message to VUIP based on various achievements such as deposit amount, bet amount, and number of logins.

The VIP lounge is full of benefits such as "VIP account manager support", "special bonus offers and luxury gifts", "priority speed withdrawals", and "invitations to VIP-only LINE & Twitter locks".

In addition, when you level up and maintain your VIP level, you will receive a special bonus.

VIP levelRequired pointslevel up bonusLevel maintenance bonus
red diamondOver 80,001$500$500

The amount of points you earn depends on the game you play. The bet amount per point is as follows.

Gamesbet amount
Slots (including Jackpot Slots), Double Heaven$10
High & Low, Let Them Ride$20
Carribean Poker, Casino Holdem$30
All Roulette, Video Poker, Big Wheel, Blackjack, Baccarat, Punto Banco$40
Craps, Pai Gow, Poker$80

Q. Why can't I make a deposit to LuckyNiki?

If you can't deposit money into LuckyNiki, you can use the following.

・Incorrect input information

・Expired credit card

・Unsupported credit card brands

・Over limit, lack of funds

・ Upper limit and lower limit of deposit amount

Pay particular attention to payment using a credit card. LuckyNiki accepts VISA, MasterCard, and JCB, but even these brands may not be able to deposit depending on the card issuer.

For example, credit cards issued by financial institutions such as banks and credit unions often do not allow gambling at online casinos according to their terms of use.

If you can't use a credit card, use another online electronic payment service, virtual currency, or bank transfer.

Q. What is the withdrawal speed of LuckyNiki?

LuckyNiki withdrawal speeds are typically completed within 24 hours. However, this is only possible if the identity verification documents have been approved in advance.

In addition, LuckyNiki has a fast withdrawal speed using bank wire transfer, and it arrives within 24 hours like other withdrawal methods regardless of weekends and holidays. Other online casinos generally take 2-3 business days, but LuckyNiki is very speedy.

If you register with LuckyNiki from Casino Australia and make your first deposit, you can get a maximum first deposit bonus of $1,000 or a cashback of up to $500.
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.5 Comprehensive evaluation
LuckyNiki Comprehensive Review [Latest in 2023]
4.5 rating