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Vikings Overview

This slot boasts vivid graphics and powerful performances based on the theme of the popular American drama series "Vikings".

In addition to the regular free spins mode, there is a unique bonus round called the Hotspot Feature that greatly increases your chances of winning.

Vikings basic information

number of reels5 rows x 3 reels
number of paylines243 streets
bet amount20 cents minimum, $100 maximum
auto playcan be
Equipped with a jackpotnone

 Contents of Vikings

In Vikings slots, players will join pirates in search of treasure and go on sea adventures with their friends.

By arranging character patterns, playing card patterns, and V-shaped Viking patterns, you can earn dividends according to the pay table.

Since it's a pirate adventure theme, sometimes you have to prepare for attacks from enemies. In such a case, the savior is the shield pattern that appears randomly.

As will be explained in detail later, this symbol activates the shield wall function to increase the dividend amount.

This isn't the only way to increase your payout. The raid free spins mode and hotspot feature, which we will discuss below, also increase the player's chances of winning.

How to enter the Vikings bonus round?

Vikings slot has two bonus rounds: Raid free spins mode and Hotspot feature.

Raid Free Spins are triggered when 3 or more Raid Spins symbols are aligned on the reels.

Later on, the reels were expanded to 7 reels x 5 rows, giving you more paylines and 78,125 ways to win. With this, you can aim for a big win of 10,000 times your bet amount!

Additionally, there are 3 Hotspots and 7 Raid Spins on reels 3-5.

The Hotspot feature is triggered randomly and is signaled when the center reel lights up.

When the hot spot feature is activated, if character symbols are aligned on the center glowing reel, the character symbols on the other reels will change to the same character symbols aligned in the center. To do.

 Vikings graphics

Playing card symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and A tend to have low dividends, while the symbols of the four characters Ragnar, Lagertha, Floki, and Bjorn, who also appear in dramas, tend to have high dividends.

The symbol with the highest payout is the golden V-shaped Viking symbol, and when this logo aligns on the hotspot, all other normal symbols will turn into Viking symbols, aiming for high dividends.

Shield symbols that appear randomly during normal mode or raid free spins mode have a shield wall function, which not only protects against enemy attacks, but also changes the covered symbol to the same symbol.

Shield symbols can cover all the reels, and the bigger the shield, the higher the payout.

Graphics, sound and production that faithfully reproduce the original drama

Those who have seen the original Vikings drama will be amazed at the high degree of reproduction in all aspects.

Not to mention the graphics, the majestic sounds and the powerful production of bows and arrows flying around are faithfully reproduced. You will be hooked.

List of online casinos where you can play Vikings

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Vikings Summary

Vikings slot keeps players entertained with the familiar free spins mode, as well as the randomly activated hotspot feature and shield wall feature. The number of online casinos that can be played is still limited, but it is a recommended slot for fans of the original drama, as well as those who do not know the drama.

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