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Update April 1, 2023
The content of the no deposit bonus has been doubled from $10 (¥1,000) to $20 (¥2,000).

Lilibet Casino is an online casino that was established in 2019 targeting the European market and opened a Australian site in 2023.

The casino is set as the kingdom of Lilibet, and the player is set as a member of the royal family, providing royal-class hospitality.

By the way, you can choose your favorite character as the avatar displayed on your profile.

Since its debut in Australia, Lilibet has launched many attractive promotions and campaigns, captivating players.

In our review, we would like to cover everything from the deposit and withdrawal methods of this casino to various promotions, various bonuses, and reputation from players.

Recommended points of Lilibet Casino

Casino, sports, 2 types of first deposit bonuses can be obtained

Lilibet Casino is characterized by being a hybrid casino where you can play sports as well as casinos, but not only that, you can get two types of first deposit bonuses, casino and sports ♪ Both are up to $ 300. , You can get up to a total of $ 600!

I would appreciate a cashback that gives me 10% of the loss amount

Lilibet has a cashback and return bonus that will warmly support you even if you lose. Cashback bonuses for casino slots and sports bets, return bonuses for live casino and table games, both refund 10% of the damage amount! Now you can make big bets with confidence!

High quality customer support

One of the most common good reviews about Lilivet Casino is that the customer support is very responsive. Business hours are a little short, but the quality is certain! For players, the quality of support is one of the major criteria for deciding whether or not to continue playing.

Lilibet Casino reviews reviews

Before starting a new casino, the most important thing to check is the reputation of existing on-cabin players.

Best-Gambling-Sites.org has picked up some reputations from players using Lilibet Casino as a keyword.

Lilivet Casino Good Reviews

Lilibet gives me 50-100 free spins even if I haven't made a deposit, and the support is fairly quick, so my impression so far is not bad.

Mr. Lilibet's withdrawal method was a little different and unique, but I'm glad that the response was polite and fast☺️

Lily Bet, arrived safely! KYC was early.

Lilybet's support is too good, so I'm still using it

The reputation of Lilibet Casino on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive.

In particular, it seemed to have a good reputation for the speed of withdrawals and account authentication.

In addition, the support response was excellent, saying that it was "polite" and "humane."

Lilibet Casino Bad Reviews

It's been too good so far, but Lilibet's cashback is getting worse... The Wheel of Fortune bonus is gone and there are few promotions, so don't get lost...

Regarding the bad reviews of Lilivet Casino, there were far fewer than the good ones, but many of them said that the content of the promotion was worse than when it was first launched.

What attracts players is an attractive promotion.

I would like to expect more in the future!

Lilibet Casino Bonus (separate type)

The type of bonus at Lilibet Casino is a separate type. Real money and bonus wallets exist, and when the real money reaches 0, you can use the bonus.

Lilivet Casino Registration Bonus

Lilibet Casino offers a registration bonus for new players. The content of the registration bonus is $20 (¥2,000).

However, the wagering requirement is 1x!

Why not register and get a bonus! ! !

Wagering requirements are usually 20 or 30 times! I love 1x rerivet💓

Lilivet registration bonusLet's check the details page!

Lilivet Casino Deposit Bonus

Lilibet Casino is also offering a 100% deposit bonus to players who make their first deposit.

You can choose between two types of casino or sports bets, and the maximum bonus amount is $300.

Lilybet Deposit BonusCheck out the details of

Lilivet casino cashback bonus

At Lilibet Casino, we are running a cashback campaign that refunds 10% of the loss in casino slots and sports bets.

The great thing about this campaign is that you can apply as many times as you like every day. You can apply up to ¥10,000. Moreover, the wagering requirement for the refund amount is only 1x.

Participation conditions for the cashback campaign

・The amount in My Wallet must be 1 yen or less.

・The deposited cash must be used up in casino or sports betting. Please note that if you use it at the live casino, you will not be eligible for cashback.

・The cashback bonus will be given only during live chat business hours.

Lilibet Live Casino Table Game Redemption Bonus

Is there no cashback when playing at the live casino? And everyone who was dissatisfied.

Good news! Lilybet also has a dedicated return bonus for live casinos and table games♪

10% of the damage amount incurred when playing live casino table games will be refunded. You can apply for cashback up to ¥10,000 every day.

Participation conditions for live casino and table game redemption bonuses

・Live casino/table game redemption bonus cannot be used in combination with other bonuses

・The amount in My Wallet must be 4 yen or less.

・All the deposited cash must be used up in live casino or table games. Cashback will not be applied if you use it at the live casino.

・Reward bonus will be given during live chat business hours.

Lily Bet Happy Hour Cash Spins

At Lilibet, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 18:00 to midnight, "LILIBET's Happy Awa Day" is held.

Deposit ¥3,000 or more to receive 15 free spins on the NetEnt slot game Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist.

And there are no wagering requirements for these free spins!

If you can get free spins with no wagering requirements 3 times a week, there is no reason not to use it ♪

To get free spins, you need to apply for "LILIBET's Happy Day" to customer support.

This campaign will run until the end of April 2023.

Deposit methods at Lilivet Casino

Lilibet accepts deposits via credit cards, bank transfers, online payments and cryptocurrencies. Please refer to the table below for minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

Payment method Minimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amount
bank transfer¥3,000 ¥1,000,000
Matching bank transfer¥2,000 ¥1,000,000
JCB ¥1,000 ¥500,000
VISA/MASTER¥1,000 ¥250,000
ecoPayz ¥1,000 ¥500,000
venus point¥100 ¥950,000
Astropay¥1,000 ¥1,000,000
match better ¥100 ¥500,000
Jeton wallet¥100 ¥400,000
Jeton cash¥1,000 ¥400,000
Crypto Deposit ¥100 Unlimited

The currencies you can choose from with Crypto Deposit are:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Tether by Ethereum, Tether Bitron.

Lilibet Casino Bank Deposit Notes

In order to use bank deposit, you need to make at least two deposits using other payment methods. Bank deposit can be used from the third deposit.

What is Jeton Cash?

Did you know that Jeton offers both Wallet and Cash payment methods for Lilibet? Jeton Wallet is an e-wallet similar to EcoPayz and Venus Point. You will need to create an electronic payment account and make the payment yourself.

For Jeton Cash, you need to purchase a voucher. After logging in to Lilibet, click "Deposit" or "Jeton Cash" in the wallet to display the site where you can purchase the voucher.

There are more than 80 ways to purchase vouchers, so you can purchase vouchers using your preferred method. We also accept PayPal and Apple Pay.

You can deposit by entering the amount of the voucher you purchased and the voucher code from the Jetoncash deposit page.

Withdrawal methods at Lilivet Casino

When withdrawing from Lilibet, you can use bank transfers, online payments, and cryptocurrencies. See the table below for minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts.

Withdrawal method Minimum withdrawal amount Maximum withdrawal amount commission
bank transfer ¥5,000¥500,000none
Matching bank transfer ¥2,000   ¥500,000none
ecoPayz ¥2,000   ¥500,000none
venus point¥1,000 ¥500,000none
Astropay ¥1,000 ¥1,000,000 none
Jeton ¥2,000   ¥500,000none
match better¥2,000   ¥500,000none
bitcoin cash 0.001 BCH¥500,000none
litecoin 0.01LTC ¥500,000none
tether 15USDT ¥500,000none
Dorsey 50 DOGE ¥500,000none

What is Lilibet's matching bank transfer?

Looking at the settlement method of Lilibet, some of you may have wondered, "Is it not a bank transfer but a matching bank transfer?"

A matching bank transfer is literally a payment that is made when a deposit or withdrawal is matched with another user.

User deposits made using matching bank transfers are temporarily pooled in community bank wallets. If you apply for withdrawal from here, you can withdraw if there is a matching deposit in the pool.

If there is no deposit equal to the withdrawal request amount within 48 hours in the pool, the withdrawal request will be canceled once. If it is canceled, you will need to apply for withdrawal again using another payment method.

It seems that there are still few users of matching bank remittance in Australia, and it seems that it is often canceled after 48 hours. But it might be worth a try.

Withdrawal method when depositing by credit card

If you deposit to Lilibet with a credit card, you can withdraw via bank transfer or matching bank transfer.

In this case, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 yen for bank remittance and 2,500 yen for matching bank remittance.

From the second time onwards, virtual currency can be used in addition to bank remittance and matching bank remittance. The minimum withdrawal amount when withdrawing virtual currency varies depending on the type of virtual currency. Please refer to the withdrawal method table above.

Withdrawal method when depositing by electronic payment

In principle, the same service can be used as a withdrawal method when depositing using electronic payment such as ecoPayz or Venus Point. (If you deposited with EcoPayz, you will withdraw with EcoPayz, and if you deposited with Venus Points, you will withdraw with Venus Points.)

Withdrawal method when depositing with virtual currency

If you deposited in cryptocurrency, you do not necessarily have to select the same cryptocurrency as your withdrawal. (It is OK to deposit with Bitcoin and withdraw with Ethereum.) The minimum withdrawal amount when withdrawing virtual currency varies depending on the type of virtual currency. Please refer to the withdrawal method table above.

Lilibet Casino Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

Lilibet always requires identity verification (account verification) before the first withdrawal.

The following three documents are required for account verification.

  • Photo ID
  • address verification documents
  • Proof of payment method

I will explain them one by one.

Photo ID

Please submit one of the following documents.

・Valid passport (two-page spread with photo)

・My number card (front)

・Driver's license (both sides)

any of the above identification documents andSelfie with documents in hand) via chat or email.

address verification documents

Please prepare one of the following documents.

・Utilities receipts for gas, water, electricity, etc.

・Bank statement

・Tax payment slip

・Insurance certificate

・Address confirmation documents

* Receipts from mobile phones and the Internet are not accepted.

payment confirmation documents

Please prepare one of the following.

·credit card

The required information is the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits on the front of the card and the signature on the back. For security reasons, please hide other numbers and CVV/CVC codes with paper.

·Electronic money

If you use multiple payment methods, you will need to submit verification documents for each. Photograph all documents so that all four corners are included.

How to register at Lilivet Casino

Let’s take a look at the registration procedure at Lilivet Casino together.

STEP1 From Best-Gambling-Sites.org to Lilibet Casino♪

First, click the Best-Gambling-Sites banner!

STEP2 Register a Lilibet account

Tap "Register".

STEP3 Enter personal information

From here, you will enter your personal information.


-Last name


-email address



Enter the.

-terms of service

-privacy policy

-Consent to receive advertisements

will be checked.

-Date of birth


-post code


- Enter your phone number.

Please select "Australia" as your location.

Choose your preferred currency.

Finally, there is a field to enter a secret question.

You can select your favorite question from a variety of questions, such as your parent's maiden name and favorite color.

Tap "Create an account" to complete registration.

STEP4 Confirmation of no deposit bonus

Lilibet's no deposit bonus is automatically awarded.

After registering, click the menu bar

Your account details are displayed.

From here you can confirm that the registration bonus ¥ 1,000 is attached.

lilibet casino games

Lilibet Casino offers close to 4,000 games in partnership with over 30 players' favorite game providers such as NetEnt, Play'n Go, Big Time Gaming and Evolution.

There are over 3,000 types of slots, 230 live casinos, 185 table games, and nearly 100 types of jackpots. You're sure to find the game you want to play.

About Lilivet Casino License

Lilibet Casino is operated by Continental Solution Ltd. We have a Curacao e-gaming issuing license approved by the Curacao government.

Lily Bet Casino Support

Support at Lilibet Casino is handled in Australian by trained Australian support staff.

Email and chat support are available for contact.

Email address : [email protected]

Chat support is open 24 hours a day.

Lilybet's support has a reputation among players for its excellent response. I also made an inquiry to Best-Gambling-Sites to create a review article, but the response speed was very fast and the answer was accurate.

I'm a little worried about the short support time, but the response is very kind

Lilibet Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lilibet have a VIP program?

The VIP program is being reviewed, so it seems that the program is not installed at this time (March 2023). I have high hopes for the future.

What are the wagering (withdrawal) requirements for each bonus at Lilivet Casino?

The wagering requirement for the registration bonus awarded when registering via Best-Gambling-Sites.org is 1x. For general bonuses the wagering requirements are 30x for slots, 30x for live casino and 7x for sports bets.

What is the live casino conversion rate at Lilivet Casino?

The live casino conversion rate is 20% for roulette and sic bo, 10% for card games and blackjack, and 5% for poker. Please note that baccarat and craps are 0%.

How long does Lilibet Casino withdrawal take?

We are trying to respond within 24 to 48 hours after withdrawal application. During busy times, it may take up to 48 hours.

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Customer support friendliness
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