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Overview of ALDO’S JOURNEY

ALDO’S JOURNEY is a video slot provided by Yggdrasil and released in November 2019. It has gained popularity due to its variety of free spins bonus rounds and cute graphics. It is characterized by the main character Aldo appearing on the slot, and has won a lot of players both men and women.

In this article, I will explain the features of ALDO'S JOURNEY in an easy-to-understand manner. Before playing ALDO'S JOURNEY, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules.

ALDO'S JOURNEY (Aldo's Journey) basic information

The provider of ALDO’S JOURNEY is Yggdrasil, which offers a large number of high quality video slots.

The layout is 5 reels x 5 rows with a total of 25 symbols. And the payline is 65.

One bet amount is determined by the number of lines x line bet, with a minimum bet amount of 0.01 and a maximum bet amount of 100. Maximum win is 420500 coins.

Also, the RTP is 96.1%. This number is an average number among video slots.

In addition, it has MAX BET and auto play functions, which are general video slot functions. With the auto play function, you can set your own conditions in detail, such as winnings and losses.

ALDO'S JOURNEYContents of (Aldo's Journey)

ALDO’S JOURNEY is a laid-back video slot with a travel theme. The concept of the game is that Aldo, the main character of ALDO'S JOURNEY, travels around the world, and the background of the slot is the scenery of China, Mongolia, Persia and Italy.

The main character, Aldo, is a cute character inspired by Aladdin, and moves on the reels as a wild symbol during the game.

In ALDO'S JOURNEY, you win by lining up 3 or more of the same symbols on a total of 65 paylines, and you can earn dividends.

Also, there are two types of wild symbols that can be substituted for other symbols.

ALDO'S JOURNEY How do I enter the bonus round of (Ald's Journey)?

ALDO’S JOURNEY offers a free spins bonus round. To trigger the Free Spins Bonus, 3 Compass Scatter symbols must land on the reels at the same time.

There are 5 types of free spins bonus rounds available: Italian, Mongolian, Persian, Chinese and Journey. Which type of free spins bonus you can play is determined by where Aldo is in the slot when the free spins are won.

The free spins bonus round awards 6 free spins.

The free spins bonus round also has a different background depending on which country you play in, making it even more like you are traveling to that country.

Italy (Aldo stops on top left of slot)

Italian Free Spins start with a 2x multiplier. And the multiplier increases by 1x for each spin. So the multiplier is 8x on the last spin. If you win on the last spin, you can aim for a high payout.

Mongol (Aldo stops on top right of slot)

In Mongolian Free Spins, the number of symbols decreases by one with each spin. And with only 2 symbols left on the last spin, you are guaranteed to win a payout. There is also an additional 1x multiplier on the last spin.

Persia (Aldo stops at bottom left of slot)

Persian Free Spins have 1 additional Sticky Wild symbol per spin. The place where the sticky wild symbols are added is random.

Chyna (Aldo stops on bottom right of slot)

In Chinese Spins, the Journey Wild is the origin and the Wild Spin expands, changing all symbols in the same row to Wild symbols. Chinese free spins start with a 2x multiplier.

Journey (Aldo lands on center symbol of slot)

Journey Free Spins start with a 2x multiplier and the position where the Journey stops determines which country you get perks.

You can also get 3 more free spins when Aldo lands on the center symbol.

ALDO'S JOURNEYFeatures of (Aldo's Journey)

Here is a detailed introduction to the symbols of ALDO'S JOURNEY. We'll also explore ALDO'S JOURNEY's most unique feature: Special Wild Time.

Feature 1. Description of ALDO’S JOURNEY symbol

ALDO’S JOURNEY offers 2 wild symbols and a compass scatter symbol, 4 types of gem symbols as high payout symbols, and 4 types of Trump Sweets symbols as low payout symbols.

There are two types of wild symbols: regular wild symbols and journey wild symbols.

The payouts you can win with each symbol are as follows:

5 in a rowfour in a rowthree in a row
red gem symbol$2.00$0.80$0.40
green gem symbol$2.00$0.80$0.40
blue gem symbol$2.00$0.80$0.40
purple gem symbol$2.00$0.80$0.40
red playing card sweets$1.00$0.40$0.20
yellow playing card sweets$1.00$0.40$0.20
greenPlaying Card Sweets$1.00$0.40$0.20
bluePlaying Card Sweets$1.00$0.40$0.20

Feature 2. Special Wild Time

The main character Aldo is born as a wild symbol “Journey Wild” on the slot. Journey Wilds are always present on the slot, moving to adjacent symbols each time the slot spins. If you change the coin value, the Journey Wild will be reset to its original position.

When the Journey Wild lands on the center symbol of the slot, it will trigger a 'Special Wild Time'.

When activated, it adds 2-4x multiplayer to the base game and allows you to scatter 3-9 wild symbols across the slots.

Free spins bonus rounds (except Journey type) add 3-9 wild symbols per spin and 1x-3x multiplier for all free spins .

Special wild time has a low probability of appearing, but it will be easier to aim for high dividends due to the addition of multipliers.

ALDO'S JOURNEYList of online casinos where you can play (Aldo's Journey)

ALDO'S JOURNEY can be played at the following online casinos:

Vera & John Casino
Inter Casino
Casino trip
simple casino
bit casino
lucky casino
lucky niki casino
cherry casino
casino secret

You can also play ALDO'S JOURNEY at Vera&John Casino for free. If you want to try any game before using real money, Vera&John Casino is the place to go.

ALDO'S JOURNEY(Aldo's Journey) Summary

ALDO’S JOURNEY is a popular video slot with unique wild symbols and multiple types of free spins bonus rounds.

Multipliers are added in the bonus round, so it is possible to aim for a high payout.

ALDO’S JOURNEY is a new video slot that has just been released, but has already been introduced in many online casinos. Let's play ALDO'S JOURNEY and get high dividends.

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