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Tedbet recommendations

Tedbet is a sister casino of Bonds Casino that was born in May 2023 and is one of the most popular online casinos right now.

You may wonder, "Why is it just born?", but Tedbet has features that are supported by many users.

So, first of all, I will introduce the recommended points of Tedbet.

More than 2,000 introductory games that can't be played

TedBet introduces more than 2,000 types of casino games such as live casino, table games, slots, etc.

There are many partner game providers, including well-known manufacturers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Playingo, Playtech, and Evolution.

Not only popular games from past masterpiece games, but also new games are introduced quickly, so you can enjoy almost all casino games with just Tedbet.

Extensive promotions and tournaments

Speaking of online casinos, promotions and tournaments with great bonuses attract attention, but Tedbet is the industry's top class fulfillment.

In addition to first deposit bonuses, we offer cashback and free spins promotions by playing specific games, and actively hold tournaments in roses, blackjack, roulette, and more.

We also have a loyalty program that rewards you the more you play.

Sports betting is also possible with the same account

Tedbet is a hybrid online casino that also supports sports betting.

In order to play sports betting, you usually need to register with a bookmaker, but with Tedbet you can play both online casinos and bookmakers with the same account.

In addition to popular sports around the world such as European soccer, major leagues, and tennis, we also support Australian professional baseball, J-League, and Australia national soccer team.

Tedbet is an online casino that not only casino fans but also sports fans can enjoy.

Check out the reputation of Tedbet based on reviews

I tried to verify the reputation of Ted Bet from word of mouth sent to SNS. We will introduce good and bad reviews without hesitation.

Good Tedbet Reviews

Until now, I was only playing Bella, but I registered for Tedbet, which was introduced to me by an on-casual friend, and tried playing. I earned ¥180,000 in just 3 days after registering (sweat), but it might be a great match with Ted Bet.

Do you know an online casino called Tedbet? Anyway, there are so many ways to deposit and withdraw that it's really convenient here. It seems to be a sister site of Bonds Casino, and there seems to be no problem with safety.

Wow! You can bet on the Australian national team with Ted Bet's sports betting! ! There are also professional baseball and the J League, so just Ted bet is enough (laughs) Anticipating sports betting and going to the casino until the game starts! This is the best, blissful time.

Negative review of Tedbet

I looked at Tedbet's first deposit bonus, but it's definitely Bonds Casino. The wagering requirement is very high, up to 30 times, and it's a mixed type (sweat).

I'll never play Tedbet again (Angry) Why can't I win? Deposit \50,000 and have a quick attack. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but the behavior of the slot is strange.

Well, a new online casino has come out www What is this Ted Bet casino? It's nothing brand new, it's just normal on-casino.

Tedbet Registration Bonus

TedBet is offering a $45 registration bonus to first-time players.

Click the banner above to register with Ted Bed and enter the bonus code [casinippon45] to get the bonus.

The wagering requirement is 30x and the maximum withdrawal amount is $120.

The $45 no deposit bonus is generous! Johana is also available now

Welcome bonus at Tedbet

As a welcome bonus for Tedbet, you can receive a bonus of up to 200% and up to ¥ 200,000 (200,000 yen) when you make your first deposit.

However, there are differences in the bonus percentage, maximum bonus amount, and wagering requirements depending on the deposit amount.

Deposit amountbonus percentageMaximum bonus amountWagering requirements
¥2,000~4,999200%¥5,00025 times
¥5,000~49,999150%¥30,00025 times
¥50,000 or more100%¥200,00030 times

Wagering requirements apply to the sum of the deposit amount and the bonus amount, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 10 times the bonus amount.

Ted Bett's Challenge

The TedBet Challenge is a promotion for Evolution live casinos that rewards bonuses for completing different conditions each day of the week.

It is held every day from Monday to Friday, and you can get a bonus of €5 to 100 if you succeed in the challenge, and the wagering requirement is fixed at 20x.

For example, on Mondays there is a challenge entitled "Hearts Blackjack" where if the first card dealt is Hearts Blackjack, you will get €10.

Other challenges include €5 for a pair of 8s in Baccarat, €20 for a 7th drop in Lightning Roulette, and more.

tedbet contest

Tedbet contests are promotions for major global events such as the Olympics and the Champions League.

The contest is held in 5 rounds, bet more than the amount in each round, and finally clear all rounds to get a bonus.

The wagering requirement for the bonus received is 5x (for sports betting only).

Tedbet's Tournament

TedBet has tournaments almost every day, with a variety of subjects including live casino, slots and sports betting.

Basically, you will compete with bet amounts and earned percentages, and you will receive a bonus for top prizes at the end of the tournament.

Please note that the bonus has a wagering requirement of 5x and must be redeemed within 72 hours of being credited to your account.

Tedbet Loyalty Program

Tedbet has one of the best loyalty programs in the online casino industry, with rebate bonuses of up to 0.8% and cashbacks of up to 10%.

First of all, the bet amount required to acquire the status is as follows.

statusMinimum bet amount

And the cashback amount, wagering requirements, required deposit amount, and rebate bonus percentage according to each status are as follows.

[Cash back]

 casinolivesportsWagering requirementsDeposit amountAcquisition times
Novice5%5%5%6 times100%month 1
Regular6%5%5%5 times100%month 1
Bronze7%5%5%4 times50%month 1
Silver8%5%6%3 times50%month 1
Gold9%5%7%2 times25%Every other Monday
Platinum10%5%8%1x25%every monday
Ultimate10%5%10%noneunnecessaryevery monday

[Rebate Bonus]

 rebate rateWagering requirementsAcquisition times
Novice0.1%6 timesmonth 1
Regular0.15%5 timesmonth 1
Bronze0.2%4 timesweek 1
Silver0.3%3 times1 every day
Gold0.4%2 timesanytime

Deposit methods at Tedbet

Tedbet offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. You can use bank transfer, credit card, online payment, and virtual currency. A transfer fee will be charged for bank transfers, and an overseas remittance handling fee will be charged for credit cards.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
PayPay Bank¥3,000¥1,000,000Transfer fee
Real-Time Bank Transfer¥3,000¥1,000,000Transfer fee
Bank transfer¥1,000¥200,000Transfer fee
credit card
¥2,000 *JCB only ¥500¥200,000Free *Overseas remittance handling fee
venus point¥500¥1,000,000free
eye wallet¥500¥1,000,000free
tiger pay¥1,000¥1,000,000free
stick pay¥1,000¥500,000free
match better¥500¥2,000,000free
perfect money¥700¥100,000free
virtual currency¥500¥9,999,999free

Withdrawal methods at Tedbet

TedBet accepts bank transfers, online payment services, and cryptocurrencies as withdrawal methods. The minimum and maximum withdrawals in the table are per time, and the maximum withdrawal amount per month is $100,000 (approximately ¥13,000,000 *as of June 2023).

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountcommission
bank transfer¥2,000¥500,000free
venus point¥1,000¥500,000free
eye wallet¥1,000¥500,000free
tiger pay¥1,000¥500,000free
stick pay¥1,000¥500,000free
match better¥1,000¥500,000free
virtual currency¥50,000¥2,000,000free

There are so many payment methods that we do not handle

Tedbet Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

In order to withdraw your winnings from Tedbet, you must complete your identity verification (KYC verification) in advance.

Four points are required for identity verification: "mobile phone number verification", "submission of identification document", "submission of address confirmation document", and "submission of payment method".

mobile phone number verification

For mobile phone number verification, tap (click) "verify now" displayed on the profile page.

You will immediately receive a 6-digit code via SMS, please enter it within 60 seconds.

ID submission

Please take a photo of your passport, driver's license, my number card, or basic resident register card and upload it from your profile page.

Submission of address confirmation documents

For address verification documents, please take a photo of either "card usage statement", "resident card" or "utility bill" (within 3 months of issuance) and upload it from your profile page.

Payment method submission

For the payment method, take a picture of your credit card, bank cash card, etc. and upload it from your profile page.

For online electronic payment services, screenshots of transaction screens are required.

How to register with Tedbet

Registering with TedBet is very easy. If you just open an account, you can register with only the minimum personal information and mobile phone number.

STEP1: Click the banner below to go to the TEDBET page

STEP2: Tap "Register Now" from Tedbet's official website

Click "Register Now" on the bottom right.

STEP3: Enter your email address, password, and mobile phone

  • email address
  • password
  • phone number

Enter the.

STEP4: Enter your name, currency used, bonus code and agree to the terms of use

  • name
  • currency
  • bonus code

and agree to age restrictions and terms of use.

STEP5: Enter the verification code sent to your email address

A 6-digit authentication code will be sent to the email address you registered earlier, so enter it.

STEP6: Registration completed

After entering the verification code, registration is complete.

The game of Tedbet

Tedbet has introduced many games such as live casino, table games and slots, and has partnered with many game providers from major to minor manufacturers.

There are so many slots alone, and there are a wide variety of classic slots from the good old days, fun video slots with flashy productions, and jackpot slots for getting rich quick.

At Tedbet you are sure to find your favorite game.

Is Tedbet Illegal?

Ted Bett holds a Curacao license, so there is nothing illegal about it.

We have issued licenses in many countries, but among them, Curacao has the most stringent examinations, and the reliability is outstanding.

Tedbet is licensed and based in the Republic of Cyprus, so you can rest assured that you will not be questioned illegally even if you play from within Australia.

Tedbet support

Tedbet has two types of support systems, an inquiry form and a live chat, both of which are completely Australian.

The inquiry form is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the live chat is available every day from 15:00 to 2:00 the next morning.

During times of the day when there are many active users, such as weekend nights, connection conditions may be poor, so if you are not in a hurry, please use the inquiry form.

Frequently asked questions about Tedbet

Finally, we've put together some frequently asked questions and answers about Tedbet.

Q Does Tedbet have a VIP system?

Tedbet's VIP system operates in the form of a loyalty program.

There are 7 statuses in total, and the cashback rate and rebate bonus rate increase as you rank up.

Immediately after registering with Tedbet, you will start from "Novice" and rank up to "Regular" with a bet of 20,000 yen or more.

For details, please refer to the "Ted Bet Loyalty Program" on this page.

Why can't I make a deposit to Qtedbet?

Reasons for not being able to deposit into Tedbet include "using a payment method in the name of another person", "insufficient balance (limit)", and "credit card terms of service violation".

The name of the Tedbet account and the name of the payment method must be the same person, and even family members cannot use payment methods in the name of another person.

Also, credit cards are compatible with VISA, MasterCard, and JCB, but in some cases there may be a payment error.

The reason is insufficient credit limit, and another is violation of the terms of use of the credit card.

In particular, many credit cards issued by financial institutions prohibit use for gambling purposes, and deposits to Tedbet will be refused.

If you can't deposit with your credit card, use another credit card, or use online electronic payment services, virtual currencies, or bank transfers.

QWhat is the withdrawal speed of Tedbet?

Tedbet focuses on withdrawal speed, which can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and an average of 1 hour.

However, this withdrawal speed is only for online electronic payment services or virtual currencies, and it takes about 1 to 3 business days for bank transfers.

Still, the minimum is 1 business day, so the withdrawal speed is quite fast compared to other online casinos.

You will not be able to withdraw money until your identity has been verified.

It may take a few days to verify your identity, so we recommend completing it immediately after registering with TedBet so that you don't have to rush when it happens.

By the way, there are online casinos where you can withdraw money without identity verification only when using virtual currency, but Tedbet always requires it regardless of the payment method.

Bonds Casino's sister casino, Tedbet, opening in 2023. If you register now with Tedbet from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you can get a $45 no deposit bonus! Don't miss it♪
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.3 Comprehensive evaluation
Tedbet Casino Comprehensive Review [2023 Latest]
4.3 ratings