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Update April 1, 2023
The no deposit bonus has been discontinued.
Update April 1, 2023
Up to 200 free spins of "Sweet Alchemy" have been added to the deposit bonus.

Online casino Kasitabi was launched by Scandinavian casino enthusiasts in 2015. The casino is operated by Sweden-based Hero Gaming Ltd.

Just like the name Kajitabi, it is set apart from other casinos in that it is an RPG (role-playing game) that allows you to travel around the casino.

Collect rubies, the official currency of casino travel, fight the bosses of each kingdom, and enjoy adventures in the casino space.

Sports betting will be added in 2020, and you can play even more diverse games.

Best-Gambling-Sites.org has prepared an exceptional no-deposit bonus for players who want to play on such a casino trip.

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Recommended points of cajitabi

RPG type online casino where you can enjoy adventure

More than just a casino! A casual trip where you can enjoy RPG in the casino. After registering, select your favorite avatar, visit four kingdoms: "Kazipan Kingdom", "Treasure Island", "Treasure Fortress", and "Mythical Mountain", defeat the bosses that control the countries, and collect treasure rubies and free spins. Let's get

Abundant number of games with over 2,000 types

Kajitabi offers over 2,000 games including slots, table games and live casino. There are plenty of original monopoly games that can only be enjoyed here. Especially popular are the video slots "Swipe Kanojo" and "Slot Kanojo etc.", where you can enjoy dating with beautiful girls and enjoy a love simulation.

Blitz mode where you can spin slots at 6x speed

"Blitz mode" is a function only for casino trips that allows you to spin at 6 times the normal speed. Since you can advance the game in a short time, you can enjoy playing in the gap time ♪

Validate the reputation of Kajitabi from word of mouth

Well, here we will introduce reviews of casual travel that are shared on Twitter. We have picked up both good and bad reviews, so please use them as a reference.

Casino trip good reviews

Withdrawal from Kajitabi who is indebted. It's early after all.

A new BLITZ mode for casual travel! It was so novel that I fell in love with it in an instant ww

When I asked Kajitabi about withdrawal time, he answered politely! Thank you Kaji trip!

You can get a separate bonus and the wagering requirements are low, so it is easy to withdraw.

Speaking of the many good reviews about Kajitabi, the withdrawal speed and politeness of the support. Casino tripfast payout casinohas a reputation as Regarding support, there are usually differences depending on the person who responds at the casino, but there are many opinions that this casino is overall God-friendly.

bad reviews

Casino travel fee is back. to your in-game account. . It's second to none

It takes a long time for the cash to be reflected when you return to the top after playing slots on a casino trip, so sometimes I get a little nervous thinking that I've been scammed.

After all, casino travel withdrawals are slow

One of the many bad reputations of Kajitabi is that they charge a fee for withdrawals. Taking 3% of your winnings is a bit of a pain. That said, the fee is only charged if you make at least 3 withdrawals in a 7-day period.

Casual travel sports betting

Kaji Tabi will open sports bet in April 2020! You can bet on not only classic sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and boxing, but also e-sports. If you want to enjoy not only casino but also sports betting, please check it out♪

casual travelBLITZ mode is amazing

Kajitabi's BLITZ mode was jointly developed by Kajitabi and NetEnt.A special feature that can only be played on casino trips.

You can spin at 6 times the normal speed.Games with BLITZ mode are located next to the casino search window.BLITZ” to display the list.

As of January 2023, there are 60 games with BLITZ mode.

It's good to play in a short time while commuting, or you can spin it at high speed and aim for a quick fortune in the shortest time!

release of adrenalinePlease try using BLITZ mode!

The pleasure of a high-speed spin! You can't stop!

Ruby of Kazi Journey

Rubies are the magical currency of the Kaji Travel Kingdom. The more you progress in your adventure in Kaji Journey RPG, the more rubies you can earn!

You can also participate in boss battles and fight the bosses of each kingdom and win, or participate in campaigns and get rubies.

Collected rubies can be exchanged for free spins at the ruby ​​shop in Kajitabi♪

Casino trip VIP program

Kajitabi has a VIP program that invites the most active players.

By joining our VIP program, you can get special bonuses, participate in tournaments, get the fastest withdrawals, and receive excellent support.You can receive warm hospitality.

The criteria for VIP invitations are not disclosed, but play a lot with Kajitabi and wait for an invitation!

casino trip bonus

Click here to learn more about travel bonuses.

Casino trip deposit bonus up to 60,000 yen + 100 free spins

The registration bonus is very luxurious, but the deposit bonus is not lost ☆

Kajitabi is offering a bonus offer that players get from the first deposit to the 4th time♪

Click here for bonus details

Number of depositsmatch up bonusfree spins
first time100% (up to $100)100 free spins on Starburst (10 spins per day ✖️ for 10 days)
Second time50% (up to $100)
Third time25% (up to $100)
4th25% (up to $200)

*A minimum deposit of $15 is required to receive this bonus.

Up to 200 free spins on “Sweet Alchemy” exclusive to Casino Australia

In addition, you can get up to 200 free spins of Sweet Alchemy depending on the initial deposit amount only for Casino Australia.

Initial Deposit Amountnumber of free spins
$2550 times
$50100 times
$100200 times

Click here for more details on the casino deposit bonus

If you don't get the bonus, it's a loss~!

Casino trip withdrawal conditions

Kaji Tabi's withdrawal conditions are 20x, which is quite loose compared to competitors! Plus 10x for sports bets.

For example, if you play the casino with Best-Gambling-Sites.org's no deposit bonus of $40, the total$40 x 20 times =After betting $800, you can withdraw your winnings.


Wagering requirements20 times
withdrawal limit$500
Maximum bet amount$5
Deadline for no deposit bonusWithin 60 days (30 days free spins)
Digestibility100% slot games / 10% live games

sports betting

Wagering requirements10 times
withdrawal limit$500
Maximum bet amount$50
Deadline for no deposit bonusWithin 60 days / Directly notify the player of the expiry date

For more informationCasino Deposit Bonus PagePlease refer to.

Casino trip withdrawal method

What you want to check before playing is the withdrawal method! I will tell you in detail about the withdrawal method, withdrawal fee, withdrawal limit, and withdrawal time of Kaji Tabi.

The withdrawal methods supported by Kajitabi are as follows:

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amount
venus point$15$2,000
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, USD coin, Dai)$15$10,000
bank transfer$50$2,000

Withdrawal fees for casino trips

For all withdrawal methods, if you make multiple withdrawals within 7 days, there is no charge for the first or second withdrawal, and from the third withdrawal, 3% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted as a handling fee.

In addition, depending on the financial institution you use, foreign exchange fees and overseas remittance fees may be charged.

Specific example of fee accrual:

If you have made 2 free withdrawals within the last 7 days, the next withdrawal will incur a 3% fee. This also takes into account the time of withdrawal application.

Withdrawal restrictions on Kajitabi

Regarding withdrawals, the above is the limit for one withdrawal, there is no set limit for 1 day, 1 month. If you wish to withdraw more than the maximum amount at one time, please apply in multiple batches.

For security reasons, the deposit and withdrawal methods should be basically the same.

(Example: If you deposit with ecoPayz, withdraw with ecoPayz)

Time it takes to withdraw cash

Withdrawal requests are usually completed within 24 hours.

In addition, it is necessary to submit identification documents for the first withdrawal. Even if you have already submitted your application, it may take more than 24 hours if additional documents are required or depending on how busy it is.

The sooner you can withdraw, the better!

Identity verification for casual travel

When withdrawing money for the first time from Kajitabi, you will need to submit your identity verification documents in advance.

Take a picture of the document with a smartphone, etc.[email protected]Please send to

identity verification documents

1. Photo ID
·Driver's license


・Identification card such as My Number

2. Official document for current address confirmation(issued within 3 months)
・Utility bills

・Certificate of residence

・Letters from administrative agencies

*Documents issued by mobile phone companies cannot be accepted.

In addition, there are additional documents required depending on the withdrawal method.

Withdrawal methodadditional documents
venus pointScreenshot of the U+6 digit number (Take a picture of the entire screen with your name and account number)
ecoPayzecopayz number10 digitsscreenshot(Full screen showing your name and account number)
bank transfer(1) Name of the account holder, (2) account number, (3) a document showing the bank logo on the same screen and the transfer statement at the time of deposit.
virtual currencynot required

*For bank transfers, please send a screenshot of your passbook or online account (apps and cash cards are not accepted).

* jpg, gif, tiff, png or pdfPlease send in file format (compressed files are not acceptable).

*Editing software, etc. cannot be used.

I would like to confirm my identity as soon as possible!

How to register for Kajitabi

I will show you how to register for Kajitabi.

STEP1 Click on the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner

Click on the Casino Travel banner above.

STEP2 Go to Kajitabi HP

After transitioning to the Kaji Tabi page, click the green "Register" button on the upper right.

STEP3 Registration screen

From here, we will register an account.


・E-mail address


Please enter

STEP4 Enter personal information

Next, enter your personal information.

・Name (half-width romaji)

・Last name(half-width romaji)



·post code

·Country of Residence

and check to agree to the terms of use.

Finally, enter your mobile phone number.

STEP5 Enter authentication code

After entering your mobile number, you will receive a 4-digit verification code.

Please enter the 4 digit number sent to you.

Your registration is now complete.

Thank you for your hard work♪

Casino trip deposit method

Now, let's take a look at how to make a deposit on a casino trip.

Below are the deposit methods that can be used in Kajitabi. Please also check the minimum deposit amount and maximum deposit amount.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amount
Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express ,Discover)$15$2,500
venus point$15$10,000
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, USD coin, Dai)$15$10,000
Bank transfer (Sumopay)$15$10,000
*In the case of on-ramp, only those who have completed document approval can use it.

casual travelAbout deposit fee

Kajitabi does not charge fees for deposits, but fees may be charged depending on the financial institution you use.

The amount of the fee varies depending on the financial institution. Please make sure that it is clearly stated during the procedure.

casual travelDeposit time

There are some differences depending on the remittance method, but it will be reflected in your account within 1 business day immediately after the deposit.

It is often reflected immediately, but it may take time.

In the case of virtual currency, it may take around 20 minutes for approval, so please check after a while.


Deposit and withdraw serviceSumopay is compatible.

On Sumopay, you can transfer money from your own bank account to the specified Kajitabi.

Usage procedure

① From the deposit method, selectSelect umopay.

Click any image displayed on the page

③ Confirm the payment amount,Select Rakuten or other payment method.

④Since the account details are displayed, copy and enter the transfer screen of your bank.

⑤ As soon as the transfer is completed, it will be credited to your account in 15 to 30 minutes. It may take up to 24 hours depending on your bank.

*If there is no input or incorrect input, it will take time to receive the money.

*Depending on the bank you use, the procedure may start the next day.

When you can't deposit from EcoPayz on a casual trip

When depositing using ecoPayz, first log in to ecoPayz from the deposit page. For security reasons, you will be required to enter an authorization code. If you are entering the correct verification code and still cannot log in, please check your browser settings.

■ For safari
"Preferences" → "Privacy" → Turn off "Prevent cross-site tracking".

■ Google Chromein the case of
"setting"→ "Privacy and Security」→"See more→ Select "Send Do Not Track Requests with Browsing Traffic"turn off.

Target method when deposit is not possible with Kajitabi

When depositing using a credit card, you may not be able to deposit unless you are registered with 3D Secure of Credit Card, so please check. Also, when depositing using virtual currency, it may take about 20 minutes for the approval process, so please wait for a while and check later. If it still doesn't work, please contact support.[email protected]

Casual travel game

Kajitabi has partnered with about 50 game providers and handles more than 2,000 types of games.

We have providers that release popular Australian games, including NetEnt, Play'n go, Microgaming, and Playson.

More than 100 types of live casinos, about 60 types of casinos with Bliz mode that can be played at 6x speed, jackpotsWith around 40 different games and even sports betting, you're sure to find a game you want to play.

Recommended slots for casual travel

When it comes to playing slots on a casino trip, registration bonuses and welcome bonuses are pretty attractive, but the high-speed spinning Blitz mode is definitely the one.

Here, Best-Gambling-Sites choosesHere are some recommended slots with Blitz mode.

slot girlfriend

Speaking of moe slot masterpieces, slot girlfriend. Height 156cm, three size girlfriend Amane Sakuraba (B96, W64, H98) invites players to the world of Moe Moe.

On the 3x3 reels, 3 girlfriend symbols (special symbols) in her heart will trigger free spins. During free spinsAmane-chan looks very sexy and cheers for the player.

of course slot sheShe also has a Blitz mode. Why don't you enjoy Moe Moe Spin ♪ at super high speed?


Video slot Starburst (Starburst) with an irresistible world view for science fiction lovers. It is one of the most popular slots on NetEnt. It has 5x3 reels and is simple to play as there are no free spins or bonus rounds.

In normal video slots, the player can win a payout only when the symbols are aligned from the left,Starburst is OK from the right! And when a wild with a respin feature appears, it's not a dream to get rich quick.

me tooBlitz mode is installed, so please enjoy high-speed spins♪


A slot inspired by the American drama series Vikings. Beautiful graphics and dramatic music reproduce the world of the video.

normalThere are 243 paylines,The maximum number of paylines in the bonus round is 78,125, making it a slot where you can aim for big wins.

It is also a casino that offers original features such as hotspot features and shield wall features, giving you a unique freshness.

pleaseEnjoy in Blitz mode♪

About the illegality of casual travel

Kajitabi is legally operated by Sweetspot N.V. registered in Curacao under a Curacao license. Although not as strict as the Malta Gaming Commission,A Curacao license is a credible license held by many reputable online casinos.

Registered Address Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curacao

Casual travel support

Casual travel supportIt is fully Australian compatible and has two methods: live chat and email.

Chat support business hours: 16:00 to 24:00 Australia time

EmailChat support hours: 24 hours

[email protected]

I tried to contact Zamasu, but he was quick to respond and his answers to my questions were very accurate.
Kajitabi's support seems to be reliable~♪

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a bundle card on Kajitabi?

The bundle card cannot be used when depositing money for Kaji Tabi because the 3D secure code (personal authentication) cannot be authenticated.

What are the wagering requirements for the casino bonus?

Withdrawal requirements for casino bonuses are 20 times the bonus money amount.
(If you win $40 bonus money, the wagering requirement is $40 x 20 = $800.)

Does Kajitabi support currencies other than USD?

Kajitabi does not support currencies other than USD.

Is there a limit to the number of credit cards that can be registered?

A maximum of 8 credit cards can be registered in Kajitabi.

Can V-Preca be used for casual travel?

As long as the card can be registered with 3D Secure, you can use V-Preca on Kajitabi.

What games can't be played with a bonus?

The following games cannot be played with bonuses on Kajitabi.
The Wish master, Beautiful Bones, 1429 Uncharted Seas, 5 Families, Diamond Blitz, Golden Beauty, Lucky Fridays Monkey God, Zombie, Queen Hong Bao, Midas Treasure, Pearls of India, Eye of the Kraken, the Solar games

Can I play Kajitabi on the app?

As of January 2023, Kajitabi does not have an app. However, if you add an icon to the home screen of your smartphone, you can use it in the same way as an app.

How to use casino free spins

Free spins are stored in treasure chests. Activate it and enter the game to start the free spins. Also, please note that spins will only be triggered from a device that has treasure chest spins enabled.

Last updated: January 15, 2023

You can enjoy RPGs in addition to casinos, and you can spin at high speed in Blitz mode. Now you can get a great deposit bonus from Best-Gambling-Sites♪
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A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
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Casino Comprehensive Review [2023 Latest]
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