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Overview of Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights is a video slot provided by Yggdrasil. Although it is a new video game released in 2019, the world view that reproduces Aladdin has gained popularity and has already been introduced in many online casinos.

Sahara Nights is a very simple classic slot, so the rules are easy to understand, making it a recommended video slot for beginners.

In this articleIntroduces the basic rules and features of Sahara Nights.

Basic information of Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights slot has a typical layout of 5 reels x 3 rows with a total of 15 symbol stops. There are 20 paylines in total, and the RTP is 96.2.

The minimum bet amount is 0.1 and the maximum bet amount is 100. You can set the bet amount by selecting the coin value at the bottom right of the screen from 0.01 to 5.00.

In Sahara Nights, you can set autoplay from the settings screen. You can select the number of spins from 10 to 1000 by clicking the auto play button to the right of the spin button.

You can also spin with the maximum bet amount of 100 by clicking "MAX BET" on the right side of the spin button.

Sahara Nights is also mobile compatible, so you can play it from your smartphone or tablet as well as your computer.

Contents of Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights is a video slot inspired by the world of Aladdin. The symbol has characters inspired by Genie, the genie of the lamp, Jasmine, the princess, and Jafar, the villain, recreating the world of Aladdin. Of course, the BGM also uses a relaxing Arabian sound.

In Sahara Nights, you win payouts when 3 or more symbols line up on a payline. again,Sahara Nights has a super high paying symbol, and only this symbol can win a payout when lined up.If you want to make big money on Sahara Nights, aim for these super high paying symbols.

How to enter the Sahara Nights bonus round?

Landing 3 or more free spins symbols in Sahara Nights will trigger you into the free spins bonus round. The free spin symbols do not need to line up on the payline. Once you enter the free spins bonus round, the book opens and the stage moves from inside the palace to the heart of the city.

3 free spin symbols land 8 free spins and 20 coins, 4 free spin symbols land 12 free spins and 200 coins, 5 free spin symbols land 16 free spins and 20,000 coins. I can do it.

(If you land 2 free spin symbols, you will get 2 free spins, but you will not enter the bonus round.)

When a wild symbol lands during the free spins bonus round, the wild symbol expands into a static wild symbol. This means that the wild symbol stays in place for the duration of the free spins bonus round.

Also, if you land 2 or more free spins symbols, you can win more free spins.

The key to winning money in the free spins bonus round is to land the sticky wild symbols early in the bonus round. As long as 2 wild symbols expand to cover 2 reels, all subsequent spins will pay. If you get more and more free spins in this state, you can aim for a big win.

The winning amount during the free spins bonus round is displayed to the right of the spin button. And when the bonus round ends, it will be added to your balance all at once.

Features of Sahara Nights

hereWe will introduce you to the symbols that appear in Sahara Nights and their payouts. Also learn how Sahara Nights' best feature, the wild symbol, works.

Feature 1 Explanation of the symbols of Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights offers a total of 11 different symbols. In addition to the Wild and Free Spins symbols, you'll also find the Villain symbol as a super high paying symbol, the Princess, Youth, Knife and Grail symbols as medium paying symbols, and the 4 Jewels symbols as low paying symbols.

Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols. Wild symbols are designed to stop only on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Below isThe paytable for Sahara Nights. Only villain symbols are by far the highest payouts,It's safe to say that this symbol will determine whether you can earn money at Sahara Nights.

two consecutivethree consecutive4 consecutive5 consecutive
villain symbol2.00 Euro5.00 Euro20.00 Euro350.00 Euro
princess symbol4.00 Euro8.00 Euro50.00 Euro
youth symbol3.00 Euro6.00 Euro40.00 Euro
knife symbol2.00 Euro5.00 Euro30.00 Euro
chalice symbol2.00 Euro4.00 Euro20.00 Euro
red gem symbol0.40 Euro2.00 Euro4.00 Euro
green gem symbol0.40 Euro2.00 Euro4.00 Euro
blue gem symbol0.40 Euro2.00 Euro4.00 Euro
orange gem symbol0.40 Euro2.00 Euro4.00 Euro

Feature 2: Expanding wild symbol

One of the features of Sahara Nights is the wild symbol feature.

When the wild symbol stops, a genie emerges from the ramp and transforms into a giant wild symbol that covers all 3 symbols on the entire reel. This will allow you to win more dividends (if you do not get any dividends even if you expand, this expansion function will not occur).

This expanding wild symbol locks into place during the bonus round, giving you a big chance to win big payouts.

List of online casinos where you can play Sahara Nights

You can play Sahara Nights at the following online casinos: All of the following online casinos are available in Australian, so registration is easy.

Vera & John Casino
Inter Casino
Casino trip
cherry casino
bit casino
lucky casino
Casino X
lucky niki casino
casino secret

Also, on the Yggdrasil official websiteYou can play Sahara Nights for free. Even with the free version, you can play just like you would with real money, so before you actually place a betIf you want to try Sahara Nights, please use the free version.

Summary of Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights is an Aladdin inspired video slot from Yggdrasil.

A fixed wild symbol appears in the free spins bonus round, and you can aim for high payouts.

The rules of Sahara Nights are very simple, so it is highly recommended for beginners. In addition, the world view inspired by Aladdin is very beautiful, so it is popular with women.

Sahara Nights is available at major online casinos, so why not create an account and play.

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