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Yugado No deposit required bonus 3,500 yen + 10 days free play!

A Playground for Adults Get Yugado No Deposit Bonuses

Get Yugado's No Deposit Bonus!

YugadoIf you want to start, leave it to Best-Gambling-Sites!

If you register with Yugado via Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you can get a bonus of 3,500 yen that does not require deposit.

Check out this article on how to get the no deposit bonus!

Yugado no deposit bonus overview

BonusNo Deposit Bonus¥3,500
Wagering requirements20 times
withdrawal limitNo upper limit (with deposit history before clearing wagering requirements)/¥35,000 (no deposit history)
Maximum bet amountSlots $6.25/Live Casino $25
Deadline for no deposit bonus30 days
Digestibility100% slots / 10-15% table games

What kind of casino is Yugado?

Yugado, which was launched in 2023, is a newly opened casino operated by Breckenridge, like Vera&John Casino and InterCasino.

Vera&John is said to be the No. 1 popular casino in Australia, and is overwhelmingly supported by on-casino players, and its operator, Breckenridge, is a Group of Gamesys Group listed on the London Stock Exchange. As a company, the reliability and safety of play is certain.

The concept of Yugado is "a full-fledged playground for adults." The site is unified with an elegant Australian design and has a full VIP program.

Gozarinsu at Yugado, not Yugado

What are the withdrawal requirements for Yugado bonuses?

Yugado bonus wagering requirements are 20x. If you play with a no deposit bonus of 3,500 yen, you can withdraw your winnings by playing 3500✖️20 = 70,000 yen. However, the wagering requirement varies from game to game. If you play a slot with a utilization rate of 100%, you can clear the wagering requirements by betting 70,000 yen. See the next chapter for more information on digestibility.

Comparison of casino bonus amounts and wagering requirements

casinoAmount of no deposit bonusbonus wagering requirements
Gambola$3510 times
Wonder Casino$3020 times
casino days$1035 times
live casino house$3040 times

Above are the compared deposit bonus amounts and wagering requirements of other casinos. The lowest wagering requirement is 1x, and the highest is 40x, but Yugado has a high bonus amount of 3,500 yen, so 20x is not a bad number.

What is Yugado's bonus redemption rate?

At online casinos, the wagering requirements (withdrawal requirements) vary depending on the game.

For example, in the case of Yugado, the slot fill rate is 100%, so if you bet 70,000 yen (no deposit bonus 3,500 yen ✖️ 20x wagering requirements) on the slot, the wagering requirements will be cleared.

Below is a list of wagering requirements for each Yugado game.

All Slots, Instant Games, Slingo100%
Mines, Aviator15%
Baccarat, Punto Banco, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold'em (all varieties), Other Table Games (excluding Blackjack, Pontoon and Live Casino) 15%
Blackjack, Pontoon, Live Casino (all types) 10%
100 Bit Dice , 100 Bit Dice Jackpot , Go Gold Fishing 360, Gods Fishing 0%

What is the maximum bet amount for Yugado bonuses?

Slots are $6.25 and Live Casino is $25.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount for Yugado bonuses?

Up to 35,000 yen if you play the game with a bonus before depositing. There is no upper limit on the withdrawal amount if there is a deposit.

What are the requirements for the Yugado no deposit bonus?

Yugado no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses are only available to first-time players at Yugado Casino. Creating a new account to receive a bonus is against the rules. Please be aware that your account may be closed and winnings may be confiscated.

If you have an account with Breckenridge's Vera & John Casino or InterCasino, you can newly register Yugado.

In addition, if you want to know more about Yugado's deposit and withdrawal methods, reputation, VIP program, etc.Yugado review pagePlease refer to!

How to get the Yugado no deposit bonus

From here, we will introduce the procedure for registering Yugado and how to receive the no deposit bonus.

STEP1 Click the Yugado banner

First click the banner below. (Clicking on the banner will take you to the registration page dedicated to Casino Australia.)

STEP2 Go to Yugado page

Tap "Register Now".

STEP3 Start registration at Yugado Casino

The registration screen will be displayed, so enter the necessary information.

The first section is Contacts.

·email address

·phone number


Enter the.

The next section is Personal Information.

・Name (Romaji)

・Name (kanji)

・Currency you want to use


·Date of birth

will be entered.

The last section is the address section.

·post code



·Street Bunch

Enter the.

Finally, check if you would like to receive special offers.

STEP4 Email address verification

One last step before entering. Authenticate your email address.

An email with a 4-digit authentication code like the one below will be sent to the email address you registered on the previous screen.

If you type in the 4 digits that arrived in the box earlier,

Authentication is completed.

STEP5 Check Yugado no deposit bonus

After registration, please check that the no deposit bonus of ¥3,500 is automatically attached in the bonus column on the top right of the top page.

When you click on the bonus page, in addition to the ¥ 3,500 no deposit bonus, wagering requirements, the bet amount required to clear the wagering requirements, the expiration date of the bonus, etc. are listed, so please check this as well.

Please note that you will not be able to withdraw if you do not enter your name, address, and phone number correctly!

Benefits continue even after payment! Welcome bonus worth a total of 100,000 yen

Yugado offers more than just no deposit bonuses!

You will receive a bonus of up to 95,000 yen when you deposit from the first to the third time!

First Deposit Bonus

Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit (up to 50,000 JPY)

Example: If you deposit 50,000 yen, you can play for 50,000 yen (cash) + 50,000 yen (bonus money) = 100,000 yen!

Second deposit bonus

Get a 50% bonus on your second deposit (up to 25,000 yen)

Example: If you deposit 50,000 yen, you can play for 50,000 yen (cash) ✖︎50% + 25,000 yen = 75,000 yen

Third deposit bonus

Get 100% bonus on your 3rd deposit (up to 20,000 JPY)

Example: If you deposit 20,000 yen, you can play for 20,000 yen (cash) + 25,000 yen = 40,000 yen.

Furthermore, after the third time

10 days trial play!

A one-coin bonus of 500 yen will be presented for 10 consecutive days from among Yugado games. (total amount of 5,000 yen)

What games can I play?

Oiran Dream

A pachislot-style slot with 3 x 3 reels. At the top of the slot lies a glamorous courtesan holding a smoking pipe. Oiran gets sexier and sexier as you enter the free spins

hawaiian dream

Speaking of popular Australian slotshawaiian dream. If you are a pachislot fan, you will not know about this video slot that draws on the essence of offshore slots and the tropical islands, and the Hawaiian sound is laid back.

Can I also play Oiran Dream!? I can't stand it!

You can save 100,000 yen just with the welcome bonus!

Last updated 2023.4.14

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