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Overview of Oiran Dream Slot

Oiran Dream is an online slot released by JTG (Australia Technicals Games) in July 2020.

As you can see from the title, Oiran Dream is based on a courtesan. It is an online slot for men because it has a sexy element.

Oiran Dream is a pachislot-style online slot made for Australian people, and has a 3x3 reel layout similar to Hawaiian Dream, also released by JTG (Australia Technicals Games). is employed. Therefore, it is attractive that it is easy to play even from the small screen of the smartphone.

Oiran Dream is also characterized by its attention to graphics, with cherry blossoms drawn on the entire screen. Therefore, there is a Australian atmosphere.

And you can enjoy beautiful graphics such as falling cherry blossom petals when you win dividends.

In addition, Oiran Dream became a hot topic as it was played by former gravure idol Manami Hashimoto and former member of the idol group SKE48 Jurina Matsui.

Specifications of Oiran Dream

game titleOiran Dream
providerJTG (Australia Technical Games)
Return Rate (RTP):96.34%
number of paylines5 ways
number of reels3 reels
Minimum bet amount$0.20 (May vary by online casino)
Maximum bet amount$500 (by online casino
volatilityDuring ~
game release dateJuly 2020
casino to playMystino, Vera&John Casino, InterCasino, CasinoSecret, CasinoTabi, LuckyNiki, LeoVegas, CherryCasino, etc.

Oiran dream probability and continuation rate

The probability and continuation rate of each feature of Oiran Dream are as follows.

respin probability

respin probabilityrespin probabilityKamon Bonus Probabilitypink 7 probabilityRainbow 7 Probability
Normal time1/28.31/961.51/1288.71/41666.7
After 1 respin1/3.41/50.01/206.21/6666.7
After 2 respins1/2.61/12.51/103.11/3333.3
After 3 respins1/1.0311/33.3

Family Crest Bonus Probability

probability1/389 (No Respin: 1/961, Respin 1: 1/50, Respin 2: 1/12.5)
benefitAdvance the MAP with a dice and receive a dividend for the place where it stops
MAP-centered selectivityPink 7 = 69.3% Rainbow 7 = 29.6% 1,000 times dividend = 1.1%
Expected value35 times

Oiran Rush Probability

probabilityExpected valuePersistence rate
about 1/18138 timesAbout 74% (total value)

Doki Doki Time Probability

winning probabilityExpected valueContinuity rate (at the time of consecutive hits)
1/34851 times85.0%~98.3% *Depends on the type of cosplay

Features of Oiran Dream

The feature of Oiran Dream is that it is an online slot for Australian people. In addition to adopting a pachislot-style layout to make it easier for Australian people to play, it can be said that it is characterized by choosing the theme of Oiran, which is aimed at Australian people.

Another big attraction of Oiran Dream is the attention paid to the animation.

Oiran dream design (symbol)

There are a total of 11 symbols in Oiran Dream. 8 of them are payout symbols, and there are beckoning cats, Daruma, sake, and high payout symbols of pine. There are also 4 low paying symbols in the form of bills.

Other bonus symbols are a pink '7', a rainbow '7' and a respin spin symbol.

If you get 3 pink "7"s, you'll enter Oiran Rush, if you get 3 rainbow "7s", you'll get Doki Doki Time (DDT), and if you get 3 respins in a row, you'll enter Oiran Rush.

Oiran Dream paylines

Oiran Dream has a total of 5 different paylines, and you can win payouts by aligning symbols on them.

The number of paylines in Oiran Dream is smaller than other online slots, so it is easy to check whether the dividend has been paid.

Production of Oiran Dream

Let's take a closer look at what kind of performances Oiran Dream has. Oiran Dream has many unique features not found in other online slots, so we recommend that you check the game rules carefully before playing.

Oiran Dream respins

Oiran Dream enters respin mode when the respin symbols stop during the base game. Enter Respin mode to spin the reels one more time for free.

When entering this mode, there is a production unique to Oiran Dream, such as the sexy voice of Oiran, which raises the player's tension.

In the first respin, the Oiran's clothes are green, in the second respin it is purple, in the third respin it is red, and the lantern lights up with the respin. And when all the lanterns are lit, the Oiran Rush will be activated.

courtesan rush

The free spins bonus round in Oiran Dream is called Oiran Rush.

Oiran Rush is entered by aligning respin symbols in succession during respin mode. Also, if you get three pink "7"s during the base game, you will enter the Oiran Rush.

Oiran Rush gives you 7 free spins.

Other online slots may award additional free spins during the free spins bonus round, but for Oiran Dream it is fixed at 7. Therefore, the game is how much you can win with these 7 free spins.

pounding time

Doki Doki Time is the highlight of Oiran Dream.

Doki Doki Time is activated when three rainbow "7"s are aligned. When Doki Doki Time is activated, the player can choose between "Consecutive hits" and "Single blow", and the prize money that can be earned depends on the performance.

And there are three levels of Doki Doki Time, and the higher the level, the higher the expectations. Also, as the level rises, the oiran will change into a maid outfit, etc., and the degree of exposure will gradually increase.

consecutive hits

If you choose "Beat", you need to hit the button repeatedly. It is a mechanism that you can get a dividend every time you hit repeatedly. And the more you perform, the more prizes you can win. You can also enjoy Oiran's voice by hitting repeatedly, so if you want to fully enjoy the Oiran Dream production, we recommend choosing "Continuous Hits".


If you choose "Impact", you can get dividends all at once with just one button press. So, when playing in public, it's a good idea to choose 'hit'.

It is attractive that the operation is easy, but you will not be able to enjoy the unique performance of Oiran Dream like "Consecutive Hits".

Doki Doki Time costume

Doki Doki Time offers not only Oiran costumes, but also maid, nurse, and bunny girl costumes. In addition, secrets are also provided. Secret is "Succubus", and the expected value differs depending on these costumes.

Expectations are set to increase in the order of oiran, costume, and premium (secret), so keep playing Oiran Dream and aim to level up.

family crest bonus

One of the unique features of Oiran Dream is the family crest bonus.

Family crest bonuses occur at random times, and you can challenge a unique bonus game that is a combination of sugoroku and roulette. In the family crest bonus, you can receive a bonus at the point where you stopped according to the number of eyes on the dice.

The roulette is written as BET x 2, BET x 10, etc. If you stop there, you can get the dividend as displayed.

In addition, the roulette consists of 4 layers, and if you stop on the square marked UP, the level will increase and you can move to the smaller roulette inside. The more you go inside the roulette, the higher the multiplier, so whether you can stop on the UP square is the key to earning money with the family crest bonus.

You also have a chance to win Oiran Rush with this family crest bonus.

Casino with Oiran Dream

Oiran Dream can be played at online casinos affiliated with JTG (Australia Technicals Games). For example, you can play Oiran Dream at the following online casinos:

leo vegas
casino friday
casino secret
Vera & John Casino
Inter Casino
Casino trip
play ojo
Lucky Nicky
cherry casino
gambling ring ring

About the maker of Oiran Dream

JTG (Australia Technicals Games) is a Hong Kong-based software provider established in 2018.

JTG (Australia Technicals Games) aims to bring Australian slot culture to as many people as possible, and is characterized by creating games with Australian pachislot in mind. As a result, it has become popular among Australian people and has been attracting attention in the online casino industry.

The video slots provided by JTG (Australia Technicals Games) are designed with Australian pachislot in mind, so they feature a 3-reel x 3-row layout. And you can enjoy the game as if you were reproducing pachislot online, such as adopting the symbol of "7" and pushing the button when you have a chance. In addition, it is attractive that the game has been created thoroughly enough to adopt the cue sound that sounds when the jackpot is confirmed in pachislot. For this reason, it has gained tremendous popularity among Australian people who are familiar with pachislot.

In addition, JTG (Australia Technicals Games) slots publish not only RTP but also specs such as first win probability and continuity.

Online slots developed by JTG (Australia Technicals Games) include Hawaiian Dream, BATTLE DWARF, and Golden Dream.

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