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If you register as a new member from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you will receive 80 deposit free spins without wagering requirements.
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- You can get the bonus without wagering requirements
- No withdrawal limits for free spins
・Abundant promotions for player returns
・There are also popular games for Australian players.
・Daily promotions

・Some payment methods may incur fees

Register via the banner above and receive 80 free spins with no wagering requirements.

Casino Play OJO opened in 2017 by Skill on Net Ltd, the operating company of Luckinicky.

In 2017, the year of its debut, it was certified as a new star casino by the eGaming Review Operator Awards, and in 2019, it was awarded by the Sport Betting Community (SBC), showing its overwhelming ability.

In addition, TV commercials have been aired in the UK, and the popular real TV show "Paradise Hotel" in Sweden is also sponsored, making it a familiar casino for on-casino players in Europe.

In 2024, I resigned and the Australian site opened. This time, I would like to give a detailed review of such a promising new star casino Play OJO.

Recommended points of the new casino Play Ojo “A serious and fair casino”

No wagering requirements = all winnings are cash

The biggest attraction of Play OJO is “no wagering requirements”!

Even if it's a bonus at on-casino, you have to bet many times the bonus in order to withdraw it, which is confusing anyway! Clearing the quota of the wagering requirements is quite difficult!

At Play Ojo, there is no stress associated with such bonuses. All winnings can be withdrawn in cash. It's such a comfortable casino.

No cap on free spins winnings

What makes Play OJO even more impressive is that there is no upper limit to the winnings of free spins. Most promotional free spins have a maximum amount, but Play Ojo does not! All winnings are yours, even if you win big with the free spins you received on your first deposit.

Plenty of promotions

From the above two points, Play OJO stands out from other casinos. And it doesn't stop there! As OJO specials, "OJO Plus" where you can get cash every time you bet, "OJO Wheel" where you can get a spin, and "PRIZE TWISTER" where you can win prizes by spinning the slot are always held! There is also a daily promotion, and you can feel the attitude of wanting to give back to the players.

Play OJO Bonus

Play Ojo always has great promotions. We will introduce them one by one, so please be careful not to miss them.

Play Ojo Casino Deposit Bonus

At Play OJO Casino, players who make a first deposit of $20 or more will receive 80 free spins on the popular game Oiran Dream. ($0.4/1 spin).

Usually 50 times, but 80 times will be presented only at Best-Gambling-Sites!

And there are no wagering requirements!

You can withdraw the winnings from the free spins as they are!

Play Ojo Deposit Bonus Detailscheck!

How to get the Play Ojo Deposit Bonus

STEP1 Register for Play Ojo from Best-Gambling-Sites.org

STEP2 Select the first limited offer and deposit $20 or more

STEP3 Spin 50 free spins as usual welcome offer

Receive "site limited + 30 spins" from "Daily Promo" in the STEP4 menu.

Be sure to get a welcome bonus that will make you feel the charm of Play Ojo Casino from the beginning!

What kind of slot is Oiran Dream?

If you register from Best-Gambling-Sites, the usual 50 times will be 80 times!

Play Ojo "OJO Plus"

“OJO Plus” is a play OJO return system that allows you to receive cash as much as you bet. And there is no upper limit to this return.

To receive it, just press the collect button above the OJO smile.

The return rate varies depending on the game, and this value will fluctuate.

A game with 3 + is a game with a high return rate, and a game with 1 is a low return rate.

You can check the size of the return rate on each game page.

The average return rate of other online casinos is 96.4%, but Play Ojo has "OJO Plus", so it's a high 97%.

Play Ojo's "OJO Wheel"

"OJO Wheel" is a promotion where you can win free spins by spinning the wheel.

The interesting thing about the "OJO wheel" is that you can set the following three modes. By the way, if you hit the skull, you won't get any free spins.

  • Stick with it: Free spins are guaranteed.
  • Feeling lucky: more free spins, but also a chance of a skull.
  • A die-hard gambler: Doubles the number of free spins, but also increases the chances of getting a skull.

"OJO Wheel" can be played from the "Rewards" page. In addition to being able to spin when you achieve a special level, it may also be randomly displayed in "Rewards" as a surprise.


At Play Ojo, we are holding "PRIZE TWISTER" where you can win free spins or 3 levels of cash when you spin the slot.

There are three levels of prize money.

Mini Twister $500

Super Twister $2000

Mega Twister $20,000

Of course, you can also withdraw the winnings you have won here.

A prize twister may suddenly appear on the "reward page"

Play Ojo Daily Promotion

At Play Ojo, we have prepared a daily promotion that you can get every day. As for the content of the daily promotion, you can use the "OJO Wheel" and "PRIZE TWISTER" introduced above, and you can also get cash spins. It's valid for 24 hours, so don't forget to check it every day.

Play Ojo Tournament

Tournaments are held every day at Play Ojo. You can log in and participate from the "Tournaments" page. At the end of the tournament, the top 3 players will receive a free spins pack.

Play Ojo Loyalty Program

Play Ojo offers a loyalty program “Ojo Club”. Players certified by Play Ojo as “OJO Masters” can join this club.

As a privilege of "OJO master",

・Exclusive manager

・Fast withdrawal

・Expansion of maximum withdrawal amount

・Birthday gift

・Happy gift

・Surprise Bonus

・"OJO master" limited tournament

・Super Spin & Mega Spin

And so on.

“OJO Master” is an invitation system, and the conditions for ranking up have not been disclosed.

Sometimes you can get a Mini Cooper, a trip to Paris, Dubai, or a ticket to watch VIP tennis.

Play Ojo Casino Deposit Methods

Play Ojo Casino accepts credit cards (VISA, MASTER), bank wire, EcoPayz, Matchbetter, AstroPay and Jeton.

The minimum deposit amount is $20 regardless of the payment method, and the maximum deposit amount varies depending on the usage status of the account. If you encounter a deposit limit error, please contact support.

Please note that credit card and ecoPayz charges a deposit fee.

Payment Method Minimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
Credit card (VISA, JCB) $20   Depends on account usage 2.5%
bank transfer $20   Depends on account usage 0%
ecoPayz $20   Depends on account usage3.5%
match better $20   Depends on account usage 0%
Astropay $20   Depends on account usage 0%
Jeton $20   Depends on account usage 0%

Play Ojo Casino Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawals at Play Ojo Casino are accepted in the following ways:

There is no minimum withdrawal amount, and the maximum withdrawal amount is uniformly $5000. For withdrawals of $100 or less, a flat fee of $5 will be charged.

Payment Method Minimum withdrawal amount Maximum withdrawal amountcommission
bank transfer$0 $5,000  $5 (withdrawals under $100)
ecoPayz $0 $5,000  $5 (withdrawals under $100)
match better$0 $5,000  $5 (withdrawals under $100)
Astropay$0 $5,000  $5 (withdrawals under $100)
Jeton $0 $5,000  $5 (withdrawals under $100)

How long does a Play Ojo Casino withdrawal take?

Play Ojo Casino aims to process withdrawals within 11 hours. Please note that it may take more time. When the withdrawal procedure is completed, you will receive an automatic delivery email.

Play Ojo Casino Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

Play OJO casino requires account verification (KYC verification) before the first withdrawal.

Please prepare the following documents for account verification.

・Identification documents (passport, driver's license, My number card)

*Please prepare a document in color, with a face photo, and within the expiration date. Also, please take a picture of the entire document so that the four corners are not cut off.

・Address verification documents (receipts for utility bills such as gas, water, and electricity, various bank certificates, credit card statements)

・Payment statement (when paying by credit card, cover the middle 8-digit number with paper, etc.)

Documents will be approved within 48 hours. If you are still not approved after 48 hours, please contact support.

How to Upload Play Ojo Casino Identity Verification Documents

After making the first deposit, you can upload documents from My Page.

How to register at Play Ojo Casino

Let’s walk through the registration process at Play Ojo Casino together.

3 steps for desktops, 6 steps for mobile phones.

Here, we will introduce the registration procedure on the desktop.

Step1From the top page to the registration screen

Step2 Registration of personal information

● 1st page

We will register your personal information.

―Name (half-width alphanumeric characters)

-Last name (half-width alphanumeric characters)



-email address

-phone number

● 2nd page


-post code

-Country of Residence

● 3rd page



- age verification

- acceptance of bonus offers

- Agree to terms

Registration is now complete. Thank you for your hard work.

play ojo casino games

Play Ojo Casino has contracts with major providers that release popular games worldwide, such as NETENT, PLAY’n Go, YGGDRASIL, and Evolution, as well as providers that have slots popular with Australian people, such as Golden hero.

With over 3,000 table games, slots and live casino games, you can search for your favorite game with over 30 filters. You can also play jackpot games!

On the Play Ojo Casino website, it says, "Aiming for ``There are no games that OJO does not have,'' and we will incorporate things that are not available upon request!" It might be one way to try it!

Play Ojo Casino's recommended slot "Ninja Hero Goemon"

At Play Ojo Casino,hawaiian dreamor moon princess,Oiran DreamWe have all kinds of games that are popular with Australian players.

Among the lineup of Play Ojo Casino, Best-Gambling-Sites's favorite is Ninja Hero Goemon, produced by the Australian game company Rakujin.

It is a slot with the theme of Goemon Ishikawa, a great thief who is familiar with "superb view, superb view".

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols activates the battle feature mode (free spins bonus round), which determines the weapon Goemon uses (shuriken, katana, smokepipe).

Depending on the type of this weapon, the multiplier and dividend that you can get by defeating the enemy will change.

When Goemon defeats an enemy, he can challenge even stronger enemies, and the more weapons he has, the more power Goemon will have.

At first glance, it looks like a pachislot slot, but it is a fun slot with a battle element added to the Australian style element.

Play Ojo Casino License

Play OJO Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, issued by the Republic of Malta.

The Malta Gaming Authority is known to have very strict screening and is therefore a highly reliable license.

Being licensed in Malta, Play Ojo Casino is a safe place to play.

Play OJO casino support

Play Ojo Casino offers support in Australian.

how to contact

2 types of.

E-mail is of course available 24 hours a day.

The live chat business hours are displayed, but it doesn't seem to be working yet, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the email address.

I sent several questions to Cajinippon by e-mail in order to create this review, but the answers were very accurate and polite.

Play Ojo Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the deposit free spins at Play Ojo Casino?

Deposit free spins can be found on the "Rewards" page in the menu.

Failed to deposit at play ojo casino

A common cause of deposit failures is not having your credit card set up for 3D Secure or not being approved by your credit card issuer for gambling purposes. Please check the cause of these errors and consider depositing by bank transfer or online payment as an alternative.

How long does Play Ojo Casino identity verification take?

The Play Ojo Casino verification process takes no more than 48 hours. If it takes longer than this, please contact support.

When can I receive the "OJO wheels"?

The "OJO Wheel" can be turned by achieving a special level. However, it is not possible to rotate each time you level up. They may also appear on the Rewards page as a surprise.

Last updated April 26, 2024

If you are thinking of starting the highly anticipated New Casino Play Ojo, then Best-Gambling-Sites.org! If you register from here, the free spins at the time of the first deposit will increase from 50 times to 80 times! Don't miss it♪
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.5 Comprehensive evaluation
Play OJO Casino Review [2024 Latest]
4.5 rating