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Vera & John Casino Speaking of recommended bonuses...

Special offers only for Casino Australia

Just register at Vera & John Casino and get a special $35 bonus!

Understand how the Vera&John Casino bonus works!

Vera & John CasinoIf you want to play for a great deal, it's better to get a bonus!

vera john casinoVOICES FROM PLAYERSAs you can see in the above, the withdrawal conditions are loose and there are no games that prohibit the use of bonuses, so even beginners can play bonuses with confidence.

In this chapter, let's understand the mechanism of bonuses unique to Vera&John.

① Save Vera & John Casino bonuses and cash in separate accounts

At Vera&John CasinoBonusWhencacheare stored separately in your account.

② The bonus can be used only when the cash reaches 0

Bonuses other than no deposit bonuses can only be used when the cash reaches 0.

Example: Let's say you have $100 cash and $100 bonus. In this case, the bonus will be available after betting $100 of cash.

③ To withdraw the Vera & John Casino bonus, you need to convert it to cash

Only cash can be withdrawn. When you withdraw your bonus, you have to convert it into cash.

Suppose you have a $100 bonus. If you use the cash and redeem the bonus, the bonus will be converted to cash after you have wagered 20 times the bonus amount.

For example, if you have a $100 bonus, you will need to play with a wager of $2,000 ($100✖️20x).

[Caution] If you play with a bonus before depositing, there is a limit on the withdrawal amount!

No Deposit BonusIf you get a bonus, play right away!”, wait a minute!

Did you know that Vera & John Casino allows you to withdraw up to 10 times the bonus amount if you play the game with a bonus before making a deposit?

If the winnings generated from the no deposit bonus exceed 10x the no deposit bonus, the remaining winnings will be void. In any case, you will need to have at least one deposit history to withdraw, so make sure you have made a deposit before playing with the bonus.

Check the deposit procedure of the Vera&John method

What types of Vera & John casino bonuses are there?

Let’s take a look at what kind of bonuses Vera & John Casino has!

No Deposit Registration Bonus

It's literally a bonus that you get just for signing up, no deposit required. Recommended for those who want to try playing online casinos.

Click the Casino Australia banner above to get a $35 deposit bonus!

If you don't go through, the bonus you get is $10, so $25 is a good deal♪ Register now!

Check Vera & John Casino Registration Instructions

First Deposit Bonus (Beginner Bonus) up to $1000

At Vera & John Casino, we are running a campaign where you can get a bonus of up to $1000 when you deposit from the first to the 3rd time!

First Deposit BonusGet a 100% bonus up to $500 on your first deposit.
Second Deposit BonusGet a 50% bonus up to $250 on your second deposit.
Third Deposit BonusGet a 100% bonus up to $200 on your third deposit.

In addition, when you deposit for the third time, you will receive 10 days of free play, where you can enjoy games worth $ 5 a day. The games change daily, so you can try different games.

the 2nd dayRoulette Lobby (Paris)
Third daymoon princess
Day 4Original Blackjack
Day 5Hawaiian Dream
6dayLive Baccarat (Paris)
7dayJammin' Jars
8dayOriginal Blackjack (Paris)
10dayDreams of Gold

●●% deposit bonus

The ●●% deposit bonus is a bonus given during the campaign, and ●●% of the deposit amount can be used as a deposit bonus.

Promotions may be posted on the Vera&John website or offered directly from Vera&John Casino.

Regarding withdrawal conditions, it is basically 20 times the same as the general bonus, but if it is different, it will be stated. You should check the bonus terms and conditions from time to time.

bonus cup

A bonus cup is a bonus that is awarded when you deposit more than a certain amount.

Example: Deposit $100 or more and receive a $20 deposit bonus.

spin credit

Once you have spin credits, you can bet a certain amount on a defined game or type of game.

Any winnings from spin credits will be credited to the bonus after betting the full amount. Withdrawal conditions are the same as general bonuses.

Example: $20 bonus available for slots

free spins

Once you have obtained the free spins, you will be able to play a certain number of free spins on the specified game.

Winnings from free spins are counted as a bonus, so withdrawals must meet the same wagering requirements as regular bonuses.

super spin

Superspins are a type of free spins offered in games by Quickspin and Yggdrasil, each with their own characteristics.

Win Spin

The amount stated in the game is a guaranteed winning spin. For example, if it says $20, you will get unlimited spins until you get a $20 win.

Thrill Spin

Thrill spins can be spun indefinitely until a specified amount or more is won in a single spin. You will also be able to win any increased winnings up to that amount.

Pick Spin

Pick spins are spins where you can choose your bet amount and number of spins. For example, if the bet amount is $100, you can bet $100 at once, or you can bet $1 100 times.

Top Spin

Topspins are free spins where you can win up to the top 5 of the specified number of free spins.

for example

1 $1
3 $20
6 $12

If so, you can win 2,3,5,6,7.

Hit Spin

Hitspin is a default slot bonus that allows unlimited spins until you reach your goal.

Trigger Spin

Trigger spins are free spins that trigger a scatter as soon as you turn the spin and the bonus mode starts.

Bonuses that can be purchased in the shop

You can buy free spins, super spins, spin credits free spins bonuses as well as bonus cash at the shop inside Vera & John Casino.

Bonus cash can literally be purchased with coins, and the withdrawal requirement is doubled. Coins can be obtained by completing quests. There are also one-time limited quests that are valid only once and continuous quests that are continuously valid.

How to enter Vera&John shop

The money mark on the right side of the Vera & John Casino HP screen is a coin. Click here

Jump to the Vera & John shop page. It is also possible to fly to the Vera&John shop from My Page. (For PC)


Vera & John Casino holds a variety of events and campaigns every month. Don't forget to check every time, as there are lots of great deals such as deposit bonuses, free spins, and cashback!


Vera&John also hosts daily tournaments that are open to everyone. If you rank high, you will divide the prize cash and bonuses♪

Participation is easy! Simply press the Join Now button for each tournament to complete your entry. In addition, there are three types of ranking methods for tournaments.

1. Wagering PointsThe winner is determined by the highest bet amount
2. Round PointThe winner will be determined by the order with the highest number of total rounds!
3. Win PointsThe winner will be determined in descending order of winning percentage in 25 consecutive rounds!

Be sure to check it out before participating in the tournament!

Vera & John Casino FAQ

How to get Vera & John casino bonuses?

Vera John Casino's no deposit bonus and first deposit bonus are automatically attached.

For other bonuses, you can get the bonus by checking "Receive bonus" from the deposit page.
Don't forget to click the banner and register!

What are the wagering requirements for the Vera&John Casino bonus?

Vera&John Casino bonuses have a wagering requirement of 20x. For example, if the bonus amount is $100, you need to bet $2,000.

Also, bonuses can only be converted into cash when the cash is used up.

How long does the Vera & John Casino bonus expire?

General bonuses at Vera&John Casino are valid for 30 days from the date of receipt.

It is necessary to use up the bonus by betting 20 times, which is the withdrawal condition, within the period.

Free spins and spin credits are valid for 48 hours.

What are the possible reasons for the forfeiture of the Vera&John casino bonus?

When using a bonus at Vera & John Casino, if you violate the prohibitions, the bonus may be confiscated or you may not be able to withdraw your winnings. Be sure to check the following prohibited items!

・Bonus stacking
Bonus stacking is using two or more bonuses of different types at the same time.

When you first register at Vera&John Casino, you have the opportunity to receive different types of bonuses, such as no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses, all of which can only be used on their own.

Therefore, make sure to use up the no deposit bonus before claiming the deposit bonus. Also, make sure to make a deposit only after all bonuses have run out.

・2 Tier Bet
A two-tier bet is a double bet. Specifically, in the case of roulette, bets on red and black, even and odd numbers. In Baccarat, you bet on Banker and Player at the same time.

・Betting $6.26 or more in slots or $25 or more in table games/live casinos per round

- Play from multiple accounts
It is also strictly prohibited to create and play multiple accounts in order to receive a welcome bonus. Please note that the bonus may be forfeited and the account may be closed.

What are the possible reasons for not being able to withdraw the Vera & John Casino bonus?

As a general rule, Vera&John Casino bonuses cannot be withdrawn unless you bet 20 times the bonus amount. For example, if you get a $35 deposit bonus, you can withdraw your winnings after betting $600.

Can Vera & John Casino make money with bonuses only?

Vera & John Casino withdrawals always require at least one deposit history, so you cannot earn with bonuses alone. However, the minimum deposit is $10, so you can start with low risk.

What do people who don't want a Vera&John casino bonus do?

For those who say "I don't need a bonus for Vera & John Casino!", it is possible to set the bonus not to be received.

When setting up from a computer, go to the deposit now page from My Casino and uncheck “Receive bonus”.

For smartphones, at the bottom of the account settings page, slide the button "I want deposit bonus offers from campaigns etc." to the left to turn it off.

Vera & John Casino Bonus Withdrawal Limit?

If you start playing Vera & John Casino with a bonus, and you have never made a deposit before returning it to cash, the winning amount a player can withdraw is up to 10 times the bonus amount.

What to do if you can't use the Vera & John Casino bonus?

Slots are recommended for Vera&John's bonus digestion. The bonus withdrawal condition is 20 times, but what must be counted at the same time is the count rate for the game. Below is the count rate for each Vera&John game.

game typecount rate
All Slots, Instant Games, Slingo 100%
Roulette, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold'em (all varieties), Other Table Games (Except Blackjack, Pontoon, Live Casino)15%
Blackjack, Pontoon, Live Casino (all types)10%

As you can see from the table above, only slots have a 100% count rate. A game with a count rate of 100% counts everything towards the wagering requirements, while a game with a count rate of 10% counts only 10% of the bet amount.

In other words, if you receive a $35 no-deposit bonus and bet $700, which is 20 times the amount in the case of slots, the conditions will be cleared, but in the case of live casino (10%), you will need to bet $7.000.

When checking the withdrawal conditions, don't forget to check the counting rate of this game. It's a good idea to keep in mind that you can't make a mistake if you use Vera&John's bonus in slots!

Take advantage of the bonus and enjoy playing Vera & John!

How was it? Vera&John bonuses are great value if you use them wisely.

・You can use the bonus only when the cash reaches 0.

・Bonus wagering requirement is 20x

・Deposit history is required for bonus withdrawal

・If you use the bonus before depositing, you can withdraw up to 10 times the bonus amount.

・The count rate changes for each game

Please keep these 5 points in mind and enjoy Vera & John with a great bonus!

Last updated 2023.11.5