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Quickspin overview

Quickspin is a software provider headquartered in Sweden. Quickspin was founded in 2012 by three people, two of whom used to work for major provider Net Entertainment, while the other was on the executive manager team of online casino Unibet. have a history. Quickspin's success is probably due to the fact that it was founded by a group of talented people from providers and operators.

Playtech was acquired by major game provider Playtech in 2016. Founded in 1999, Playtech is a highly respected company listed on the London Stock Exchange and now operates Playtech as a subsidiary.

Since Playtech has such a major company as its parent company, it can be said that management is stable and safety is high.

Quickspin isn't a big software provider like Microgaming or Playingo, and they've only released 60 games so far. However, Quickspin has partnered with many of the major online casinos because of its high quality games, which are highly valued by users.

Quickspin safety

Quickspin operates under government issued licenses such as Core Service Provider Associates of Alderney (AGCC) and Gambling software of the United Kingdom (UKGC). It has been rigorously audited by these governments since its establishment, so its safety is guaranteed.

In addition, we are regularly audited by a third party, Gaming Laboratories International. Therefore, you can play the game with peace of mind without worrying about fraudulent activities such as cheating or remote control.

Quickspin's flagship game

Here are some of the most popular games offered by Quickspin. These are popular games offered by many online casinos and are highly rated by users.

Quickspin offers a large number of video slots with high payout ratios, making it easier to earn money compared to video slots from other software providers.


"BIG BAD WOLF" is the most popular game offered by Quickspin. Therefore, there must be many people who have played it at least once.

"BIG BAD WOLF" is based on the motif of the three little pigs in a fairy tale, and the symbol is a cute soothing piglet.

Of course, the cute graphics and storytelling are also the charm of "BIG BAD WOLF", but the biggest feature is the high return rate. Surprisingly, the return rate of "BIG BAD WOLF" is 97.29%, and I am happy that dividends are easy to come out. You can aim for high payouts by getting consecutive wins with unique wild symbols and free spins.

"BIG BAD WOLF" won the ERG Game of the Year award in 2013 and can be said to be a video slot that truly represents Quickspin.

Sakura Fortune

"Sakura Fortune" is a video slot released by Quickspin in 2014. A week after the game was released, a Australian player won a huge prize of $7,972, which attracted a lot of attention.

"Sakura Fortune" is an Asian video slot with a cherry blossom theme, featuring a beautiful woman in a bright red dress. Quickspin's commitment to graphics is evident when you enter the free spins bonus round, with a cherry blossom blizzard that fills the entire screen.

The free spins bonus round locks in wild symbols, making it easier to win, and you can aim for high payouts on consecutive wins. However, you will have to be patient as the free spins bonus round is very difficult to enter.

Seasonal "Sakura Fortune" is a beautiful video slot you'll want to play in spring.


This video slot is based on Beowulf, a medieval English lyric. As the story goes, the battle between the hero Beowulf and the dragon is staged in the game, making it a game where you can feel the story.

In Beowulf, 3 dragon symbols trigger the free spins bonus round. The free spins bonus round is more like a competitive game, with Beowulf and Dragon health gauges. The free spins bonus round ends when either player's health reaches 0.

"Beowulf" boasts a high return rate of 97.21% next to "BIG BAD WOLF" among video slots provided by Quickspin. If you want to enjoy a thrilling game with battle elements instead of the relaxed atmosphere of "BIG BAD WOLF", you should choose "Beowulf".

Goldilocks and the Wild Bear

"Goldilocks and the Wild Bear" is a video slot featuring a mischievous girl. A bear is drawn in the symbol, and the world view of a fairy tale spreads.

"Goldilocks and the Wild Bear" is designed to release wild spins and free spins according to the number of times the girl stops. If the girl symbol stops a total of 13 times, there will be 3 wild symbols in total, so the payout probability will be quite high in the end.

"Goldilocks and the Wild Bear" has cute graphics and very simple rules, so it is recommended for video slot beginners and women.

The Wild Chase

"The Wild Chase" is one of Quickspin's most popular video slots, and is consistently ranked high in online casino video slot rankings.

"The Wild Chase" is based on the theme of Monte Carlo, a city where the bourgeois live, and is characterized by the appearance of a gang of thieves. One of the reasons for its popularity is the unique storyline of stealing gold and silver assets from banks and millionaires.

The feature of "The Wild Chase" is that the respin function is activated every time the payout is confirmed. This respin locks the winning symbols, making it easier to win on the next respin. Furthermore, this respin will continue until there are no symbols with fixed payouts, so you can win consecutive wins. In addition to the respins feature, we also offer a free spins bonus round, so you can earn money here as well.

In addition, "The Wild Chase" also has a multiplier function that doubles the payout. The maximum payout is 5x, so you can win mega wins.

The return rate of "The Wild Chase" is 96.77%, which is not that high, but you can expect a high dividend when you hit the jackpot.

Treasure Island

The last video slot on our list is Treasure Island. As you can see from the title,

Treasure Island is a treasure hunt themed video slot with pirates and old men as symbols.

There are 3 bonus symbols on "Treasure Island", and depending on which bonus symbols are aligned, you can win one of 3 "dividends", "free spins", or "treasure hunt". "Treasure hunt" is like a bonus game, and you choose what you like from the question marks that appear on the island. Then, select a specified number of question marks to win different prizes.

“Treasure Island” has a high return rate of 97.07% like other games, so it can be said that it is a video slot that is easy for players to earn.

Features of Quickspin

Here we will explain the features of Quickspin. Let's find out why Quickspin is so highly rated by users and the online casino industry.

Quickspin Features(1) High quality games

Quickspin has a particularly good reputation for the quality of its games. Quickspin is centered around video slots. These video slots have 5 reels and are characterized by great attention to detail in their games.

Quickspin is particularly meticulous in its design and employs technical students and interns for its graphics team. The symbols and character designs are carefully crafted, and the best BGM for the sound has been selected to lift the player's spirits. In addition, the graphics and sound in the bonus stage etc. will make the atmosphere more exciting, so the player will unintentionally get into the story of the video slot.

Of course, operability is also taken into account, so you can play the game not only on your computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet device.

Quickspin games can be played for real money at any online casino, or you can try them for free.

Features of Quickspin (2) Awards

Quickspin has received the following awards for their highly acclaimed games.

This shows that Quickspin is highly regarded not only by users, but also by the online casino industry.

- "Big Bad Wolf" 2013 EGR Award Game of the Year

-2014 EGR B2B Award for Social Gaming Supplier

-2015 EGR B2B Award for Innovation in RNG Casino Software

-2016 EGR B2B Award for Innovation in RNG Casino Software

-2016 EGR Nordics Award for Casino Software Supplier

-"Sakura Fortune" 2017 EGR Award Game of the Year

-2017 EGR B2B Award for Innovation in mobile

Quickspin Summary

Quickspin was a small software provider founded by just three people

However, it has continued to grow as it produces many high quality games and is now one of the well-known software providers with leading online casinos.

The games provided by Quickspin have a reputation for operability and graphics, and are highly rated not only by users but also by the online casino industry as a whole.

Quickspin games are available at Vera & John Casino, Casino Secret, and more. Visit our online casino now and experience the quality of Quickspin games.

name Quickspin
Established year 2012
License/Third Party [License] England, Alderney, etc.
[Third party organization] GLI (TST)
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