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What is the reputation of Vera&John Casino?

Vera & John CasinoSpeaking of casinos, which are overwhelmingly supported by Australian people,

"Is it really safe? Will card information be leaked?"

"How about actually using it?"

And especially beginners of on-casino are concerned about the voices of people who are already using it.

So here at Best-Gambling-Sites, we will introduce the voices of users who have already played!

Pick up word of mouth from Twitter, Yahoo! make a profit? I would like to verify that.

If you are playing Vera&John for the first time, please refer to it.

Click here for instructions on how to register at Vera & John Casino

Vera&John Casino Dangerous Reputation

Vera & John Casino is often chosen as the first casino for beginners. If you are inexperienced with on-casino, you may be wondering if there is any risk in playing on-casino. So I will introduce what was written about safety from the player's word of mouth.

For the time being, safety and security is Vera John

An online casino that I was interested in but couldn't take the first step, I made my debut with the free version of Vera&John! The industry's No. 1 and highly secure Vera&John free version & no registration gave me a push.

Vera&John Withdrawal speed ○, Site usability ◎, Ranking 1st, Safety ◎

As far as Twitter is concerned, there are many voices saying that there is no danger in playing Vera & John Casino for users, and that they are playing because it is safe.

Concerned about the safety of card information

I've been playing at Vera & John Casino for almost two years now. Security is fine. I haven't received any spam, nor have my credit cards been used fraudulently. So, in my personal opinion, I think it's safe.

From Yahoo! Chiebukuro

Personal information is encrypted with SSL technology

As a supplement to safety, personal information entered at Vera & John Casino is encrypted and strictly protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 256-bit communication. Therefore, personal information and card information will not be leaked or stolen.

Vera & John Casino on its cheating reputation

For the time being, I want to play at an online casino where I can feel safe. This is already Vera John's choice. Vera John, who has gained recognition in the on-casino area, loses more money by cheating and losing trust than it gains by cheating. So everyone, let's drop money to Vera & John with confidence.

Vera & John Casino is pretty big and there is no legal cheating.


Vera&John's bonus card drawer. I don't know how many times I've pulled, but 90% of them are $0. It's one in five. Completely cheating.

Vera & John Casino is cheating

There seem to be two opinions on Twitter as to whether or not Vera&John Casino is cheating.

Let's check if cheating can happen at Vera & John Casino.

RGN (random number generator) installed in all games

“Our online gambling games use a Random Number Generator (RNG), a system that randomly generates numbers.”

Vera & John HP (

As mentioned above, the games handled by Vera & John Casino are equipped with RGN (Random Number Generator). RGN is an acronym for Random Number Generator, a system for randomly generating numbers to keep the game fair and useful to prevent cheating.

Vera&John Casino is also licensed by the Curacao Government, a Dutch territory. This means that it has passed a strict examination, and even after obtaining it, it will be under surveillance, so if cheating is taking place, it will be difficult to continue to hold the license.

thereforeCheating is not done at Vera & John Casinocan be said.

This safety seems to be the reason why beginners choose Vera & John Casino as their first casino.

Vera & John Casino Profitable Reputation

It's more profitable to play Vera&John than pachinko

Vera & John's baccarat is a dollar box and it's +6000 yen in 20 minutes

Vera John Casino is too good ... Corona refrain from going out, but if you keep going as it is during that period, you can earn 1 million

I highly recommend Vera & John Casino. $1010 now! I withdrew $700, so the total is $1700 plus! Conversely I'm worried that I can earn so much in 3 days after starting

“$353 → $501 I misunderstood the screenshot, but after winning about $170 in slots, I reached $500 in baccarat!!

I tried to pick up the voice of joy that made money at Vera John Casino.

About Vera & John Casino's Can't-Win Reputation

I started Vera & John but I can't win at all (crying) Someone please help me (crying)

I really can't win! Vera & John Casino

Does that mean that Vera&John can only win by doing it steadily?

Can Vera & John Casino win in the end?

Players at Vera & John Casino are full of voices of joy and sorrow, "I can win", "I can't win", "I can make money", and "I can't make money". However, since it is gambling, it is quite natural that some people win and some people do not. Of course, the casino side is also a business, so it is true that it is made to make a profit. This mechanism incorporates a return rate (payout rate) and a deduction rate (house edge).

What is the return rate (payout rate)?

The payout percentage is the percentage of the player's wager that the casino will pay out.

Example: If the return rate (payout rate) is 90%, and the player bets 10,000 yen, 9,000 yen will be returned as a dividend.

By the way, online casinos are known for their high return rate (payout rate) compared to other gambling. Below is a chart of the return rate (payout rate).

gamblingReturn rate (payout rate)
online casino97%
pachinko slot85%
horse racing76%

As you can see, the return rate (payout rate) of online casinos is set quite high compared to other gambling.

What is the deduction rate (house edge)?

The deduction rate (house edge) refers to the percentage of fees that the casino collects for operating expenses.

The main reason for the high return rate (payout rate) of online casinos is that they do not require capital investment because they are operated on the Internet.

If you want to win at Vera & John Casino, choose a game with a high return rate (payout rate)

The return rate (payout rate) varies depending on the game, but you can check the value on the game. If you want to win at Vera John Casino, play games with a high return rate (payout rate).

Well, at the end, we picked up the top 3 items from the good and bad reviews of Vera & John Casino. If you check both, you should be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of playing Vera John Casino.

Check deposit methods at Vera&John Casino

Vera & John Casino 5 good reviews

① Fast deposit and withdrawal

Both withdrawals and deposits are very fast. There are many types of games, so you can easily choose what you want to play.

Ask Gambler

I applied for Vera&John withdrawal and got VP in 20 minutes. already!

It is excellent to withdraw from the bank in 2 days

Vera&John has a reputation for the speed of deposits and withdrawals, as well as the abundance of options. Bank remittance is also supported, and the withdrawal speed seems to be faster than other casinos.

② There are many types of games

After the pachinko parlor is closed, you can enjoy Vera & John Casino ☆ It's too much fun with over 700 kinds of games!

Vera&John, you have a wide variety of games, and it's good that you can play them easily. Easy to play online casino

Vera John has more than 1,800 games, and more than 1,000 slots alone. This casino is perfect for those who want to play different games.

Bonushave loose withdrawal conditions

Vera & John Casino! I recommend it because you can get a bonus and the withdrawal conditions are loose. 

I've been able to live this month thanks to Onkaji, but Vera&John's bonus withdrawal conditions are loose, so it's amazing...

Vera John Casino bonus withdrawal conditions are set to 20 times, which is relatively loose.

Click here for Vera & John Casino withdrawal instructions

Vera & John Casino Bad Reviews Top 3

①Account authentication is troublesome and slow

Vera&John...Account verification never completes. I want to withdraw quickly. I'm waiting another week.

Vera&John account verification is really slow

Vera&John's account verification is troublesome. It looks pretty good, but it's blurry, so send it all over again. this is the second time

The most common bad reviews on Twitter were the strictness and slowness of the account verification process. If any necessary information is missing, you will need to resend it, and if the photo is even slightly blurry it will not be accepted.

Also, account verification is usually completed within 72 hours (within 3 days), but it seems that some people are waiting longer...

②Suddenly an unsolicited phone call comes!

I just got a call from Vera&John. I saw it on Twitter, but... sweat I want you to stop calling me.

I was scared to suddenly get a call from Vera & John Casino without notification. Notice of deposit bonus. I got an anonymous call, so I thought, what is this guy?

I've received several calls from an unknown caller, and I was scared, but now that they've called me, I made up my mind and answered the call, and it turned out to be Vera&John Casino.

There were many voices saying that they felt scared when they suddenly received unsolicited phone calls.

If you left the box above checked when you registered, you could certainly get a call.

If you do not want to receive campaign information by phone, please check the cancellation method from here.

③ Unexpected account freeze! ?

When I applied for Vera John withdrawal, I was asked to confirm my identity and was frozen. I received an email that it would be canceled as soon as the review was completed in 72 hours, but I'm worried if it will really be canceled in 72 hours or if I can withdraw money.

Come to think of it, at Vera & John Casino, I created a duplicate account and it was frozen, and I sent the cancellation documents, but I haven't heard anything.

Account freeze is a scary thing for players, isn't it? Basically, your account will not be frozen unless you have committed a violation, but your account may be frozen for the following reasons.

  1. There is an error or false information in personal information such as name, address, telephone number
  2. have multiple accounts
  3. Placed a double bet (tier bet)
  4. stacking bonuses

If your account has been suspended without any of these violations, please contact support immediately. Once the account is verified (submission of required documents), the freeze on the account will be lifted.

What do you think? Based on user feedback, we found that Vera&John Casino is one of the safest online casinos to use. will continue to introduce casinos that you can use with peace of mind, so be sure to check it out before playing a new casino.

If you want to try it for the first time right away, get a $35 no deposit bonus from the banner below!

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