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Overview of Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx is a video slot game developed by NetEnt.

of the latest versionIt has been released until Butterfly Staxx2,Butterfly Staxx is also a perennial favourite.

Also, since it supports not only PC but also mobile, you can play anytime you like from your smartphone or tablet terminal.

In this articleBasic information such as how to play and features of Butterfly Staxx will be introduced.

Basic information about Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx launched in 2017NetEntis a video slot released by

The reel layout of Butterfly Staxx is 5 x 4, with a total of 20 symbols and 40 paylines. The number of paylines is quite high compared to other video slots.

RTP is 96.8% and MAX WIN is 240x. The minimum bet per spin is $0.40 and the maximum bet is $400. You can select a coin value from 0.01 to 2.00 and a level from 1 to 10.

The symbols of Butterfly Staxx include wild symbols, scatter symbols, high payout symbols of butterflies and 3 kinds of flower symbols, and low payout symbols of 4 letters of the alphabet.

You can check the payout when each symbol is lined up 3 or more in the "Game rules" in the game.

In addition, it features an automatic play function that allows you to choose from 10 to 1000 times and a MAX BET function that allows you to bet the maximum bet amount with a single click.

Contents of Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx is a laid-back nature-themed video slot.

The graphics of flowers in full bloom and butterflies flying around the screen are very beautiful, and the background is designed with a dim sky from dusk to night.

Especially when you win with the butterfly symbol, the butterfly will shine and fly away, so it's very beautiful. And the sound of a relaxing atmosphere is adopted as BGM.

in this wayButterfly Staxx is a video slot that focuses on graphics, so you can enjoy the video with the slot, especially from women.

Butterfly Staxx wins prizes when you land 3 or more symbols on a payline. There are 40 paylines, which makes it relatively easy to win.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to aim for high dividends because there is no multiplier or jackpot.

Therefore, rather than high rollers, this video slot is recommended for beginners and those who want to earn money while playing leisurely.

How to enter the bonus round of Butterfly Staxx?

Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers a bonus stage called Butterfly Spins (Scatter symbols do not have to line up on a payline).

In the bonus stage, free spins are awarded and you can spin for free.

The number of free spins awarded is as follows and depends on the number of landed scatter symbols.

If you have 3 scatter symbols5 free spins
If you have all 4 scatter symbols6 free spins
If you have all 5 scatter symbols7 free spins

During butterfly spins, all symbols become cocoons. Then, the cocoons stopped on the reel randomly become butterflies, and the butterflies are attracted to the left rail.

These butterfly symbols are fixed, so more and more butterfly symbols are left behind with each spin. Therefore, the later you go, the easier it is to win.

The butterfly is a high-paying symbol, and you can get 2 coins for 2, 15 coins for 3, 30 coins for 4 and 60 coins for 5. Therefore, it is an opportunity for big wins and mega wins.

Features of Butterfly Staxx

hereIntroducing the features of Butterfly Staxx.

Also the latest versionAlso take a look at the new features added to Butterfly Staxx2.

Butterfly Staxx features 1. Respin feature

Butterfly Staxx has a respin feature. This respins feature occurs when the butterfly symbol lands all over the reels.

On respins, butterfly symbols gather on the left rail as sticky symbols. If even one butterfly stops on the next spin, the respin will continue.

This respin will continue until no more butterfly symbols appear, and you can win the maximum payout when all the symbols become butterflies.

Features of Butterfly Staxx2 2. Latest features

Butterfly Staxx andButterfly Staxx 2 (Butterfly Staxx 2) does not have much difference in basic points such as layout and graphics, but 2 adds a bonus stage called Butterfly Frenzy.

In Butterfly Frenzy, 10 butterflies are randomly selected from multiple butterflies flying on the screen. Prize money is determined for each butterfly, so you can win the prize money for the selected butterfly.

Also, if there is a "stage upgrade" among the selected butterflies, you can proceed to another stage with a higher prize, and you can select 10 more butterflies.

In the first stage, the prize is 10-40 coins, but when you go to the maximum stage 5, the prize increases to 75-125 coins.

You can expect big prizes in both stages, but Butterfly Frenzy is a better choice as it offers more guaranteed prizes.

If you want to try Butterfly Frenzy,Not just Butterfly Staxx, but BAlso play Butterfly Staxx2.

List of online casinos where you can play Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx is available at the following online casinos: All of these online casinos have Australian sites, so anyone can easily create an account.

Vera & John Casino
Inter Casino
Casino trip
cherry casino
casino x
lucky casino
casino secret
Lucky Nicky
bit casino

Summary of Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx is a series of popular video slots developed by NetEnt. While many video slots are designed for men,Butterfly Staxx features beautiful graphics centered on flowers and butterflies, and is popular with women.

There are no jackpots or multipliers, but it's easy to get into the bonus stage, so you can win prizes steadily.

Butterfly Staxx is available at many online casinos that support Australian, so be sure to give it a try.

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