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As a casino winning method, there is a system betting that advances bets according to the rules. With this system betting, you will be able to adjust your bets to minimize risk and aim for high profits.

There are various system betting methods such as the Martingale method and the Monte Carlo method, but among them, the Parley method is particularly known as an aggressive system betting.

In this article, we will discuss the parley method in detail. The parlay system is a simple system betting that is easy to use even for beginners, so let's thoroughly understand how to do it in this article.

Overview of the Palay Act

The parlay system is a system betting also known as the reverse martingale system. The Martingale system doubles your bet when you lose. Parley, on the other hand, doubles your bet when you win.

If you are winning in a row, increase the bet amount. And if you lose, you go back to your original bet.

When using the parlay method, your stake will increase or decrease as follows:

1st game2nd game3rd game4th game5th game6th game7th game8th game
1 dollar2 dollars4 dollars$8$16$321 dollar2 dollars

In the parlay method, the winning points are not fixed, so you decide when to stop the game. Quit the game depending on your bankroll and the profit earned. It seems that professional players often reset the parley method once after winning 3 to 5 consecutive wins.

Also, there is no fixed initial bet amount. Therefore, you can start the parley method with any amount you like according to your funds. However, since the amount of money rises quickly in the parley method, if you set a large amount at the beginning, if you win in a row, the table limit will be reached immediately and the parley method will not be able to continue.

The parlay method is one of the more aggressive types of system betting, and is recommended when you want to make a big profit with a small amount of money. Or, it is also recommended for high rollers who want to aim for high dividends.

<H2>Is the parley law prohibited in casinos?

Land casinos basically prohibit the use of betting systems such as the parley law. This is because if many players use system betting, the profits of the casino side will be greatly reduced. That is why system betting is so effective.

At land-based casinos, the dealer can see your hand, so if you are using some kind of betting system such as taking notes, it will be exposed. The parlay method is so simple that you can do the calculations in your head, but the way you set your bets will likely catch the dealer's attention.

If you are caught using system betting, not only will your game be canceled, but your winnings may be confiscated and you may even be banned from entering the casino. Land casinos also have hidden cameras, etc., and they are thorough in dealing with rule violations, so it is better not to use the parley law.

The parley method can be used at online casinos!

In a land-based casino, the parlay method cannot be used because the dealer is in front of you.

However, since online casinos are against the computer, you are free to use the parlay method to play the game. Even if the live casino game is broadcast live with the actual land casino, the image of the player will not be displayed, so there is no problem using the parley method while taking notes freely.

Online casinos do not prohibit the use of system betting in their terms of service, so even if the dealer finds out that the parlay method is used from the betting amount, it will not be a big problem.

List of casino games that can use the parley law

The Martingale system is only available for games with 50% wins, i.e. games with double payouts.

Casino games with double payouts include baccarat, sic bo big and small, blackjack, craps, roulette red and black, odd and even numbers.

Also, the Parley method should be used in games of "independent events". "Independent event" means that the previous game does not affect the outcome of the next game.

For example, if playing cards are used, the next game is played with the remaining cards from the previous game, so the outcome of the game depends in no small way on the outcome of the previous game. This means that even games with double payouts can have a win rate of less than 50%. In this case, the Parley method cannot be used.

Also, the parlay method cannot be used in games with different win rates such as video slots and poker.

Parlay Application – How to Bet on Blackjack

Here we will show you how to use the parley method in blackjack, a game with double payouts.

Simulation 1. In the case of 7 wins and 3 losses

Here we introduce a simulation of 7 wins and 3 losses using the parley method in blackjack. For simplicity, the initial bet is $1.

number of gameswagervictory or defeatdividendprofit and loss
First time1 dollarwin2 dollarsplus $1
Second time2 dollarswin4 dollarsplus $3
Third time4 dollarswin$8+$7
5th time$16win$32+$31
6th time$32lose$0-1 dollar
7th time1 dollarwin$0$0
8th time2 dollarslose4 dollars-$2
9th time1 dollarlose$0-$3
10th time2 dollarswin4 dollars-1 dollar

In this simulation, I was able to win 5 games in a row at the beginning, so I was able to increase my profit to 31 dollars at one time, but I lost the next game, so all my profit was lost at once. .

This is the most important feature of the Parley method. With the parlay method, the more you win in a row, the more profit you can accumulate, but if you lose even one, all the profit you have made so far will be lost. Therefore, the trick of the parley method is to stop the game at the right time without being greedy when you win in a row.

Since the number of losses increases after the 6th game, the final profit and loss is -1 dollar. With the parlay method, if the initial bet is small, even if you lose in a row, your profit and loss will not increase. Also, those gains and losses can be easily recovered with just two or three wins.

The number of wins and losses is irrelevant in the Parlay method. Whether you can get a profit or not depends on when you win or lose.

Simulation 2. In the case of 5 wins and 5 losses

In this simulation, we will see how the funds will move if we lose 5 in a row at the beginning and win 5 in a row in the second half.

number of gameswagervictory or defeatdividendprofit and loss
First time1 dollarlose$0−$1
Second time1 dollarlose$0−$2
Third time1 dollarlose$0−$3
4th1 dollarlose$0−$4
5th time1 dollarlose$0−$5
6th time1 dollarwin2 dollars−$4
7th time2 dollarswin4 dollars−$2
8th time4 dollarswin$8plus $2
9th time$8win$16+$10
10th time$16win$32+$26

In this simulation, we lost 5 games in a row at the beginning, so our losses have increased. However, since the initial bet is $1, even if you lose 5 games in a row, your profit and loss is only -$5.

In the second half, we have a winning streak, so we are finally able to earn a profit. Lost $5 in the first 5 games has already been recovered by the end of the 8th game. In this way, it is easy to make a profit with the parlay method, that is, it is easy to recover the profit and loss.

Simulation 3. Combining Martingale and Parley

The Parley system is most often used alone, but it is sometimes used in conjunction with the Martingale system.

This is to switch to the Martingale method when you are using the Parley method and have continued to lose. This will allow you to recover your losses more quickly.

number of gameswagervictory or defeatdividendprofit and losssystem betting
First time1 dollarwin2 dollarsplus $1parley law
Second time2 dollarswin4 dollarsplus $3parley law
Third time4 dollarswin$8+$7parley law
4th$8lose$0−$1parley law
5th time1 dollarlose$0−$2parley law
6th time2 dollarslose$0−$4martingale system
7th time4 dollarslose$0-$8martingale system
8th time$8lose$0−$16martingale system
9th time$16win$32$0martingale system
10th time1 dollarwin2 dollarsplus $1parley law
11th time2 dollarswin4 dollarsplus $3parley law
12th time4 dollarslose$0−$1parley law
13th time1 dollarlose$0−$2parley law
14th time2 dollarslose$0−$4martingale system
15th time4 dollarswin$8$0martingale system

In this simulation, we have changed the system betting that is used, such as the parley method when winning streaks, and the martingale method when losing streaks. As you can see from the table above, the Martingale system allows you to recover all your losses with a single win. And if you switch to Parley in your next game, you'll be profitable right away.

By combining Parley and Martingale in this way, you get the best of both worlds.

However, the Martingale system has the disadvantage that the bet amount will increase when the losing streak continues. Therefore, when using the martingale system, it is important to prepare enough funds in advance so as not to cut losses due to lack of funds on the way.

What is parlay loss cut?

There is no loss cut timing in the parlay method. As simulations prove, the parley method does not allow large losses as long as the initial bet is small. So even if you have limited funds, as long as you keep your initial bet small, you should never have to cut your losses.

Rather, it is recommended that you continue the parley method when the loss has increased and recover the loss amount with a few wins.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Parley method

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the parley method.

Advantages of Parlay method 1. Anyone can easily practice

The best advantage of the parley method is that the rules are simple and anyone can practice it. The parlay method has only one simple rule: double the bet if you win, so you can use it while calculating in your head without using paper or pens.

It is very simple compared to other betting systems such as Monte Carlo method and Fibonacci sequence method, so it is recommended for beginners.

Merits of Parlay method 2. can be done with less money

In the parlay method, if you lose in a row, you just keep betting your first bet. Therefore, you can start with a small amount of money because the bet will not rise at once.

If you win in a row, the bet amount will increase, but in that case you will only be able to hit the dividends up to the previous time, so there is no problem even if the initial funds are small.

3. Advantages of Parley method can make money in a short time

The parley method doubles your bet when you win, so you can make a profit in a short time if you win a few times in a row. Many other system betting have low returns, but the parley method is an aggressive style, so you can earn efficiently in a short time.

Therefore, it is suitable for those who have earned profits efficiently rather than enjoying the game itself.

Disadvantages of the parley method 1. All profits are lost with one loss

In the parlay system, the bet amount is increased, so the payout amount is also increased if you win. However, it also means that one loss amount is large when losing at the same time. Therefore, with the parlay method, if you lose once, all your profits will be lost.

It is theoretically impossible to lose forever in a game with double payouts. Therefore, even if you keep winning, you will always lose at some point. Therefore, it is important not to be too greedy with the parley method, but to reset the parley method at the appropriate time and take profits regularly.

It would be a good idea to make a rule to reset the parley method after how many consecutive wins you have.

Disadvantages of Parley method 2. reaching the table limit

Table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat have limits on how much you can bet per game. This is what we call the table limit.

If you win in a row quickly with parley, the stakes will grow quickly. And once the wager reaches this table limit, the game cannot be continued. If the table limit is reached, there is no loss for the player as the parlay law is reset there and the profit is taken. However, this table limit becomes a bottleneck for high rollers who want to aim for higher payouts.

Therefore, if you want to aim for a high payout, we recommend that you choose a table for high rollers with a high table limit in advance.

Summary of Palay Law

The parley method is an aggressive winning method among system betting, and the more you win, the more profit you can make. Also, since the loss amount does not suddenly increase greatly, it is a recommended system betting for low risk and high return.

The parlay method is a very simple system betting that even beginners can use immediately, so be sure to use it when playing games with double dividends such as roulette red-black, blackjack, and baccarat.

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