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Let's see what kind of casino the stake casino is ♪

Stake casino is the official partner of mixed martial arts UFC and the main sponsor of club teams in the English Premier League.

Online casino based in Australia, licensed by Dutch Curacao.

In addition to slots, you can bet on more than 30 sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, mixed martial arts, and boxing, and you can also enjoy live betting.

The casino opened in 2017 and the Australian site launched in 2023, so it is still a new impression for Australian players.

In this review, while introducing the reputation and features of the stake casino, we will tell you whether it is comfortable to use, whether the support is solid, and whether there are great promotions and VIP systems.

Stake casino recommendations

Enjoy chatting with other players

The biggest feature of Stake is that it has a public chat room. You can enjoy the game while exchanging information with other players. There are also coins that are thrown randomly, so there is no doubt that it will be exciting!

Full promotion

There are plenty of promotions unique to stakes that are UFC partners and football team sponsors. The event where you can have a tie-up with Stake's president Eddie is also very popular ♪

High rollers can enjoy with no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals

There are no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, so high rollers can rest assured. Please note that the fee varies depending on the virtual currency.

Stake casino reputation verified from word of mouth

If you are thinking about playing a new stake casino, what you are interested in is the reputation of the players!

Since the Australian site has just been launched, not many reviews have been posted yet, but I will pick up some positive and negative reviews from Twitter.

Wonder Casino Good Reviews

Stake original is interesting 😂 but the number of slot models may be by far. It will be more fun as the VIP level rises 😏 Virtual currency specialized stake casino

that? I feel that the stake casino is easy to use. Is virtual currency play unexpectedly good?

The positive feedback I have seen at Stake Casino is that the site is easy to use. As the president of Oncasimania made it, it is a site that is well thought of by users. In addition to this, there are plenty of original games, and there are voices such as easy because there is no account authentication.

Wonder Casino Bad Reviews

I want to play a stake casino, but it's only virtual currency 🤔 Hmmm

One of the negative points of stake casinos is that at this stage, payments can only be made in virtual currency.

I asked if there is a possibility of incorporating online payment etc. into support in the future, but there is nothing that can be announced at this stage.

As soon as new payment methods are added, we will also introduce them here.

stake casino promotions

The stakes casino is full of unique promotions that are unique to this casino.

Here are some of the promotions we offer.

stake casino deposit bonus

President of Stake Casino and Tyman Stake vs President Eddie

A campaign where you can fight against Eddie, the CEO of a stake casino and the president of Slot Rubber himself.

The president Eddie will play the specified game for only 1 hour, and the bet ID of the highest multiplier put out in it will be posted.

Over the course of the week, if you beat Eddie's multiplier, you'll share the $11,000 total prize pool with other winners.

Peterborough vs Manchester City Refund if Peterborough scores

Stake-sponsored Peterborough United FC will play Manchester City in March 2023.

In order to support Peterborough with all stake players, we will hold a promotion where you can receive a maximum refund of $ 50 if Peterborough decides the score.

Stake x UFC Split Judgment Insurance

If you bet on the UFC win market and lose by split decision, your stake will be refunded.

All of these campaigns are unique to Stake.

Stake Casino Public Chat

Stake casinos have public chat rooms where users can chat with each other.

In addition to Australian and English, you can select various languages ​​and chat with players from all over the world.

Additionally, once an hour, there is a random rainbot tip.

Participation in the chat room requires a $500 wagering requirement.

Only players who have bet $4000 or more in the last 7 days have a chance to tip.

About Stake Casino VIP Rank

Stake Casino offers a 10-level VIP program.

About VIP rank up

Stake's VIP program consists of 10 tiers, with clear criteria for ranking up.

VIP levelRank up condition
Platinum II$500,000
Platinum III$1,000,000
Platinum IV$$2,500,000
Platinum V$5,000,000
Platinum VI$10,000,000

For example, if a player is Bronze level and wants to rank up to Silver, $50,000 (Silver requirement) - $10,000 (Bronze requirement) = $40,000 is the wager required to level up.

Benefits of the VIP program

level up bonus

The VIP level up bonus is a bonus that you receive when you are promoted, and it will be paid at all levels.

Rakeback (Bronze and above)

Rakeback returns 10% of the house edge for every bet, win or loss.

Weekly Boost (Bronze and above)

For Weekly Boost, the base amount is set according to the VIP level, and the total bet amount for the past 7 days is added to the base amount. Boosts will be paid out every Saturday at 12:30pm GMT. Adaptation level is Bronze or higher.

monthly bonus (bronze or better

Monthly bonus for Bronze level and above. Amounts are calculated based on your VIP level and bets made in the last 30 days. The payment date is usually around the 15th.

Reload (Platinum or higher)

Reloads are bonuses that can be claimed every 10 minutes, daily or monthly. Platinum level can claim the bonus once per day. The amount of the bonus is calculated based on the bet amount for 7-14 days, plus additional amount if the profit for the previous 7-14 days is negative.

VIP host (Platinum IV or above)

Members with a VIP rank of Platinum IV level or higher will be assigned a dedicated VIP host.

Stake casino deposit and withdrawal methods

Stake Casino accepts bank transfers, electronic payments and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. There are no limits on the amount you can deposit or withdraw.

bank transfer
tiger pay
match better
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ripple (XRP)
Tron (TRX)

How to register at Stake Casino

Signing up for a stake casino is super easy!

Click the "Register" button on the upper right to display the registration screen.




email address

Just type in the 4 types of information!

After this, you will receive the above "Email Authentication Guide" to your registered email address.

XXXXXX! Verify your email for unrestricted access!

Click “Verify E-mail” below the email to complete verification.

Registration completed in 30 seconds

Stake casino deposit methods

Before you can make a deposit at Stake Casino, you will need to enter your personal details.

·Full name

·Country of Citizenship


Please enter

Select the currency you want to use.

Send only the amount you want to deposit from your virtual currency account to the displayed address.

The money will be credited to your account within 10 minutes.

Confirm the deposit amount in Australian yen (legal currency)

After depositing, the amount of the deposited virtual currency will be displayed, but it can also be displayed after converting it to Australian yen or dollars. Here are the steps.

Click on the deposit amount to see a list of currencies.

Turn on display with fiat.

Click the currency you want to convert.

It is now displayed in Australian Yen.

stake casino withdrawal fees

When withdrawing at stake casinos, different fees will be charged depending on the cryptocurrency you are using.

Fees vary depending on the withdrawal amount, so please see the above figures as a guide.

currencyMinimum withdrawal amountcommission
Bitcoin (BTC)0.0005 BTC (about 1,996 yen) 0.00007 BTC (about 279 yen)
Ethereum (ETH)0.01 ETH (about 2,700 yen)0.002 ETH (about 537 yen)
Litecoin (LTC)0.1LTC (about 1,092 yen)0.0005 LTC (about 5.5 yen)
Dogecoin (DOGE)50 DOGE (about 644 yen) 1.5 DOGE (about 19.32 yen)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)0.04 BCH (about 1,215 yen)0.00001 BCH (about 0.3 yen)
Ripple (XRP)30 XRP (about 2,175 yen) 0.0001 XRP (about 0.0072 yen)
Tron (TRX)250 TRX (about 1,630 yen)1 TRX (about 6.52 yen)
EOS2 EOS (about 453 yen) 0.1 EOS (about 22.6 yen)

*The amount converted to Australian yen was calculated on February 24, 2023.

Stake casino identity verification (account verification)

I contacted support regarding account verification.

“Level 1 is required, but basically no further certification is required.

In the unlikely event that something is wrong with your account, we may ask for verification. ”

I received a reply.

What is level 1

It is the registration of personal information required at the time of deposit.

By the way, level 2 is submission of identification, level 3 is submission of address proof, level 4 is confirmation of funding sources.

stake casino games

Stake Casino offers more than 3,000 types of games with a total of 34 providers, from major players such as Netent and Play'Go to Big Time Gaming and Yggdrasil gaming, which have created slots popular with Australian players. .

Slot games you can play at stake casinos

A stake casino with 3078 titles as of February 2023 for slots alone. Original games and limited slots developed by Stake! The search screen also allows you to search for games by provider name.

Live games available at stake casino

Stake Casino offers over 50 live games from Evolution, Pragmatic play and PLAY TECH.

Sports betting you can play at stake casino

Sports betting allows you to bet on over 30 different sports, including soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball and rugby.

Live betting is also available, so why not bet while enjoying your favorite sports match?

Stake original game

There are a total of 17 original games developed independently by Stake. You can also enjoy table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.

About stake casino operation and licensing

Stake Casino is licensed and operated by the Dutch Curacao Government.

stake casino support

Stake Casino supports live support in Australian and is open 24/7.

If you have a lot of questions, feel free to email me.

email address: [email protected]

Stake Casino FAQ

Do stake casinos have apps?

Stake Casino does not have an app.

Can I play Stake Casino on my smartphone?

Stake casinos can also be played on smartphones.

At a stake casino, you can play not only slots but also sports bets! You can also place live bets on the game during the match♪
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.0 Comprehensive evaluation
Stake casino comprehensive review [2023 latest]
4.0 rating