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Baccarat is a casino game with simple rules that is very popular all over the world, especially in Asia.

The probability of winning is almost 50%, just like predicting the front and back of the coin, and it is popular with a wide range of casino beginners and core fans. "Live Baccarat Game" introduced this time allows you to easily play such baccarat on your computer or smartphone.

Live Baccarat Game is a game provided by live casino giant Evolution Gaming that allows you to play baccarat in real time through live streaming videos.

Evolution Gaming, one of the most trusted companies in the live casino field, is characterized by the fact that you can experience as if you are playing in a real casino with realistic images.

In addition to live casinos, online casinos also offer baccarat against computers. The biggest difference between a live casino and a computer is that the dealer is real. In particular, the performance of "squeezing", which is also the real pleasure of baccarat, is big, and there is no doubt that you will be excited when you bet big.

Also, just like in a real casino, if you don't want to play, you can just watch the game without betting.

Live Baccarat Game Rules

The rules of the Live Baccarat Game are the same as regular baccarat, so let's take a quick look here.

The rule itself is simple, ``expect which of the player's and banker's hands is closer to 9''. Two cards (or three depending on the conditions) are dealt mechanically, so the probability of who wins is 1/2.

Cards are counted from 1 to 9 for "A to 9" respectively. "10 and face cards" count as 0. If the total number of cards in your hand is 10 or more, you will win with the first digit number. For example, if your hand is "8 of spades and 4 of diamonds", it means "2".

As a result of counting the numbers in this way, bet on whether the player or the banker will be closer to 9. If you win, you get double your bet cashback, but be careful when expecting the banker to win. Earlier, I said that the third card would be dealt depending on the conditions, but this condition gives the banker a slight advantage. Therefore, if the banker wins, he will get cash back minus a 5% commission.

There are also other ways to bet. "Tie" predicts a draw, and the dividend is 8 times. ``Pair'' predicts that the cards dealt will be paired like ``8 of spades, 8 of hearts'', and if you specify the player and banker, the dividend will be 11 times, and if you do not specify it, the dividend will be 5 times.

It is also attractive that you can aim for a quick get rich like this.

Why We Recommend Live Baccarat Game

There are two reasons for recommending Live Baccarat Game.

First of all, "enjoy the feeling of a real casino".

Live Baccarat Game mainly has tables called 'Baccara' and 'Baccara Squeeze', both of which are dealers dressed in red clothes. There is no difference in the rules, but in "Baccara Squeeze" you can enjoy "squeeze", which is the real thrill of baccarat. The effect of slowly flipping from both sides is just like a real casino.

And the other is that it is "simple yet profound".

Baccarat is a little complicated in how to deal cards, but the game itself has two choices of who wins. The rules are simple, so even beginners can enjoy it. On the other hand, there are some advanced players who use ruled lines and percentages to predict the next win or loss, so there is also a deep side to this game.

The ruled lines are the "win/loss history" displayed on the left and right sides of the screen, and which of the player or the banker won is displayed with 〇. For example, if a player has 4 circles in a row, the banker is likely to come next.

Percentages, on the other hand, show the ratio of player and banker bets, so you can see which side the people playing at the same time are betting on.

Although it is a simple game with a probability of 1/2, the point is that it can be enjoyed by a wide range of players from beginners to connoisseurs because you can have your own strategy and way of playing.

Strategy of Live Baccarat Game

Here, apart from the ruled lines and percentages introduced earlier, the "martingale method" "parlay methodI will introduce a strategy that is compatible with the game with a probability of 1/2.

First of all, the Martingale system is a strategy of "double betting until you win". If you lose $1, you bet $2, and if you lose again, you bet $4. The advantage of this strategy is that once you win, you can make up for your previous losses. It is suitable for those who do not want to lose money.

And another barley method is a strategy of 'putting all the profits when winning into the next game'.

If the winning streak continues, you will get rich quickly, but even if you lose, you will only lose the principal, and you can hedge the risk. It is suitable for those who want to make profit even if they take some risk.

Both strategies are famous and have been used in casinos for a long time, but of course they are not absolute strategies. With the martingale method, if you run out of funds before you win, you will lose a lot of money, and with the barley method, you will not make a profit unless you have a winning streak. However, it is worth trying if you have not established your own strategy because you can reduce the risk rather than continuing to bet blindly.

List of online casinos where you can play the Live Baccarat Game

Live Baccarat Game can be played at many online casinos, but here are some of them.

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Vera & John Casino
cherry casino
Casino X
Lucky Nicky
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jackpot city casino
Casino X
cherry casino

Summary of Live Baccarat Game

"Live Baccarat Game" where you can enjoy real baccarat through your computer or smartphone. Although the rules are simple, it is possible to increase the amount of money greatly, and it is loved by many players in Australia.

You can play at many online casinos, so if you are interested, please try it once. Just be careful not to play too much. Baccarat means "bankruptcy" in Italian. The probability of winning is 1/2, so even if you lose, you will want to take it back. You can play even from $ 1, so let's play within the range you can afford.

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