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Overview of Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) is a video slot provided by Big Time Gaming. A new type of video slot that combines Monopoly and slots, which were once all the rage all over the world, and you can enjoy two games in one.

In this article Big Time Gaming(Introduces the basic rules and features of Monopoly Megaways.

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) basic information

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) is a video slot released in 2019 by leading software provider Big Time Gaming. The biggest feature is that it is based on the theme of Monopoly, which was all the rage in the 1930s.

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) consists of 6 reels, with 2 to 7 symbols landing on each reel. With 7 symbols on all reels, the number of paylines increases to 117,649.

The minimum bet is 0.1, the maximum bet is 40, and the RTP is 96.39%.

Monopoly MegawaysContents of (Monopoly Megaways)

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) is a video slot with a new sensation that fuses video slots and Monopoly.

The overall design is dominated by green, with the background of the slot featuring an urban landscape. And under the slot, a monopoly square is drawn, and a small uncle named Mr. Monopoly moves on it.

Another feature is that the sound of coins and the sound of cars are used as sound effects.

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) First, set the bet amount from the button called "STAKE" on the right side of the screen. You can choose your bet from 0.1 to 40. Once you have set your wager, hit the spin button below to start the game.

If 3 or more of the same symbols line up on the payline (2 or more for gold hats only), the player wins and gets a prize.

Monopoly MegawaysIn (Monopoly Megaways), you can set auto play from the setting screen. In addition to the number of spins, auto play can be set freely, such as until the loss amount and winnings reach a certain amount.

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) has 11 symbols. The symbols include the highest paying symbol, the Gold Hat, the medium paying symbols, the Gold Ship, Car and Horse, and the low paying symbols, 6 alphabets and numbers.

Wild symbols stop on reels 2 to 6. Wild symbols can be used as other symbols.

Monopoly MegawaysIn (Monopoly Megaways), you can get a bonus round or multiplayer depending on which square of Monopoly you land on, so the scatter symbol is not set.

The paytable is as follows.

In addition to the usual video slots, each win has a smaller payout. But with Monopoly Megaways' multiplayer features, it's possible to keep increasing these payouts.

 two in a rowthree in a rowfour in a row5 in a row6 in a row
gold hat symbol25102050
gold ship symbol0.4115
gold car symbol0.
gold horse symbol0.
Alphabet A0.
Alphabet K0.
Alphabet Q0.
Alphabet J

Monopoly MegawaysHow do I enter the bonus round (Monopoly Megaways)?

Monopoly MegawaysIn (Monopoly Megaways), when you win the 4th property, you enter the free spins bonus round. You can also advance to the bonus round when you stop on a chance card. In this case, you will receive 8 free spins.

In the free spins bonus round, you will get 1 free spin every time you win 5 or more properties. Alternatively, 1 free spin will be awarded when you stop on the square of the station you own.

The multiplier starts at 1x when the free bet bonus round starts. If you own a public works, you will add a multiplier to that amount.

When entering the free spins bonus round for the first time, there are only 8 free spins, but the second time is 11 times, the third time is 14 times, and the number of free spins that are given 3 times each time you enter the bonus round. It will increase.

During the free spins bonus round, Mr. Monopoly moves across the board with every win.

And when you stop on a real estate square, the multiplayer will increase by 1x.

If you stop at a station you own, you get 1 free spin.

If you land on GO the next spin will be Max Megaways (7 symbols appearing on all reels).

Multiplayer 1x is added when stopped in public works. If you own 2 public works, the additional multiplayer will be doubled.

If you stop on the community chest square, you will be randomly moved to the real estate square. If you stop at Chance, you will either be moved to a property square and get Max Megaways on the next spin or you can get 5 Free Spins.

When the free spins bonus round ends, you lose all stations and public works you currently own.

Monopoly MegawaysFeatures of (Monopoly Megaways)

Monopoly Megaways hereI will explain the squares of Monopoly in (Monopoly Megaways). In addition, I will explain the chain function, which is a feature of Monopoly Megaways.

Feature 1. Monopoly

There is a Monopoly board at the bottom of the screen, and Mr. Monopoly moves the mass on the board every time you win.

Monopoly squares include public works, real estate, stations, community chests, etc. Each square functions as follows.


When you stop on a station square for the first time, you can own that station.

If you land on a station square you own during the bonus round, you will get 1 free spin.

public works

When you stop on an Electricity or Water Utility utility square, you can own it.

If you land on a public works square you own during the bonus round, you'll get a 1x multiplier. If you own 2 public works, you get a 2x multiplier.


Once you land on a GO square, your next spin will be 11,649 ways of Max Begaways.

community chest

If you land on a Community Chest square, you will be randomly moved to a real estate square. And you can acquire 1 to 4 properties.


If you land on a chance square, you will be moved to a real estate square and get Max Megaways. And you can acquire up to 4 properties.

Alternatively, you can plunge into the bonus round.

Feature 2. Chain function

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) has a chaining feature that is the hallmark of Big Time Gaming. The chain function is a function in which when symbols line up and a payout is obtained, the winning symbol disappears and a new symbol appears.

New symbols appearing in this way can lead to more wins.

List of online casinos where you can play Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) can be played at the following online casinos:

Vera & John Casino
Lucky Nicky
william hill casino

Monopoly MegawaysSummary of (Monopoly Megaways)

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) is a unique game from Big Time Gaming that combines video slots and Monopoly. Monopoly Megaways where you can get multiplayer and bonuses by stopping on real estate and public works squaresIt can be said that it is an interesting point of (Monopoly Megaways).

Monopoly Megaways(Monopoly Megaways) is available at major online casinos that are also available in Australian, so let's play it.

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