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Some online casinos have a VIP system. With this VIP system, you can get better benefits than general users, and you will be able to enjoy online casinos more fun.

In this article, we will introduce the VIP system.

Online Casino VIP Program Overview

VIP system is a loyalty program offered by each online casino. By raising your status in this VIP system, you can get more benefits and get luxurious prizes.

The most important thing in the VIP system is to play a lot. This VIP status is basically based on how much you spend at the online casino and how much you deposit.

Some online casinos award points based on how much you play, and your status may be determined by the points you earn.

Therefore, if you aim for a higher status, you need to continuously use a certain amount or more at an online casino.

Some online casinos allow you to join the VIP program immediately after creating an account, while others allow you to join the VIP program after meeting certain conditions.

Also, some online casinos do not disclose any details about their VIP scheme. In this case, the online casino will send an invitation to the VIP system by email after the player has fulfilled certain conditions. In the case of invitation only, the details are not disclosed to anyone other than the target person.

If you are aiming for a higher status in the VIP program, it is important to focus on one online casino rather than playing at multiple online casinos.

As you progress through the VIP program, you will be able to receive benefits such as:

Priority withdrawal procedures
Bonus for VIP members only
Personalized support from a dedicated manager
Opportunity to win luxury prizes
cashback bonus
Tournaments for VIP members only

The specific structure and benefits of the VIP system vary greatly depending on the online casino. For details, please check the terms of use or contact customer support.

AlfCasino VIP system

AlfCasino has a loyalty program (VIP program).

AlfCasino's loyalty program earns loyalty points for every real money spent at the online casino, with 1 point awarded for every $100 spent on video slots. And if you get 100 points or more, you can exchange it for bonus money with a withdrawal requirement of 35 times.

There are five levels of VIP status, and as the level rises, alien characters such as Furama, Morbi, Terra, Tratax, and Rickidum will evolve.

And you can receive the following services for each level.

This VIP level is determined by the game play status for 30 days, the amount of deposits and withdrawals, etc.

If you haven't played for 30 days, your VIP level will automatically go to Level 1.

 rate of earning pointscash backWithdrawal limit/monthSupport from a personal account manager
level 1100:10$10,000None
level 295:10$10,000None
level 390:110%$12,000None
level 480:115%$15,000Yes
level 570:120%$20,000Yes

Paiza Casino New VIP Program

From September 2019, Paiza Casino offers a new VIP program.

This VIP program is divided into 5 levels, depending on the deposit and bet amount:

The VIP Star Rank evaluation period is from 0:00 (Australia time) on the 1st of each month to 23:59 (Australia time) at the end of each month, and the VIP Star Rank will be changed between the 1st and 3rd of the following month. . At the time of promotion, after changing the star rank, you will be notified by e-mail.

Paiza Casino's VIP program does not increase the benefits you can earn depending on your status, but rather increases the percentage of the amount refunded with cashback bonuses.

 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star
bet amount¥10,000,000¥50,000,000¥100,000,000
Deposit amount¥100,000¥500,000¥500,000¥1,000,000
rolling rate0.10%0.10%0.80%1.10%1.30%
Rolling chip limit/day¥30,000¥30,000¥50,000¥50,000¥50,000
cash back rate 3%5%6%7%10%
Maximum weekly cashback amount Without limitWithout limitWithout limitWithout limitWithout limit

What is a rolling tip

A rolling chip is a cashback that returns part of the amount you bet on the previous day.

Rolling chip is calculated by the following formula.

Previous day's bet amount x rolling rate%

If this amount is 1000 yen or more, it will be presented sequentially from 9:00 (Australia time) to 23:59 (Australia time) the next day.

What is weekly cashback?

Weekly cashback is cashback for total weekly losses, while rolling chips are cashback for daily bet amount.

Weekly cashback is calculated by the following formula.

Every Monday to Sunday (Bet amount - Win amount - Rolling chips - Various prizes and chips) x Cashback %

If this amount is 1000 yen or more, it will be presented sequentially from 12:00 (Australia time) on Tuesday of the following week.

Features of the VIP program

Here are the features of the VIP program.

Get support from a dedicated manager

One of the perks that many online casinos offer is the support of a dedicated manager.

With this dedicated manager's support, you can get an immediate answer when you have a problem, and you can receive special services such as depositing or withdrawing an amount that exceeds the maximum amount to or from an online casino. can do.

You can also prioritize the withdrawal process. In other words, with the support of a dedicated manager, you can be flexible when using the features of the online casino. It can be said that it is a special treatment only for VIP.

luxurious prizes

The VIP system offers luxurious prizes to players. Some of the prizes that have been offered in online casinos so far include:

- Invitation to land casino VIP lounge (air ticket & hotel included)

- Grand Slam tickets

- Return flight and hotel to Las Vegas

- Invitation to cruise ship

Acquisition conditions vary depending on each online casino, but you can get them, for example, when you win a VIP-only tournament.

Many online casinos do not disclose their VIP program standards

Not all online casinos publish information about their VIP program criteria. For example, Vera & John Casino and Kajitabi, which are popular online casinos among Australian people, do not disclose how much money to deposit or how much to bet to be certified as a VIP member.

If you are a high roller aiming for VIP status, it is recommended that you choose an online casino that has published VIP program information.

Paiza Casino, Live Casino House and Empire Casino are often mentioned as online casinos with a particularly good VIP program.

If you plan to spend a lot of money at an online casino, it is recommended that you register with an online casino that has a VIP program.

VIP program benefits

Here are the benefits of the VIP program.

Higher rate of return

With the VIP system, you get more benefits as your status increases. Many online casinos offer bonuses for VIP members only.

In other words, the higher the VIP status, the higher the return to the player. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy online casinos more profitably.

has its own table

Once you become a VIP, you can use VIP-only tables for live casino games and more. This VIP table is for high rollers, so you can play for big money.

For example, Empire Casino offers VIP baccarat exclusively for VIPs. This VIP baccarat has a minimum bet of $2,000. And the maximum bet amount is $60,000. The higher the stakes, the higher the return when you win.

This VIP-only table features games that can be played for high roller funds.

There are also private tables for VIPs only. Only one person can participate in one table at this private table.

VIP program notes

Here are some notes about the VIP program.

VIP status is not permanent

VIP status will be reviewed based on the period specified by each online casino, such as 1 month, 3 months, etc.

If you don't spend or deposit enough money during the VIP status review period, your VIP status may be lowered. Also, if you haven't played for a while, you may be removed from the VIP program.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your VIP status, you must always spend a certain amount or more at online casinos.

risk of overspending

Once you have achieved high status in the VIP program, you will have to keep depositing and playing at online casinos to maintain that status.

If you stick to your VIP status, you risk spending a lot of money at online casinos without even considering your own funds, and you risk eventually having financial problems.

Be careful as it can cause online casino addiction. The VIP program is basically for high rollers. Therefore, if you are a new online casino user or a general user, you should not worry too much about the VIP program.

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