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Overview of Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is a video slot released by Big Time Gaming in May 2019. It is a video slot with the motif of Starburst, which is said to be the “king of slot games”, and is characterized by the use of graphics for women with fruits.

Opal Fruits is not a progressive slot with a jackpot, but you can expect big payouts thanks to the multiplier feature. Therefore, it is also a recommended video slot for high rollers.

In this article, we will introduce the rules and features of Opal Fruits in detail.

Basic Information of Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is a video slot developed by Big Time Gaming, a leading software provider.

Unlike regular video slots, Opal Fruits features a "triple action" feature in which the main, top and bottom reels spin independently.

The top reel spins to the right, the middle wreath spins down, and the bottom reel spins left.

There are 4 symbols on the top and bottom reels, and the middle slot has a layout of 6 reels x 3 rows. And there are 5625 paylines in total.

Opal Fruits has a minimum bet of 0.1 and a maximum of 20. One of the features is that the maximum bet amount is set lower than other video slots. It also has an RTP of 96.75%, which is average for video slots.

In Opal Fruits, you can set auto play from the setting screen. In addition to the number of spins, auto play can be set freely, such as until the loss amount and winnings reach a certain amount.

Contents of Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is a space and fruit themed video slot. Some fruits appear in the symbols and the universe spreads out in the background of the slot. Colorful colors are also characteristic, such as the appearance of a wild symbol that shines in the rainbow.

In Opal Fruits, basically, the player wins when 3 or more symbols line up on the payline, and the prize money can be earned (only 2 or more grape symbols win dividends).

And Opal Fruits features the chaining feature that is a hallmark of Big Time Gaming's video slots.

The chain function is that when the symbols are lined up and the player wins, the symbol disappears and a new symbol appears. If the new symbol is chained with the same symbol again, you will win the payout again. Therefore, you can continue to earn dividends and accumulate prizes steadily.

How to enter the Opal Fruits bonus round?

Landing 4 scatter symbols on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus round. Each scatter symbol has an alphabet written on it, and when four symbols are displayed, it becomes the word FREE.

In the bonus round you can win 10 free spins. And the bonus round comes pre-loaded with a 1x multiplier.

Also, if you get 5 scatter symbols and enter the bonus round, you will get a 5x multiplier, and if you get 6 scatter symbols, you will get a 10x multiplier and you will be able to enter the bonus round. .

Each win in the bonus round adds a multiplier of 1x. And you get 5 free spins every time the multiplayer reaches a multiple of 10.

As the number of free spins increases with multiplayer in this bonus round, the odds of winning mega wins also increase. If the number of multiplayers increases steadily, it is possible to increase the number to 30 times or more.

However, the chances of entering the bonus round are small, so it is important to play patiently.

Characteristics of Opal Fruits

Here, we will introduce the features of Opal Fruits in more detail.

Feature 1. Description of Opal Fruits Symbols

Opal Fruits offers 13 symbols of symbols. The symbols include a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, the highest paying symbol grape, 3 types of fruit as medium paying symbols, and 6 types of numbers as low paying symbols.

The wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol.

And there are 6 types of scatter symbols: F, R, E, E, X5, and X10.

The paytable is as follows.

In addition to the usual video slots, each win has a smaller payout. However, with Opal Fruits' multiplayer feature, it is possible to increase these dividends more and more.

 two in a rowthree in a rowfour in a row5 in a row6 in a row
Alphabet A0.
Alphabet K0.
Alphabet Q0.
Alphabet J

Feature 2. Wild symbols with multiplayer

Opal Fruits features two types of wild symbols, which only appear on the top and bottom reels.

In addition to the regular wild symbol, there's also the X3 wild symbol, which can win you 3x all payouts. The X3 wild symbol only appears in the base game and is not available in the free bet bonus round.

List of online casinos where you can play Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is available to play at the following online casinos as of January 2020.

At the moment, there are few online casinos that have introduced it, but it has not been released long, so there is a good chance that the number of online casinos that can be played will increase in the future.

Casino trip
lucky niki casino

Summary of Opal Fruits

Opal Fruits is characterized by adopting "triple action" with three reels installed in the top, bottom and center. As such, they have more paylines than typical video slots.

Opal Fruits also features multiplayer, with bonus rounds where you can win multipliers of 20x or more. Therefore, you can aim for high payouts even with small bets.

Opal Fruits is still not well known because there are few online casinos where you can play Opal Fruits, but it is a recommended video slot with the latest features. Sign up at Kajitabi or LuckyNiki Casino and play Opal Fruits.

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