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In this article, we will discuss how to withdraw money from online casinos.

You played at an online casino and won a lot of money! You want to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible ^^

Even if you say withdrawal method in a bite, there are several options for payment at Onkaji. Withdrawal speed and fees will vary depending on the payment method.

In this article, we will compare and consider which withdrawal method is convenient while holding down the advantages and disadvantages of various withdrawal methods.

If you are still considering how to withdraw, please refer to it!

List of online casino withdrawal methods

Online casinos generally have three payment methods.

  1. bank transfer
  2. Electronic payment service
  3. virtual currency

1. Bank transfer

This is a withdrawal method that allows you to deposit funds directly into your bank account.

It is recommended for those who say, "Registering electronic payment services and virtual currencies is troublesome" and "I want to cash out immediately".

Basically, the deposit method when withdrawing to a bank account is a credit card, but recently the number of casinos that allow deposits from a bank account is increasing.

List of bank remittances that can be used at Onkaji

Pay Pay Bank (Australia Net Bank)
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Rakuten Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Sumitomo SBI Net Bank
Seven Bank
Mizuho Bank
Australia Post Bank
au own bank
Resona Bank
Bank of Fukuoka
Saitama Resona Bank
Sony Bank

2. Electronic payment service

An electronic payment service is a service that allows payment to be made online without using cash. Many online casinos accept electronic payment services. You can make deposits as well as withdrawals, so there is no loss if you have an account for playing on-casino.

List of electronic payment services that can be used at online casinos

venus point
eye wallet
match better
stick pay
tiger pay

3 representative electronic payment services

Here are three typical electronic payment services that can be used at online casinos.


An electronic payment service operated by a British company called PSI-Pay Ltd. Many online casinos in Australia use EcoPayz as a payment method.

The service is localized in Australian and supports 45 currencies in 195 countries. There is a dedicated app, so you can easily manage funds from your smartphone.

Learn more about ecoPayz

venus point

Venus Point is a service characterized by a unique system that sets it apart from other electronic payment services.

Instead of depositing cash like a general electronic payment service, you can achieve conditions and accumulate points, and use those points to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Learn more about Venus Point

match better

Matchbetter is an electronic payment service provided by MIR Limited UK Ltd in the United Kingdom. Although the service was released in 2018, it has already won numerous payment awards, and a Australian version of the app was released in 2019.

The number of online casinos that use matchbetter has increased in recent years.

Learn more about Matchbetter

3. Virtual currency

Virtual currency is a currency that is exchanged electronically, and unlike legal currency, it is not legally enforceable.

More and more online casinos are accepting payment in virtual currency.

List of virtual currencies that can be used at on-casji


3 representative virtual currencies


Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies invented based on a paper published in 2008 under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is said that there are more than 2000 types of virtual currencies currently, but Bitcoin is the currency that first appeared and is also the most popular currency among investors.

Online casino payments using virtual currency are characterized by fast deposit and withdrawal speeds and low fees.

Learn more about Bitcoin


Ethereum is a general term for platforms built by Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin, and the virtual currency used here is called Ether.

As of September 2023, Ether's market capitalization is second only to Bitcoin, making it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum has a distinctive feature called "smart contracts" that automatically execute and store contracts made in transactions.

Learn more about Ethereum


Litecoin is a virtual currency invented by former Google engineer Charlie Lee, and is an altcoin created for the purpose of compensating for problems such as the transaction speed of Bitcoin.

Learn more about Litecoin

Advantages and disadvantages of bank withdrawals

Advantages of bank transfer

・No need to open an account

・Highly safe

・No foreign currency fees

The advantage of withdrawing by bank transfer is that it does not take time to open an account. Electronic payment services and virtual currencies require you to first register for an account and fund your account.

If you are new to online casino and want to avoid such complicated procedures, we recommend depositing by credit card (or bank transfer) and withdrawing to your bank account.

Banks that accept withdrawals vary from casino to casino, so please check with each casino.

Another big point is that there are no foreign currency fees.

Recently, there are many casinos that support domestic remittances, and in that case, foreign exchange fees such as currency exchange fees and exchange fees will not be charged.

However, for casinos that make payments through a payment agency, there may be a fee charged by the payment agency.

Disadvantages of bank transfer

・It takes longer to arrive than other withdrawal methods

・Withdrawals may not be possible on weekends and holidays

・In the case of international remittance, the bank may contact you

Withdrawals by bank transfer may take longer to arrive than other services. International transfers can take up to five days, and most banks do not operate on weekends and holidays.

Also, if you choose international remittance and the withdrawal amount is large, you may receive a phone call from your bank. In this case, it would be safer not to tell the bank that you won at an online casino.

List of domestic and international remittances

casino nameRemittance typepaymentwithdrawalexchange fee
Vera & John CasinoDomesticnone
leo vegasDomestic×none
Casino tripDomestic×none
casino secretDomesticnone
casino fridayDomesticnone
casino meDomesticnone
cherry casinoDomestic/International$5 for international remittance
live casino houseDomestic×none

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic payment services

Advantages of electronic payment services

・In many cases, it can be used for deposits and withdrawals, making it easy to manage funds

・The upper limit of the amount of transaction per transaction is set high

Electronic payment services are accepted as a payment method by most online casinos.

It is one of the popular payment methods among on-casji players due to the convenience of being able to easily deposit and withdraw on the service.

When withdrawing money, the upper limit of the amount of one transaction is often set high, which is a great advantage for on-cabin players!

Disadvantages of electronic payment services

・ Account registration is troublesome

・Some casinos cannot be used depending on the service, so you need to register multiple companies

The disadvantage of electronic payment services is that they require registration before use. If the service is not used by many casinos, there is a possibility of registering a different service, so we recommend the versatile EcoPayz or Venus Point.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual currency

Advantages of virtual currency

- Fast withdrawal speed

・Low fees

・The upper limit of the amount of transaction per transaction is set high

The advantage of virtual currency is that the withdrawal speed is overwhelmingly faster than other services and the fees are low. In addition, there are many cases where the upper limit of the amount of one transaction is set high.

Disadvantages of virtual currency

・Currency prices fluctuate daily

・Only a few casinos support it

The disadvantage of withdrawal with virtual currency is that the price of virtual currency fluctuates every hour, and it is a currency with high volatility. Due to fluctuations up and down, the value of winnings will also change. In addition, although the number of casinos that accept virtual currency has increased in recent years, the reality is that there are still many casinos that cannot use it.

List of popular casino withdrawal methods

Vera & John Casino

Bank transfer
venus point
line coin


venus point
line coin

leo vegas

Bank transfer
venus point

casino secret

Bank transfer
venus point

casino me

Bank transfer
venus point

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I withdraw money when I make a credit card deposit to OnCaji?

The withdrawal method when depositing with a credit card at an online casino varies depending on the casino, but generally it is a bank transfer or an electronic payment service.

Q. What is the fastest payment method for withdrawals at online casinos?

Virtual currency is the fastest payment method for withdrawals at online casinos.

Q. Will I be taxed if I withdraw at an online casino?

If you win money by playing at an online casino and withdraw it to your bank account, you will be taxed. Profits earned from online casinos are classified as temporary income, and if there is a profit of 500,000 yen or more, half of the temporary income is taxable.

We looked at the withdrawal methods available at online casinos, how was it? Please select the withdrawal method from the casino you want to play from now on, and the advantages and disadvantages of each!

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