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Overview of Golden Chip Roulette

Golden Chip Roulette is a roulette game provided by Yggdrasil. A new game released in September 2019, it boasts a high quality that makes you feel as if you are playing a real roulette, even though it is a video roulette.

The basic rules are the same as general roulette, but there are also special rules unique to Golden Chip Roulette, so you can aim for high payouts.

This article introduces how to play Golden Chip Roulette and the basic rules.

  Golden Chip Roulette basic information

golden chip rouletteThe rules of (Golden Chip Roulette) are basically the same as European Roulette.

First, predict where the ball thrown into the wheel will fall in the color, number, and group. Then, based on that prediction, the chips are placed on the table. Chips can be placed by hovering the cursor over the table.

There are 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 chips, and you can bet as many chips as you like. In real roulette, you have to stop betting when the dealer says "No more bet", but in Golden Chip Roulette you can take as much time as you like, so you can take your time and think.

Golden Chip Roulette has a minimum bet of 0.1, a maximum bet of 1000 and an RTP of 97.25%.

You can bet on Golden Chip Roulette as follows:

The bet types are mostly the same as in European Roulette, but some rules are different in Golden Chip Roulette.

golden bet

A gold bet is what is called a straight up in regular roulette, and refers to a method of betting on a single number. You can bet on all 36 numbers and zeros, and you can aim for the maximum payout. The normal straight-up payout is 36x, but as a special rule of the Golden Chip Roulette, you can get a payout of up to 500x. This is explained in detail below.

split bet

A split bet is a bet on two adjacent numbers.

The dividend will be 18 times.

street bet

A street bet is a bet on a row of three numbers.

The dividend will be 12 times.

corner bet

A corner bet is a bet on four adjacent numbers. You can bet by placing chips in the center of 4 numbers such as "2,3,5,6", "16,17,19,20".

The dividend will be 9 times.

six line bet

A six line bet is called a line bet or a double street bet in regular roulette. A six line bet is a bet on two adjacent rows of numbers, for a total of six numbers.

The dividend will be 6 times.

Column Bet

Column betting refers to a method of betting on the 12 numbers in each of the top, middle, and bottom rows, with the roulette layout divided into 1 row and 3 rows.

The dividend will be tripled.


A dozen bet is a bet on groups of numbers 1-12, numbers 13-24, and numbers 25-36.

The dividend will be tripled.


Odd/Even, as the name suggests, bets on whether the ball will land in an odd or even number. Odd numbers are ODD and even numbers are EVEN.

The dividend will be doubled.


Red/Black is, as the name suggests, a bet on whether the ball will land in red or black.

The dividend will be doubled.

low high

High-low is a bet on either the high numbers (19-36) or the low numbers (1-18).

The dividend will be doubled.

*Golden Chip Roulette does not offer bets such as four number bets and five number bets.

golden chip rouletteThe payout table for (Golden Chip Roulette) is as follows:

betting typebet widthDividend rate
golden bet€0.10 to €50.0010x to 500x
split bet€0.10 to €100.0018 times
street bet€0.10 to €150.0012 times
corner bet€0.10 to €200.009 times
six line€0.10 to €300.006 times
column€0.10 to €500.003 times
Dozen€0.10 to €500.003 times
Odd/Even€0.10 to €1,000.002 times
Red/Black€0.10 to €1,000.002 times
low high€0.10 to €1,000.002 times

Features of Golden Chip Roulette

Golden Chip Roulette hereI will introduce the features of (Golden Chip Roulette). Golden Chip Roulette is slightly different from regular roulette, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it.

Feature 1. Sophisticated design

Golden Chip Roulette is a simple yet sophisticated game. Roulette is displayed on the left side of the screen, and a table is on the right side. And there is a spin button on the right side of the screen. Also, if you go to the setting screen, you can check the hot number (frequently appearing number) and cold number (frequently appearing number).

The sound reproduces the real roulette as much as possible, and the background music is jazz. Roulette rotation speed is not much different from real roulette. Therefore, you can play the game as if you were actually in a land-based casino.

At land-based casinos, the results are biased, such as some numbers that are more likely to come out depending on the dealer or roulette. However, since Golden Chip Roulette uses random numbers, the results are well balanced.

Feature 2. Golden Bet

As already mentioned, in Golden Chip Roulette the straight up is called the golden bet.

The regular payout is 36x if the straight up wins. However, Golden Chip Roulette allows you to win multipliers.

Multipliers are 10x, 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 250x and 500x. The magnification is determined by a smaller roulette inside the roulette.

If 10x or 25x comes out, the winnings will be less than the normal 36x payout, so it will be disadvantageous for the player, but if 500x comes out, you will get a high payout. I can.

If you bet the maximum Golden Bet amount of €1000 and get 500x, you will win €500,000.

List of online casinos where you can play Golden Chip Roulette

golden chip roulette(Golden Chip Roulette) can be used at the following online casinos. These online casinos are available in Australian.

lucky casino
cherry casino
bit casino
casino secret
Casino X

Golden Chip Roulette Summary

golden chip roulette(Golden Chip Roulette) is a high-quality game with beautiful graphics that makes you feel like you are playing roulette at a land-based casino.

In addition, Golden Chip Roulette offers a unique golden bet, so you can aim for a high payout. The rules of Golden Chip Roulette are almost the same as European Roulette, so anyone who has already played roulette can easily play it.

Golden Chip Roulette is used by major online casinos that support Australian. Play Golden Chip Roulette now and win big!

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