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Exclusive to Casino Australia, get ¥3,500 no deposit bonus and 10 days trial spins!
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It is operated by the same company as Vera & John Casino, so it is highly reliable. Fast deposit and withdrawal! Extensive VIP program.
At the beginning of the opening, it was difficult to contact support. It will take some time to verify your identity.

Today I would like to introduce you to the newly opened casino Yugado.

New Casino Yugado to open in 2023

Vera & John CasinoHave you tried playing the casino Yugado, which will open in 2023 and is managed by Breckenridge, which operates InterCasino?

The concept of Yugado is "a full-fledged playground for adults."

The design is elegant in Australian style, so you might end up searching for "Yugado Onkaji" or "Yugado Casino", but "Yugado" is the correct notation for the playground.

Exclusive to our site3,500 yen no deposit bonusThe same casino that is presenting. If you want to play now, click the banner below and proceed to registration!

If you want to know more about Yugado, read on!

Recommended points of Yugado

Yugado is a hot topic, but what makes it so attractive?

Recommended point 1. Great bonus!

Yugado's recommended point is the great registration bonus of 3,500 yen! But that's not all. The welcome bonus comes with a maximum of 95,000 yen, plus a 10-day free trial spin (worth 5,000 yen).

Click here for more information on Yugado Casino registration bonuses

Recommended point 2. A line-up and privilege program that will satisfy even advanced casino players

“Yugado”, which is sweet to adults who have a lot of fun, has a mileage program that you can earn as much as you play. There are seven ranks, from plum to Phalaenopsis orchid, and the higher the rank, the better the hospitality! Yugado focuses on high volatility games, so it's perfect for advanced on-casino players.

Recommended point 3. Highly reliable operator, safe play

The owner of Yugado is No. 1 in popularity and trust among Australian people.Vera & John CasinoThis is Breckenridge, which handles Yugado also has a highly reliable Curacao license.

Let's start Yugado now!

Want to see Yugado for the first time? You have to go through Best-Gambling-Sitesregistration bonuscannot be obtained, so please be careful! If you can register by yourself★, click the banner below.

Create an account

When you click on the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner, the registration screen will be displayed, so let's create an account right away!

Creating a Yugado account is very easy!

email address
mobile number
Full name
Currency (Australian yen or US dollar)
Date of birth
Settings for receiving campaign emails

Just enter your information! Follow the steps to fill in the blanks for your contact information, personal information, and address.

Welcome bonus of 100,000 yen

It seems that Yugado is not just about the registration bonus

When making your first deposit,Bonus of up to 95,000 yen only for Casino Australiapresent!

First Deposit Bonus
Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit (up to 50,000 JPY)
Usage example: If you deposit 50,000 yen for the first time, you can play for 100,000 yen with real money 50,000 yen + bonus 50,000 yen!
Second Deposit Bonus
Get a 50% bonus on your second deposit (up to 25,000 yen)
Usage example: If you deposit 50,000 yen for the second time, you can play for 50,000 yen in real money + 25,000 yen in bonus!
Third Deposit Bonus
Get 100% bonus on your 3rd deposit (up to 20,000 JPY)
Usage example: If you deposit 20,000 yen in 3 times, you can play for 40,000 yen with real money of 20,000 yen + bonus of 20,000 yen!

After making the third payment...

10 days trial play

You will receive a one-coin bonus of 500 yen from carefully selected Yugado games for 10 consecutive days.

Bonus wagering requirements

Yugado stores bonuses and cash in separate accounts. The bonus will start to be used when the cash balance is depleted. You must bet 20 times the bonus amount to withdraw the bonus money.

If you play with a registration bonus of 3,500 yen,3,500 yen x 20 times = 70,000 yen You can withdraw if you play with real money.

Check the count rate of each game!

Furthermore, the bet count rate varies from game to game. If you want to clear this quickly, we recommend playing slots.

The bonus is valid for 30 days.

game typecount rate
Slots, Instant Games, Slingo100%
Baccarat, Punto Banco, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold'em (all varieties), Other Table Games (excluding Blackjack, Pontoon and Live Casino)15%
100 Bit Dice15%
Blackjack, Pontoon, Live Casino (all types)10%

Games that can be played at Yugado

At Yugado Casino, you can play over 1,500 types of games, from the latest slots to table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, live casinos, and game shows such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time.

Yugado recommended slot games

Rise of Samurai

Rise of Samurai is based on the concept of Australian warlords.Pragmatic Playis a video slot.

Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold

Red TigerThe video slot Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold is, as the name suggests, a pirate-themed slot in search of treasure.

Moon princess

PLAY'n Go company's popular slot Mumpuri, Moon Princess. Let the beautiful girl warrior win a lot of money!

Every day is a bonus day! card of frontier

Yugado has a bonus program that you can participate in every day.

It's "Cards of Frontier".

At the Card of Frontier held every day at 18:00, if you choose 1 card from 5 cards, you have a chance to win a large bonus!

If you hit the jackpot mode, it's not a dream to win big prizes.

The more you play, the higher your rank! Yugado Mileage Program

Yugado's mileage program is a program that automatically accumulates mileage when you play your favorite games with cash.

This program has 7 ranks from [Plum] to [Moth Orchid], and the higher the rank, the more luxurious the benefits.

Accumulated miles can be exchanged for items such as free spins, spin credits, and deposit bonuses at the Yugado shop.

You can earn up to 10,000 miles per month. The lower the game's RTP (return rate), the more miles you can earn, so check the RTP in each game's information. If not stated in the game, the standard return rate of 97% will be applied.

Let's check Yugado's payment method

In this section, we will introduce how to deposit and withdraw money at Yugado. Yugado payment pointsWhat you can play with Australian Yenis.

Payment method

At Yugado, you can deposit using the following methods.

Credit card (Master,JCB, American Express)
Matchbetter (Much better)
Venus Point (Venus Point)
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple)
instant bank transfer

Credit card (Mastercard, JCB, Amex)

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen
commission2% (up to 500 yen)

Venus Point

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen


Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen


Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen

bank transfer

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen

virtual currency

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen

Withdrawal method

At Yugado, you can withdraw money in the following ways:

Venus Point

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen
commission550 yen for withdrawals of less than 5,500 yen


Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen
commission550 yen for withdrawals of less than 5,500 yen


Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount250,000 yen
commission550 yen for withdrawals of less than 5,500 yen

bank transfer

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount1.25 million yen
commission1.5% (settlement agency fee)

virtual currency

Minimum deposit amount1,200 yen
Maximum deposit amount1.25 million yen

Does Yugado require identity verification?

Identity verification (account verification) is not required to withdraw winnings at Yugado, but once you have verified your identity, your deposit and withdrawal limits will increase and the time it takes to withdraw your winnings will be shortened. You can do it, so it's best to get it done early.

Please prepare the following three items: identity verification documents, credit card, and address verification documents. You can take a picture yourself and submit (upload) it in PNG, JPG, or BMP format. Data that has been processed or edited with the app is NG. Only original images are accepted.

Identity verification documents

The following documents can be submitted as identification documents

  • Driver's license (both sides)
  • Basic Resident Register card with photo (both sides)
  • Passport (double-page spread with photo)
  • My number card (front side only)
  • Residence card (both sides)
  • Special Permanent Resident Certificate (both sides)

Photograph, name, date of issue, expiration date, date of birth, Machine Readable Area (MRZ) *Passport only

card information

Images of both sides of the credit card to be registered with Yugado are required.

・Precautions for shooting

[Card face] Hide the numbers other than the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number and take a picture. (Example: 1231 45XX XXXX 678)

[Back of card] Please take a picture so that you can check the number other than the security code (last 3 digits). (Example: 1231XXX)

Please take a picture of the cardholder's name, expiration date, and card number so that we can check it.

address verification documents

The following documents can be submitted as proof of address

  • Certificate of residence
  • Bills for water/electricity/telephone calls
  • credit card statement

Please take a picture of the entire document so that the issue date within 3 months, the registrant's name and address can be confirmed.

If you want to increase your withdrawal amount, account verification is required.

Yugado Casino Safety

Is Yugado safe? Is it okay to register my card information? I think that is a question especially for on-casino beginners. In conclusion, Yakudo is one of the most reliable and safe online casinos. Let me explain why.

Licensed in Curacao

Yugado is licensed by Curacao, which is known for its high reliability.

Operated by a group company of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange

Yugado is operated by Breckenridge, the same company as Vera&John and InterCasino. The company is also a group company of the Gamesys Group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and can be said to be an excellent company with a sense of stability in terms of reliability and financial strength.

Equipped with a self-regulatory function to prevent gambling addiction

Below isInstalled in YugadoIt is a self-regulatory function.

deposit limitYou can set deposit limits and maximum deposit amounts on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.
time limitYou can set the amount of time you can play with one login in units of one hour. You will be automatically logged out when the time limit is reached.
Game play time limitSet your gameplay time, after which you will be notified and given the option to continue playing or quit.
Loss limitYou can set a maximum total loss amount. Once you reach your limit, you will be notified and automatically logged out. You will be logged out until the next day.

Yugado also offers a self-assessment test that allows you to gauge whether your gambling habits are healthy. Why don't you take it if you're worried about it?

Be careful not to get too addicted

What about Yugado? reputation from players

Yugado is a new release, but here I would like to pick up some opinions from users who have actually played the game.

good reviews

Yugado was a big deal, but it was deposited in two days after applying. I think I can recommend it the most in the on-casino so far. (Twitter)

・Fast withdrawal
・Easy-to-understand Australian yen notation
・ Because it is a Bella series, it can not fly
・Lots of games
・ kyc (identity verification) takes time(Twitter)

Second withdrawal from Yugado. Withdrawal completed in 8 hours. You can play safely with this(Twitter)

Achieved 1 million yen celebration on the 48th day after starting Yugado. By the way, how much should I withdraw (twitter)

Bad word of mouth

It's been a week since I applied for a withdrawal from Yugado, but I haven't received a reply even if I email this, and even if I enter live chat, it disconnects when my turn comes, is it this slow?(Twitter)

I really don't understand why Yugado live chat is cut off without permission(Twitter)

From the good reviews, the high level of trustworthiness and the convenience of being able to deposit in Australian yen were conspicuous because it was operated in the same way as Vera&John.

Regarding bad reviews, there are voices such as that due to its explosive popularity, the support contact is crowded and it takes time to authenticate the account, but it seems that this is gradually improving. In addition, many people said that withdrawals are fast once the account is verified.

Yugado support

Yugado Casino supports Australian language support.

live chat is

Mon-Fri11:00 – 23:30 (Australia time)
Sat – Sun 16:30 – 22:30 (Australia time)

We are available in the time zone of

Emails are accepted 24 hours a day. The estimated response time is 72 hours.

Due to its explosive popularity, it seems that chat support is becoming difficult to connect. There is a page that answers basic questions on the inquiry page, so it is a good idea to refer to that.

Also, regarding the points that players tend to have doubts about, we have summarized the following frequently asked questions about Yugado, so please check it out!

Yugado FAQ

Q.Can I withdraw the bonus?

The bonus cannot be withdrawn as is. Only cash can be withdrawn. Wagering requirements of 20x must be met before the bonus can be converted into cash.

Q.Is there any necessary procedure when I update my credit card?

When applying for a new credit card, you will need to send images of both sides of the card to Vera&John Casino. For details on shooting, please refer to Yugado in the article Do I need to verify my identity? Please refer to the item.

Q.How long does it take to verify your identity (account verification)?

Identity verification (account verification) will be completed within 72 hours from the start of the review. However, it may take longer due to congestion and other examination-related investigations. Please be assured that customer support will contact you once the review is complete.

Q.Elegant and Yugado, which is the correct spelling?

Due to its elegant design, it is easy to type in Yugado, but the correct notation is Yugado. The casino concept is a full-fledged playground for adults. It's a playground, so it's Yugado!

Q.Is there a withdrawal fee?

The fee amount varies depending on the withdrawal method.
・Virtual currency
No fees
·Electronic money
Withdrawals of less than 5,500 yen will be charged 550 yen. 5,500 yen or more is free.
・Bank transfer
Regardless of the withdrawal amount, a 1.5% fee will be charged by the payment agency.

Q. I cannot withdraw money from Yugado.

If you are unable to withdraw, the following possibilities are possible.
1. Account verification has not been completed
2. Deposit and withdrawal methods are different
3. Withdrawal screening has not been completed
4. You have not bet your deposit amount
5. No deposit history

Q. Can Yugado issue documents for tax returns?

It supports the creation of game history and deposit/withdrawal history. However, we do not accept tax-related questions. You can check transaction details within the last 6 months from "Transaction History".

Last updated 2023.2.4

Yugado, a high-quality casino for adults that will open in 2023. At Best-Gambling-Sites.org, we are offering ¥3,500 no deposit bonus and 10-day trial spins for those who want to play at Yugado! Please register via Best-Gambling-Sites and get a great bonus.
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.8 Comprehensive evaluation

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Yugado Casino Comprehensive Review [Latest in 2023]
4.8 rating