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Temple stacks overview

Temple stacks is Yggdrasil's newest video slot released on January 22nd, 2020.

It has a maximum of 248,832 paylines, which is a unique feature not found in other video slots, and is attracting the attention of many players. If you successfully increase the number of paylines, your chances of winning will increase, and you can even earn a lot of money.

In this article, we will introduce such a topical video slot Temple stacks.

Basic information about Temple stacks

Temple stacks is a video slot released on 22nd January 2020.

The layout is 5 reels x 3 rows with a total of 15 symbols. The base payline is 243, but the feature is that the payline increases up to 248,832 depending on the symbols that appear.

Temple stacks have a minimum bet of 0.1 and a maximum bet of 100. If you bet the maximum bet amount, you can win up to 2500000 coins if you get a big win.

The return rate is 96.1%, which can be said to be an average value for video slots.

Temple stacks, like other popular video slots, has an autoplay feature that allows you to spin automatically without pressing the spin button. You can freely set the timing to stop auto play depending on the amount of gain or loss.

Temple stacks symbols include wild symbols, free spins symbols, 5 high-paying colored stones and 5 low-paying ancient symbols.

Each dividend is as follows.

5 in a rowfour in a rowthree in a rowtwo in a row
red stone symbol5.00 coins4.00 coins3.00 coins2.00 coins
green stone symbol2.00 coins1.60 coins1.20 coins
orange stone symbol2.00 coins1.60 coins1.20 coins
purple stone symbol2.00 coins1.60 coins1.20 coins
blue stone symbol2.00 coins1.60 coins1.20 coins
red ancient letter symbol1.00 coin0.80 coin0.60 coin
purple ancient letter symbol1.00 coin0.80 coin0.60 coin
green ancient letter symbol1.00 coin0.80 coin0.60 coin
blue ancient letter symbol1.00 coin0.80 coin0.60 coin
brown ancient symbol1.00 coin0.80 coin0.60 coin

Contents of Temple stacks

Temple stacks is a video slot inspired by ancient Egypt. The slot is designed like a stone monument, and the symbol is engraved with something like an ancient character with animal motifs.

It is characterized by a calm color and a modest sound as a whole.

Temple stacks award cash prizes by aligning 3 or more symbols (or 2 or more for red stone symbols) on a payline.

Below the slot you will see the number of paylines, coin value, bet amount, number of free spins, amount won and balance.

How to enter the bonus round of Temple stacks?

At Temple stacks, landing 3 or more free spins symbols on the slot will award free spins and enter the bonus round.

The free spins bonus round has 4 levels to choose from: Each level has a different number of free spins awarded and a different number of Mystery Stack symbols (explained below) split.

You will also win 20 coins for 3 free spins bonus symbols, 200 coins for 4 and 2000 coins for 5 free spins bonus symbols.

Gold offers fewer free spins, but more spirits, which means a higher chance of winning.

When you get free spins for the first time, you can only choose the lowest level steal, but if you continue to get free spins, other higher levels will be released.

number of symbol divisions3 free spins bonus symbols stop4 free spins bonus symbols stop5 free spins bonus symbols stop
Steel3-9 spirits15 free spins20 free spins36 free spins
bronze4-10 spirits9 free spins12 free spins21 free spins
silver5-11 spirits6 free spins8 free spins14 free spins
gold6-12 spirits3 free spins4 free spins7 free spins

Also, Mystery Stack symbols are easy to appear during the bonus, so you can keep increasing the number of paylines.

If the free spins symbol appears during the free spins bonus round, you will be awarded 15 more free spins.

Features of Temple stacks

hereTemple stacks features mystery stack symbols and respins.

The mystery stack symbol isIt's a special symbol unique to Temple stacks, so make sure you understand it here.

Features of Temple stacks 1. Mystery stack symbol

Temple stacks have what is known as the Mystery Stack symbol, which appears during the base game and free spins. Mystery Stack symbols land on part or all of 1 or 2 reels.

When this Mystery Stack symbol stops, it flips over and splits into multiple identical symbols.

The symbols that appear when flipped are randomly selected from low payout symbols and high payout symbols, and if 3 or more of the symbols that have already been displayed line up, they will be eligible for payouts.

This is a feature of the video slot offered by Yggdrasil, called "Splitz".

The Mystery Stack symbols split into 3 to 9 identical symbols in the base game and 3 to 12 identical symbols in the free spins.

The more this mystery stack stops, the more symbols you have on the slot.

And when the entire slot is filled with Mystery Stack symbols, you can increase the number of paylines up to 248832.

Temple stacks feature 2 Respin feature

In Temple stacks, respins are triggered when two free spin symbols land on the screen.

Landing 3 free spins bonus symbols will award you the free spins bonus, while landing 2 will award 1 free spin, ie a respin.

On respins, the first free spins symbol landed as a wild symbol is locked. This makes it easier to win than regular spins.

List of online casinos where you can play Temple stacks

You can play Temple stacks at the following online casinos:

Inter Casino
Casino trip
simple casino
pit casino
lucky casino
Casino X
joy casino
casino secret
cherry casino
lucky niki casino

Also, Vera John CasinoYou can play Temple stacks for free. If you want to try any game before using real money, Vera&John Casino is the place to go.

Temple stacks have special features such as Mystery Stack symbols, so it is recommended that you play the game once to understand the rules.

Temple stacks summary

Temple stacks is the newest video slot from Yggdrasil with a special feature called "Splitz" where the symbols split. Paylines increase up to 248,832, so you can win big payouts.

Also, including a free spins bonus round with 4 levels,Temple stacks has many unique features that set it apart from other video slots.

Temple stacks is handled by major online casino sites that support Australian, so let's play right away.

Last updated 2023.11.5

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