NFT MEGAWAYS is an online slot game provided by RED TIGER. As the name suggests, this game is played using NFT, but NFT MEGAWAYS is the world's first game that combines NFT and slots. An innovative game.

Although it has a retro design reminiscent of the 80's, it has NFT's unique modern world view, and you can enjoy it as a new sensation game that you have never seen before. There are a wide variety of platforms that can be played, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, iOS/Android apps, and Mini Games. increase.

Specifications of NFT MEGAWAYS

game titleNFT Megaways™
providerred tiger
Return rate (RTP)95.66%
number of paylines200,704 streets
number of reels6 reels x 7 rows
Minimum bet amount0.1
Maximum bet amount10
game release dateSeptember 9, 2023
casino to playPlayOJO, Casino Friday, NetBet, etc.

Features of NFT MEGAWAYS

NFT MEGAWAYS is more than just a slot game. Let's take a look at the two features of NFT MEGAWAYS.

Cryptopunks Bar (Wild)

NFT MEGAWAYS uses 4 types of cryptopunks (NFT art with a human face) and functions as a wild symbol. If a Cryptopunks symbol lands on the additional line called the “Cryptopunks bar” at the top of the slot, the Cryptopunks multiplier will increase for the low paying symbols that win. You can even win multipliers up to a whopping 10,000x, such as landing multiple Cryptopunks symbols.

free spins bonus

In NFT MEGAWAYS, the scatter symbol triggers free spins. Landing 3 scatter symbols on a payline triggers 10 free spins, with each additional scatter awarding 5 free spins. Scatter symbols can land up to 6 at a time.

If you land 3 or more scatter symbols again during free spins, you will get additional free spins, so there is no real limit to free spins. Additionally, the Cryptopunks bar doesn't reset until after the free spins are over, so the multiplier only increases. You can aim for big wins.

What are NFTs?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a new type of unit. Regardless, any 10,000 yen bill is always worth 10,000 yen, and each can be replaced.The unit of virtual currency is "BTC", but regardless of individual identification information, any bitcoin is 1 BTC = It is worth 1 BTC.In this way, banknotes and virtual currencies are made up of “substitutable” units, while NFT units are “digital data (NFT data) itself” and “non-substitutable”. Many of the NFT data are digital data such as images, art, audio data, online content, etc. Individual identification information is given to each, and one NFT data and other NFT data cannot be substituted for each other.

The identification information of each NFT data is recorded on the block chain, which is a mechanism that holds virtual currency. And its monetary value is determined by the parties involved in buying and selling and their supply and demand. One of the biggest advantages of NFT is that the owner of digital data can be clearly identified, making it possible to "add value to digital data", which has been difficult until now.

What is Cryptopunk?

Cryptopunk is a series of digital art in the form of character icons and NFT art traded on the Ethereum blockchain. It was published by New York software company LarvaLabs in 2017. There are 10,000 types of 24x24 pixels, each with a character's face. There are over 10,000 types, and due to the limited number that can be traded, it is bought and sold among many collectors. Rare characters can be traded at high prices. I was surprised to hear that some were purchased for 24 million yen (approximately 2.5 billion yen).

What is the Megaways feature?

The Megaways feature is a video slot feature developed by Australian software company Big Time Gaming that offers more paylines than regular video slots.

In normal video slots, the number of symbols displayed on one reel is fixed, but in slots with the Megaways function, it is randomly increased to a maximum of 7, which increases the payline. The number of paylines is actually 117,649, so you can aim for a payout even more fun.

Design (Symbol) of NFT MEGAWAYS

The designs that appear in NFT MEGAWAYS are as follows.

expensive pattern


Wild (Cryptopunks)


Shiba Inu

Mona Lisa



Inexpensive picture






NFT MEGAWAYS has 200,704 paylines. This is because in addition to the regular Megaways paylines, the Cryptopunks bar at the top of the slot works. The 6 reels can land up to 7 symbols each, and the cryptopunk bar can land 4 symbols. The combination of Megaways and Cryptopunks Bar offers the highest number of paylines.

Casinos where you can play NFT MEGAWAYS

Other casinos: PlayOJO, Konibet, Livecasino.io, Lucky Bull

About NFT MEGAWAYS provider Red tiger

Red Tiger, which provides NFT MEGAWAYS, is a game provider founded in 2014. We are a professional casino slot development team group with extensive experience mainly in Europe and Asia. Reliability, safety and fairness are also impeccable. This is because we have obtained licenses from the authorities that issue the licenses required to operate gambling-related businesses (the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Malta Gaming Authority). The presence or absence of these licenses is an important indicator for measuring the reliability of online casinos, so it can be said that Red Tiger's casino games can be played with peace of mind.

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