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Wonder casino is an online casino that started service in Australia in 2018 by Sector Media N.V.

The site design is also cool and chic. This casino is especially recommended for high rollers because there are no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals and there is a full VIP program.

Of course, even beginners of on-casino are welcome. You will be mesmerized by the abundance of bonuses and the speed of withdrawals.

In this article, I would like to review Wonder Casino in detail.

Recommended points of Wonder casino

No limits on deposits and withdrawals

One of the benefits of playing at Wonder Casino that you won't find at other casinos is that there is no upper limit on the amount you can deposit and withdraw (except for credit cards). In addition, the maximum withdrawal amount per transaction is large, and if you use bank transfer, virtual currency, or ecoPayz, you can withdraw up to about 100 million yen per transaction. It is a safe casino for high rollers who have plenty of funds and want to bet big.

No VIP demotion

Wonder Casino has a total of 4 tiers of VIP programs. If you are not a VIP, you will be in economy class, but once you are promoted from economy class to business class, the first level of VIP, you will not be demoted to economy class again. In other words, once you get the VIP status, you can't go any lower.

Great rebate bonus

Wonder Casino offers a rebate bonus that converts a portion of the amount wagered in the casino to the player as a bonus. Rebate rates vary by rank, with the highest suite class receiving 1.55% for slots and 0.9% for live casino.

Review the reputation of Wonder Casino from word of mouth

What everyone who is about to play Wonder Casino is concerned about is the word of mouth from the players who have already played, such as whether withdrawals can be done properly or whether there is a freeze!

Pick up positive and negative reviews from Twitter here! I would like to verify the voices of players regarding Wonder Casino.

Wonder Casino Good Reviews

Wonder Casino ecoPayz withdrawal took about 5 minutes. You're early!

Wonder casino withdrawal explosive speed! Other casinos don't use the word explosive! It's so early here.

I got about $44 from the rebate bonus alone (lol) I really like Wonder Casino.

Withdrawal conditions x1! And live casino is also good! Good luck with the rebate

Finally the long awaited first rebate bonus from Wonder Casino 👍 $56 from 100 deposits (+150 bonus) was pretty good. Would you like to aim for $1000 a day this week as well💦

I personally think Jaga Wonder's support is pretty good.
Kind, courteous, and quick to respond.

The most popular reputation of Wonder Casino on Twitter is that the withdrawal speed is explosive (insanely fast).

One of the most important questions when playing a new casino is, “Will I be able to withdraw properly?”

The time it takes to withdraw money can feel ridiculously long. At Wonder Casino, you don't have to worry about that.

Wonder Casino Bad Reviews

Regarding the deposit of Wonder Casino, I made a deposit according to the casino's instructions, but it has not been reflected even after 17 hours. All I can say is that the department in charge will contact me, and no matter what I ask, they won't answer. Support can't answer questions at all. Wonder Casino has a rough response probably because there are so many members.

Is Wonder Casino programmed to lose? Soft, live and slots. I can't win no matter what I do.

As for the bad reviews of Wonder Casino, there were very few compared to the good reviews. While there were opinions that the support response was not good, there were also opinions that it was very polite.

The opinion that you can't win is also true. A solid victory report was also uploaded.

Wonder Casino Bonus

In the Wonder Casino bonus section, we will introduce you to the various bonuses that the casino offers.

Wonder Casino Registration Bonus

Wonder Casino offers a no deposit registration bonus for players who register for the casino for the first time.

The bonus amount is $30!

Get this bonus when you register via the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner below.

For more information, including wagering requirements,Wonder Casino Registration Bonus Detailsplease look at.

If you forget to receive the registration bonus, which you can only get the first time, you should redeem it

Wonder Casino Welcome Bonus

You can choose from 3 types of first deposit bonuses at Wonder Casino. I will introduce what kind of contents there are.

Up to $500, 100% deposit bonus

Usage example: If you deposit $500 for the first time, you can get a bonus of $500.

Wagering requirements: First deposit + 30x bonus amount

Applicable games: All genres

How to apply: Click "Receive Bonus" from My Page. Select "Self Deposit Bonus", select "Game Company" and click "First Deposit Bonus". After entering the initial deposit amount and pressing the "Send" button, the bonus application is complete.

Up to $500, 50% cashback bonus

Usage example: If you make a first deposit of $1,000 and lose, you will receive a 50% refund of $500.

Wagering requirements: 1x cashback bonus amount

How to apply: After completing the deposit, send the password "wonder revenge" to the support via online chat. After playing the game, if the balance becomes less than $1, tell the support again "Wonder Revenge" in the online chat. Your application is now complete.

Up to 200 Free Spins Bonus

Free spins will be given according to the deposit amount

Deposit amountnumber of free spins
$10050 times
$500100 times
$1,000200 times

Target game: Hawaiian Dream (Golden Hero)

Wagering requirements: 20x winnings from free spins

Application method: After depositing, send the password "WFS (* $100 or $500 or $1,000)" to the support via online chat before playing the game. Free spins are attached.

Nushi-san, which bonus do you prefer?

Weekly 5% cashback bonus

A weekly 5% cashback bonus is a bonus in which if you lose, 5% of the loss will be refunded on Tuesday of the following week.

Cashback bonus up to $250.

If you lose, you can complete the cashback application by telling customer support the slogan "wonder cashback" in the online chat.

Slot bonus that can be earned once a month

The slot bonus that you can get once a month is a 50% deposit bonus that can be used only on slots, and the maximum amount is $ 300.

(Example: If you deposit $600, you will get $300 slot bonus)

Effective times: once a month.

Wagering requirements: Deposit amount + 30x bonus amount.

How to apply: Select "Self Deposit Bonus" from "Bonus Receipt" on My Page. Select "Game Company" and click "First Deposit Bonus". After entering the deposit amount in "Transfer amount", the application for the bonus will be completed.

birthday bonus

A special day that only comes once a year is your birthday.

At Wonder Casino, we are giving up to $1,000 bonus chips to our regular players on their birthdays.

The amount of bonus chips depends on your VIP level.

VIP rankAmount of money
Economy class$30
business class$100
first class $150
Residence class$300
suite class$1,000

Applicable games: All games

Wagering requirements: 1x bonus amount

How to apply: Please tell support the password "Birthday Bonus" via online chat. You can apply and receive from the first day of your birthday month.

Wonder Casino VIP Program

When you think of Wonder Casino, you think of the VIP program!

As introduced above, Wonder Casino offers rebate bonuses and birthday bonuses, but as the VIP level rises, the content becomes more luxurious.

The rank of the first registrant is economy. There are 4 VIP levels: Business, First, Residence, Suite and above.

Check the table for details.

What are VIP promotion conditions?

VIP rank up conditions are calculated based on the monthly bet amount. The aggregation period is from the 2nd day of the current month to the 1st day of the following month. Once promoted from Economy to Business, there is no downgrading.

VIP rankVIP promotion conditions

VIP rebate bonus

Wonder Casino offers rebate bonuses to all players. The higher the rank, the higher the rebate rate and upper limit.

VIP rankrebate rateMaximum rebate amount
EconomyLive : 0.3% Slot : 0.5% Weekly Maximum : $2,000
businessLive : 0.5% Slot : 0.8%Weekly Maximum : $2,500
FirstLive : 0.6% Slot : 1.0% Weekly Maximum : $3,000
ResidenceLive : 0.7% Slot : 1.3%Weekly Maximum : $5,000
suiteLive : 0.9% Slot : 1.55% Weekly Maximum : $7,000

VIP and other bonuses

VIP rankbirthday bonusRank up bonus
Residence$300 $300

A birthday bonus is a bonus chip sent from Wonder Casino on your birthday, and a rank-up bonus is a bonus chip you receive when your rank is promoted.

Both wagering requirements are 1x the bonus amount.

SV support for VIP

SV is an acronym for supervisor, and Wonder Casino has an SV team dedicated to VIPs.

SV support can chat and call on LINE.

VIP rankSV compatible
businessLINE chat
FirstLINE chat & call available
ResidenceLINE chat & call available
suiteLINE chat & call available

Wonder Casino Withdrawal Methods

The payment methods that can be used for withdrawals at Wonder Casino are as follows.

Payment Method Minimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amount commission
Bank transfer $50 $1,000,000 (1 time) free
ecoPays $50 $1,000,000 (1 time) free
STICPAY $50 $1,000,000 (1 time) 2.5%
venus point$50 $5,000 (1 time)free
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Ether, Tether)$50 $1,000,000 (1 time) free

For withdrawals via Venus Points, the withdrawal limit is $5,000, and for non-Venus Points, the withdrawal limit is $1,000,000 (approximately 115 million). There is no withdrawal limit per day, so you can withdraw as many times as you like.

Wonder casino withdrawal speed

Withdrawals at Wonder Casino are usually completed within 5 minutes to 1 hour. It may take longer during busy times. Withdrawals are available 24 hours a day.

In addition, in the case of bank remittance, remittance procedures outside of business hours may be processed during the next business hour. Please contact your financial institution.

Regular maintenance is performed from 21:00 on the second Saturday to 8:00 on the following Sunday (every month), so processing may take some time. Please be careful.

Wonder Casino Identity Verification (Account Verification)

At Wonder Casino, you will be required to submit identity verification documents (KYC) and address verification documents when you withdraw for the first time.

The details of identity verification documents (KYC) and address verification documents are as follows.

Identity verification documents (KYC)

・Driver's license (front/back)

・Passport (photo page)

・Basic Resident Register card (front/back)

・My number card (front)

* When taking a photo of your identity verification document, you must hold the document in your hand and be in the photo together.

address verification documents

・Utility bills

・Credit card statement

・Certificate of residence

important point

*Detailed images of PDFs and websites are not acceptable.

*The issue date must be within 3 months.

* Your name and address must be written on one sheet.

*Photos must be taken so that the four corners can be seen.

As an exception, KYC is not required when depositing or withdrawing in virtual currency.

If submitting address confirmation documents is troublesome, there is no choice but to deposit and withdraw in virtual currency

How to register at Wonder Casino

Wonder Casino registration is very easy!

·User name

·email address


·Cellphone number


Just enter and verify your email address!

It's easy not to need to enter your address at the time of registration!

Click here for the detailed registration procedure of Wonder Casino!

Deposit methods at Wonder Casino

The payment methods that can be used when depositing at Wonder Casino are as follows.

Payment Method Minimum deposit amount Maximum deposit amountcommission
Credit card (VISA/MASTER/JCB)$50$500/day 5%
Bank transfer$20  nonebank transfer fee only
ecoPays $30  nonefree
STICPAY $30  none2.5%
venus point$30  nonefree
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Ether Tether)$10  nonefree

For virtual currency, ecopayz, stickpay, and bank transfer, there is no upper limit on the casino side, but there may be limits on the transfer amount on the virtual currency exchange, ecopayz, and stickpay side.

When depositing to Wonder Casino with a credit card

For credit card payments, the maximum amount that can be deposited at one time is $500, and the maximum amount that can be deposited per week is $5,000.

Regarding the limit on the number of deposits, a maximum of 2 times a day, a maximum of 10 times a week, and a maximum of 30 times a month.

period Maximum number of deposits deposit limit
1 dayTwice$1,000
1 week10 times
1 month3 times$5,000

update time

Sun 1:00 AM

Week Monday-Sunday

1st to the end of the month


・A 5% administration fee will be charged for credit card payments.

・When depositing by credit card, you can withdraw by virtual currency, stick pay, ecopayz, bank transfer.

・JCB is currently unavailable.

・Virtual cards, prepaid cards, and bundle cards cannot be used.

games at wonder casino

Wonder Casino isNETENTorYGGDRASILPlay'n gofrom major companies such asBTGMore, Golden Hero, and other providers that release games popular with Australian players.

Wonder Casino Slots

Wonder Casino has a wide variety of slots! Since the provider name is displayed at the bottom of the slot search screen, you can also select the game you want to play by provider.

Games with a purple “HOT” ribbon on the top left of the game are Wonder Casino recommended games.

Wonder Casino Jackpot Slots

Wonder Casino with over 200 jackpot slots. The slot menu has a "Jackpot" where you can choose your favorite game.

About the operation and license of Wonder Casino

Wonder Casino is owned and operated by Sector Media N.V., Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curacao.

Wonder Casino support

Wonder Casino support can be contacted using three methods: live chat, LINE, and email.

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can contact us anytime.

live chat

Click the speech bubble mark in the lower right. Enter your username, select the content of your inquiry, and click "Start Chat".


If you type "wonder-casino" on the LINE friend search screen, your Wonder Casino account will be displayed. Click "Add Friend" and start chatting.


[email protected]Please send an email to

Wonder Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wonder Casino be played on the app?

Wonder Casino does not have an app, but if you add it to the top screen of your smartphone, you can use it like an app.

Who operates Wonder Casino?

Wonder Casino is operated by Sector Media N.V.

Does Wonder Casino have referral benefits?

Wonder Casino offers referral benefits. Earn 10% from the referrer's weekly rebate bonus.

Does Wonder Casino accept bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals?

Wonder Casino accepts deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer.

Does Wonder Casino accept deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies?

Wonder Casino supports deposits and withdrawals in virtual currency. Supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether.

You who want to play at Wonder Casino from now on. Receive a $30 No Deposit Bonus from Casino Australia and play for free!
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.8 Comprehensive evaluation
Wonder casino Comprehensive review [2023 latest] 
4.8 rating