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Overview of the Serengeti Kings

The Serengeti Kings are located in the Serengeti National Park (Serengeti), one of the world's leading national parks in Tanzania, Africa, which is also a World Heritage Site. A lively video slot featuring the animals that live in this park.

You can enjoy playing while enjoying the world view of Serengeti National Park with BGM that makes you feel excited, vivid graphic design, and realistic animal production.

Information about the Serengeti Kings

The basic information of the Serengeti Kings is as follows.

jackpot providerNetEnt
Number of reels/number of rows5 reels x 4 rows
number of paylines26
Width of Win/Loss-higher
bet amountMinimum $0.10 ~ Maximum $100.00
auto playnone

Contents of Serengeti Kings

The Serengeti Kings compete on paytables by matching Serengeti National Park animals (meerkats, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, lions, panthers) with A, K, Q, J and 10 playing cards. You can win big prizes.

Freezepin mode is the only bonus stage in Serengeti Kings. More on the free spins mode later.

How do I enter the Serengeti Kings bonus round?

Serengeti Kings has a bonus mode called Free Spins Mode.

Let's take a closer look at the free spins mode.

Free Spins Mode: You need to match the scatter symbols to unlock the free spins mode.

Depending on the number of scatter symbols, the following free spin modes will be activated.

・ 3 appearances → 12 free spins won.

・ 4 appearances → Get 12 free spins while maintaining the number of lion and panther symbols currently collected.

・ 5 appearances → The number of lion & panther symbols currently collected + 5 will give you 12 free spins.

The odds are low, but if you can get all 5 of them, you'll be able to win big prizes all at once.

The expected value is 56.4 times the bet amount for free spins with 3 scatter symbols.

Free spins with 4 scatter symbols and free spins with 5 scatter symbols will change depending on the number of lions and panther symbols you already have.

It is very profitable to enter the free spin mode with a large number of these symbols.

Features of the Serengeti Kings

Serengeti Kings is a freshly themed video slot with African animal motifs, but the rules are pretty much the same as most video slots, so it's easy to play. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the Serengeti Kings.

Serengeti Kings paylines/symbols

Serengeti Kings has 26 paylines, and you can win by aligning multiple identical symbols on a payline and earn a payout.

With 5 reels and 26 paylines, it's a great deal, so it's highly recommended for online slot enthusiasts.

Since you can aim for victory with a high probability, it is a slot that even beginners can enjoy.

The correspondence between the number of matching symbols and the number of coins you can earn is as follows.

・Meerkat, Lion:

・Hyena, giraffe:

・Zebra, Panther:

・A, K, Q, J, 10:

For example, if 3 lion symbols are aligned, it is written as a dividend of 10 coins. Alphabet symbols have low payouts, while animal symbols such as meerkats, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, lions, and panthers have high payouts.

Unique spin modes in Serengeti Kings

Lion Spin and Panther Spin are the most important features in this game.

Everyone who plays the game for the first time starts in a mode called Lion Spin.

After completing 12 spins in Lion Spin mode, you will then perform 12 spins in Panther Spin mode. After completing 12 spins in Panther Spins, return to Lion Spins again.

Lion spin (12 spins) → Panther spin (12 spins) → Lion spin (12 spins)

→ Panther spin (12 spins)……

And I will play repeatedly with this pattern.

The lion and panther symbols that appear on the reels during the spin are collected in the lion meter on the left side of the screen and the panther meter on the right side of the screen.

You can earn coins by aligning 3 or more lion and panther symbols on a line, but you can also collect coins by aligning them anywhere on the reels apart from the paylines.

Then, on the 12th Lion Spin, the Lion symbols collected so far will be placed on the reels.

In the same way, when the Panther Spin is the 12th spin, all the Panther symbols collected so far will be gathered on the reels.

The 12th spin increases your chances of a Big Win, so don't give up and keep playing until the 12th spin.

By the way, play always starts with three lion patterns at the beginning and no panther patterns at all.

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Summary of Serengeti Kings

Africa is a new sensation video slot with a unique theme featuring animals living in Serengeti National Park, a world heritage site in Tanzania. The return rate to the player is 96.2%, and the free spins feature is installed, so it is a good slot for players who want to get rich quickly. Also, there are no complicated rules, so it can be said that it is a friendly game for beginners. Why don't you enjoy playing slots with funny African animals?

Last updated 2023.11.5

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