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What is Venus Point?

In addition to credit cards and bank transfers, electronic payment services are often used when depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos.

The advantage of electronic payment services is that they are very convenient because the fees are low and the payment is completed quickly.

There are many types of electronic payment services, but one that offers a unique point service is Venus Point.

In this article, we will introduce Venus Point in detail.

Overview of Venus Point

Venus Point is a service that allows you to accumulate points and redeem them when needed. Unlike general electronic payment services where cash is deposited, the service is characterized by achieving conditions and accumulating points.

Points earned with Venus Points are calculated as 1 dollar = 1 point.

Venus Point is a point exchange service that differs from ordinary electronic payment services. As such, it is not possible to buy points for Venus Points.

In order to use Venus Points, you must first withdraw to Venus Points from affiliated services such as online casinos and accumulate points.

Once you have accumulated points in Venus Point, you can deposit to the online casino from there, and you can also withdraw.

Venus Point points cannot be purchased using a credit card, etc., but the points in the Venus Point balance can be withdrawn to a bank account, etc.

At Venus Point, if you receive $10,000 or more in a week, you will need to submit your identity verification documents.

If the amount does not exceed this amount, you can use it without submitting your identity verification documents.

Venus Points can be used at the following online casinos:

・Zipang Casino
・Vera & John Casino
・Lucky Niki Casino
・Casino Jam Polly
・Casino Secret
・Casual trip
・Pit Stars
・Lucky Casino
・Cherry Casino
・Lucky Baby Casino
・NetBet Casino
・Inter Casino
・777baby Casino
・Live casino house
・Bet Tilt
・Casino X
・LeoVegas Casino

If you want to withdraw to Venus Point from each online casino, enter your 7-digit user ID starting with U for Venus Point and your Venus Point password on the withdrawal page of the online casino.

Then, set the amount and click "Deposit" to complete the withdrawal application.

Venus Point fees

No fees are charged for exchanging points between online casinos and Venus Point, regardless of the amount deposited or withdrawn. Therefore, you can deposit and withdraw any amount at any time.

However, if you withdraw Venus Point points to your bank account, there will be a 1.8 point ($1.8) fee per 1,000 points ($1,000).

Benefits of depositing and withdrawing Venus Points

Here are the benefits of Venus Point.

○ You can send money in Australian yen to a bank account in Australia.

Venus Point's base currency is the US dollar. However, when withdrawing money, you can convert it to Australian yen and withdraw it to a Australian bank account. Therefore, there is no need to prepare a bank account that supports foreign currencies.

When transferring money in Australian yen to a bank account in Australia, the exchange rate of the US dollar cash buy rate of Australian megabanks on the day the bonus points are transferred will be applied.

○ Australian language support

Venus Point is a point exchange service operated by an overseas company. However, Venus Point's official website is available in Australian.

In addition, you can receive support services in Australian, so you can always ask for help when you have a problem.

○ Account opening and maintenance fees are free

Venus Point does not charge any fees other than the withdrawal fee. You can open an account for free and there are no account maintenance fees.

Therefore, even if you open a Venus Point account and do not use it for a while, you will not lose anything.

○ Withdrawal procedures are fast

One of the advantages of Venus Point is that the withdrawal process is fast.

At Venus Point, basically the exchange procedure will be done by the next bank business day. Also, if you complete the procedure by 1:30 pm Australia time, it will be reflected on the same day.

Compared to bank remittances, the procedure is completed immediately, so it is highly evaluated by users.

However, if there is a high volume of procedure requests, the procedure may be delayed. Also, please note that the remittance will not be completed if the bank is closed.

○ If you send money to an online casino, you will get a point back

With Venus Point, you can receive 0.5 points back for every 100 points when you transfer your points to an online casino.

In other words, you can get $1 for every 200 points you transfer. Normally, the return rate is 0.5%, but this return rate may be higher when events are held.

However, this point back is capped at $1,000 (1,000 points) per month.

Also, only those who have withdrawn the points in their Venus Point balance to their bank account at least once can earn this point back.

Disadvantages of depositing and withdrawing Venus Points

Here are the disadvantages of Venus Point.

▲Cannot be used in Yen

Please note that when you make a deposit to an online casino with Venus Point, all payments are made in US Dollars. If you use the online casino in euros, the amount reflected in your account may be less than the actual amount deposited due to exchange fees.

▲The upper limit is set

When withdrawing money from Venus Point to your personal bank account, there are minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 points ($50) and the maximum withdrawal amount is 20,000 points ($20,000). If you want to trade more than this amount, you have to divide it into multiple transactions.

▲Points cannot be purchased by direct deposit

Points cannot be purchased with Venus Point. Therefore, when you register with Venus Point for the first time, you must first make a deposit to the online casino using other payment methods.

Therefore, when using Venus Point, it is necessary to prepare at least two payment services.

Online casinos accept credit card deposits, but not withdrawals. Therefore, it is recommended to use the combination of first depositing with a credit card to the online casino and withdrawing to Venus Point.

How to register Venus Points

Here we will show you how to open a Venus Point account.

First, access the official website of Venus Point and click "New registration" on the top page.

Then, the input screen of the e-mail address is displayed, so enter the e-mail address you want to use with Venus Points. In this case, it may not be possible to use a mobile address, so it is recommended to use a computer email address.

Then click "Send Email" to send an email to the email address you entered. Since the link "application page" is pasted in the text of the e-mail, access it and proceed to the main registration.

When you click the link, the application form will be displayed, so enter the following items.

-email address
-Re-enter password)
-base language
-Country: Australia
- Full name (Kanji)
- Full name (furigana)
-Date of birth
-post code
- Apartment name, etc.
-secret question
-answer to the question

After entering all items, be sure to check "I agree to the terms of use" and click "Register".

After that, the application for registration will be completed and will be reviewed. If you successfully pass the examination, you will receive an account opening completion email. This email contains your user ID and password, so be sure to keep it safe.

This completes the opening of your Venus Point account.

Also, when opening an account, register your bank information in order to withdraw Venus Point points.

To register bank information, first click "Cash" on My Page.
Then, near the account selection, there is a link "Click here for pre-registration of the account", so let's click it.

Enter the following information on the next screen:

-Bank name
-Branch name
Account type
account number
Account name (katakana)

*Please note that you cannot withdraw money from Venus Points to Rakuten Bank.
After entering these correctly, click "Add Account" to complete the account registration.

After registering your bank account, check that the bank you registered is displayed correctly.