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Recommended points of Select Bet (select.bet)

Selectbet is an online casino established in 2020 and is a hybrid casino that also focuses on sports betting.

Although it is a new online casino, it has already gained tremendous support from players around the world and is starting to attract attention in Australia.

First of all, I will introduce three recommended points of select bet.

All over the world! Suitable for sports betting

Selectbet is an online casino that also supports sports betting, and bets on major and minor sports around the world.

It supports soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, cricket, table tennis, martial arts, badminton, and e-sports, which has recently attracted worldwide attention.

Unfortunately, Australian sports could not be confirmed at this time, but there is a good chance that you will be able to bet on professional baseball, J-League, RIZIN, etc. in the future.

Super gorgeous! Rich bonus campaign

Selectbet is an online casino that also focuses on bonus campaigns.

There are plenty of luxurious campaigns such as a first deposit bonus of up to ¥ 25,000, a free bet token of ¥ 5,000 every month, and a bonus for the second and subsequent deposits.

We also hold tournaments where you can get cash without withdrawal conditions, so please actively participate.

Proof of trust Possess a "Curaçao" license

A license is essential for online casino operation, and if there is an online casino that operates without a license, it is an illegal site.

Also, even with the same license, the degree of reliability varies depending on the country where it is issued. There are some countries that are issued without a proper examination as long as you pay the money.

However, Selectbet owns Curacao, which is famous for its strict screening. It is a license owned by many major online casinos and bookmakers, so it is highly reliable.

Review Selectbet's reputation through word of mouth

I tried to collect the reputation of players who actually play with Selectbet. We will introduce not only good reviews, but also bad reviews without hesitation, so please refer to them.

Selectbet Good Reviews

The ¥25,000 first deposit bonus is huge! It's not a troublesome bonus system, so it might be recommended for beginners.

As a fan of European soccer, the lineup is unbearable (laughs).

Playing at an online casino while watching the game you bet on DAZN ♪ It's an indescribably blissful time (laughs)

Bad Selectbet Reviews

Isn't the Australian used on the Selectbet site strange? I can't believe I see this...

The withdrawal conditions for the bonus are strict (crying).

that? no professional baseball? J League too? It's another bookmaker. Disappointed with selectbet.

Selectbet Registration Bonus

At this time, Selectbet does not offer a registration bonus (no deposit bonus).

*As of October 6, 2023

Selectbet welcome bonus

There are two types of SelectBet welcome bonuses (first deposit bonuses): casino bonuses and sports bonuses, and you can apply for either one.

Please note that you cannot receive both bonuses.

Bonus targetbonus percentageMaximum bonus amountbonus code

Also, when you make a second deposit, you will receive a casino-only bonus (bonus code: BACK200) of 50% of the deposit amount, up to ¥25,000.

SelectBet bonus withdrawal requirements

In order to withdraw the SelectBet bonus, you need to bet 25x including the deposit amount. (Sports bonus rolls over 16 times)

For example, if you deposit 20,000 for the first deposit, the bonus given will also be ¥20,000, so the withdrawal conditions will be applied to the total ¥40,000. In other words, you can withdraw for the first time with a minimum bet of ¥ 1,000,000 at “¥ 40,000 x 25”.

However, please note that the consumption rate varies depending on the type of game you bet on.

All slots except some100%
Other games0%

Live games other than roulette, table games, video poker, etc. all have a 0% consumption rate, so no matter how much you play, you will not be able to achieve the wagering requirements.

Selectbet Deposit Methods

SelectBet supports a total of eight payment methods, including credit cards, online electronic payment services, and virtual currencies.

The minimum deposit amount, maximum deposit amount and fees for each deposit method are as follows.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
Credit card (VISA/Mastercard/JCB)¥1,400¥140,000free
Vega wallet$0.01$69.19free
virtual currency¥2,700¥1,300,000free

*Varies depending on exchange rate

How to withdraw Selectbet

SelectBet supports a total of 8 payment methods, including bank remittance, online electronic payment service, and virtual currency.

The minimum deposit amount, maximum deposit amount and fees for each withdrawal method are as follows.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountcommission
bank transfer¥1,400¥680,000free
Vega wallet¥1,400¥680,000free
virtual currency¥1,400¥680,000free

*Varies depending on exchange rate

In order to withdraw from SelectBet, you must first verify your identity. We will discuss identity verification later.

How fast is SelectBet withdraw?

Withdrawal speed for SelectBet is within 48 hours from the date of withdrawal request. In other words, the withdrawal examination will be completed within 48 hours, and then the money will be transferred, so if it is a bank transfer, it will take about 2-5 business days.

Online casinos these days have improved withdrawal speeds within hours, 24 hours, and even minutes at the earliest.

Considering that, it may be a bit of a disadvantage that it takes 48 hours just to review after applying for withdrawal. I hope it will be faster in the future.

Identity Verification for SelectBet (KYC Verification)

In order to withdraw your winnings from SelectBet, you must first verify your identity (KYC verification).

Basically, you can do it at the time of withdrawal, but it may take about 24 hours for the review, so we recommend that you complete it when you register your account.

In some cases, the support staff may ask you to submit identification documents, so please submit them as soon as possible.

Documents required for identity verification are "identification card" and "address verification document", and please send them to the support email address.

Each document is as follows.


·Driver's license

・My number card

・Passport etc.

Your ID must have a government-issued photo. Please note that only items within the expiration date will be accepted.

Also, please take a picture of the actual product, not a copy. Prepare a high-quality image as much as possible so that you can clearly see even the smallest of characters.

[Address confirmation documents]

・Utility bills

・Certificate of residence, etc.

Only documents issued within the last three months are accepted as proof of address. Also, please make sure to match the account address registered with SelectBet.

How to register for SelectBet

Registering for Selectbet is very easy. Now you can complete your account registration in a few minutes with only a minimum of personal information.

[1] Access the official website of Selectbet and click "Register Now"

[2] Enter your email address, username and password

[3] Enter personal information such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc.

[4] Account registration is complete when the deposit page is displayed

selectbet games

Selectbet offers a large selection of casino games including live casino, table games and slots.

We also have partnerships with many major game providers such as Microgaming, Evolution and PlaynGO, so we have most of the games that are popular at other online casinos.

With this selection of casino games and sports betting, you will never get tired of playing.

Recommended slots for selectbet

At Selectbet you can play different types of slots such as classic slots, video slots and jackpot slots.

Among the many slots, I would definitely recommend “Big Bass Bonanza”. There is a sense of stability during the base game, and you can expect big wins of up to 2,100 times the free spins bonus.

The average payout rate is 96.71%, and the volatility is not that high, so it is recommended for beginners to play online casinos for the first time.

Selectbet live casino

General live casinos such as baccarat and blackjack are fun, but for select bets, “Lightning Roulette” is recommended.

For normal roulette, the maximum payout is 36x (straight up), but with Lightning Roulette, the maximum payout is an amazing 500x! If you are lucky, it is a spec that can get rich quickly.

The rules are also very simple, so please try Lightning Roulette.

Selectbet jackpot

SelectBet has over 150 different jackpot slots and new games are being released all the time.

The jackpot slot we recommend at Selectbet right now is Microgaming's Amazing Link Zeus. The slot is based on Zeus, the supreme god of Greek mythology, and features both jackpot and free spins bonuses.

With the simplicity and explosive power of Microgaming, the jackpots are appearing one after another in online casinos around the world.

Are select bets illegal?

Selectbet is not an illegal online casino. It is internationally recognized as legal because it has a highly reliable Curacao license.

Of course, it is not illegal to bet money on select bets from within Australia. Selectbet is based in Curacao, Heelsumstraat 51, E-commerce park, Curacao.

Since there is no law that regulates players who play at overseas online casinos, you can enjoy gambling safely and securely.

Selectbet support

SelectBet support is fully Australian and can be contacted either via email or live chat.

Email[email protected] (Reception 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
live chat24 hours a day, 365 days a year

There is no problem if you send a message in Australian as it is, but the support staff is a foreigner. Please note that messages will be sent and received through a translator.

Send your message as short and clear as possible.

Selectbet FAQ

Finally, we have summarized the frequently asked questions and answers at Selectbet, so we hope it will be helpful.

Why can't I deposit with Selectbet?

There are 5 possible reasons why you cannot deposit with SelectBet:

・The account information for the payment method is incorrect.

・You are using a payment method other than your own

- You have exceeded your credit card limit

・Violation of credit card terms of use

・ Selectbet is doing maintenance

Why can't I withdraw from SelectBet?

There are four reasons why you may not be able to withdraw from SelectBet:

・Identity verification has not been completed (an error will be displayed on the withdrawal page)

・Exceeds the maximum withdrawal amount (up to ¥680,000)

・Violation of the Terms of Use

・ Selectbet is doing maintenance

If you register for Selectbet from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you will receive a cash bonus of 25,000 yen when you make your first deposit.
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
3.8 Comprehensive evaluation
Select.bet Comprehensive Review [Latest in 2023]
3.8 rating