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Texas Hold'em is a type of poker and is a popular casino game that can be played not only at land-based casinos but also online casinos.

Texas Hold'em Poker is played against other players, not against a computer, so it requires more psychological technique than skill.

In this article, we'll give you an easy-to-understand introduction to strategies to increase your odds of winning at Texas Hold'em.

Texas Hold'em Rules and Terminology

First of all, before learning about Texas Hold'em poker strategy, you need to know what the rules are.

Texas Hold'em is a type of flop poker, and flop poker is characterized by a common card on the table that all participants can use as their own hand, called a community card. Then, from the 2 hold cards dealt first by the dealer and the 5 community cards opened on the table, create the strongest hand and compete.

Texas Hold'em Poker is usually played by 2-10 players.

Here, we will introduce what kind of hands there are in poker, in order of strength.

Royal flush

10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit. It is the strongest hand in poker.

straight flush

Consecutive numbers of the same suit. If there are two straight flush players, the one with the higher number wins.

four of a kind

It refers to four of the same number. If there are two Four of a Kind, the one with the higher number wins.

Full house

The same number refers to a combination of 3 and 2 cards. If there are two or more Full Houses, the one with the higher triple number wins.


Regardless of the number, it refers to the ones with the same suit. If there are two or more flashes, whoever has the combination with the higher number wins.


A set of consecutive numbers, regardless of suit. If there are two straights, the one with the higher number wins.

two pair

It refers to two sets of the same number of two cards. If there are two two pairs, the one with the higher number wins.

one pair

It refers to two pieces of the same number. If there are two One Pairs, the one with the higher number wins.

high card

It means a state of nothing. If everyone has a high card, the player with the highest number wins.

Here's how the Texas Hold'em poker game works.

Texas Hold'em Poker can be played with two people, so if there is an empty table, join it. The timing to participate in the game and the timing to stop are all free.

In Texas Hold'em Poker, you have four or more chances to bet, and you can increase your stake each time. Players can then choose to continue playing the game or give up.

First of all, when playing the game, the parent (dealer) is decided. At that time, the player draws one card at a time and the person who draws the strongest card becomes the parent.


The player to the left of the dealer is called the SB (Small Blind), and the player to the left of the SB is called the BB (Big Blind). First, each player is dealt two cards.

At this time, BB must bet the minimum bet amount determined at the table, and SB must bet half of the minimum bet amount.

The player in the position to the left of the BB, called UTG (under the gun), decides whether or not to continue the game against the BB bet amount. In this case, you have to decide whether to continue the game depending on whether the two cards that have already been dealt are advantageous or disadvantageous.

UTG has three actions to choose from: fold, call, bet the same amount as the BB and continue the game, or raise (increase the bet amount).


The flop is played with 3 cards face up in the center of the table. This card can be used by all players and is called a community card. Players see the possibilities they can create with the two cards in their hand and the three community cards.

And take action again from SB. It can be judged that a player who takes a strong action here is likely to be able to create a strong role. Or they may be aiming to force other players to fold.

Here, while looking at the expressions and actions of each player, we will predict what kind of cards they have.


Turn the fourth community card face up. And just like on the flop, each player takes action.

At this time, if it becomes an all-in confrontation, it will be a showdown, and all 5 community cards will be opened to see the winner.


Turn the last community card face up on the river. And just like on turns, each player takes an action.

On the river, if your bet jumps in play and you can't bet the same amount but don't want to leave the game, even if you don't have enough bets to raise or call, you are considered all-in and the game continues until showdown. can continue.

When the river ends, all hands are revealed and the player with the strongest hand wins.

9 Texas Hold'em Strategies

There is no surefire way to win in Texas Hold'em. Instead, Texas Hold'em, where you play with other players, has a strong element of psychological warfare, and it is important how well you can bargain with other players.

Here, as a strategy for Texas Hold'em, we will introduce how to carry the game to your advantage and the mindset required as a player.

focus on play

Texas Hold'em Poker is a multiplayer game, with up to 10 players. Therefore, you may have a conversation with the player next to you while others are playing.

But don't get so caught up in the conversation that you miss other people playing. It is important to always pay attention to the expressions and actions of other players and read the opponent's play.

So when playing Texas Hold'em Poker, remember that everyone is your enemy, and focus on other people's play rather than enjoying conversation.

Master by repeating the same technique

If you have just started playing Texas Hold'em poker, it is important to start with one thing at a time, such as playing the same move, rather than trying different techniques. Even if you try to acquire multiple techniques at once, there is a limit and it will take extra time.

Especially casino games such as Texas Hold'em Poker can't be played for free, so it's important to master the game properly so as not to waste money.

Therefore, it is better to set a goal for yourself to make it perfect from here and gradually raise the level.

always remember to learn

Whether it's Texas Hold'em Poker or not, if you're looking to get better at anything, it's important to keep learning. Once you reach a certain level, you become satisfied with your own ability and forget the attitude of learning. Also, some people may be overconfident in their abilities and never try to acquire new skills.

But elite players are always ready to learn and are always willing to learn something new while playing the game. Even after getting used to the game in this way, it is important not to forget your original intention.

Also, you should try to acquire new techniques by using various means, such as obtaining new information from books and websites, and getting advice from strong players.

Sometimes it's nice to join a table with strong players and see how they play. High rollers tend to gather at tables with high table limits, so there should be a lot of play that will be helpful.

stay out of the way of emotions

It is important to always keep your cool when playing casino games such as Texas Hold'em Poker. Especially in poker, the word "poker face" was coined, and it is very important to keep a blank expression so that other players can't read your emotions.

If you get too emotional about winning or losing, you can end up in a vicious cycle of betting big money and making unusual mistakes. Therefore, in Texas Hold'em Poker, it is important to make your own rules, such as resetting your feelings after one game is over and quitting the game after losing a number of times in a row so that you do not get emotional.

Being able to control your own emotions in this way is one of the tricks to improving your skills at Texas Hold'em poker.

Occasionally puts pressure on other players with aggressive play

When your hand is favorable, aggressively attack and try to put pressure on other players. By calling (paying the same amount) or raising (increasing the bet amount), it may be determined that other players have a low probability of winning and may give up.

If you give up other players, you can naturally win. In situations like this, playing hard is the key to winning at Texas Hold'em poker.

However, if you always play aggressively, the effect will disappear. Too many calls, raises, etc. will be seen as bluff and will not put pressure on other players. So only go on the offensive when your hand is really good and you have a good chance of winning.

Choose a lower level table

Table selection is very important in Texas Hold'em Poker because you will be competing against other players. As you get used to the game and gain confidence, you will want to play against even slightly stronger opponents.

However, Texas Hold'em Poker is a gamble, and you are betting your own money on whether you win or lose. Therefore, the top priority is to choose a table where opponents who seem to be lower level than you are gathered. If you choose a high-level table with only strong players, you will run out of funds without winning at all. So, while it's important to enjoy the game, your top priority should be choosing a table where you think you can win.

Also, in land casinos, there are people who intimidate other players with their appearance, or who act as advanced players by playing aggressively. Putting pressure on other players is also a strategy in poker.

Be careful when in early position

If you find yourself in early position in Texas Hold'em poker, you need to be especially careful. The game is difficult to control in this position as you have to take action before other players. In other words, you can't take action after seeing the other person's reaction. Rather, other players can take action after seeing your reaction, so it can be said that it is a very disadvantageous situation.

Therefore, you need to have a strong hand from the start to win when you are in early position. If your hand is weak, it's better to go defensive instead of attacking. Or just fold early.

Late position is easy to win

Contrary to early position, late position makes it easier to win at Texas Hold'em Poker. In late position, you can decide your own actions after watching other players play, so it's easier to take control of the game.

The late position allows you to check free cards on the turn and river, so it tends to be advantageous especially in long-term games.

Good money management

Money management is also an important strategy in Texas Hold'em poker, which is also a psychological game. As the funds decrease, the mental burden will increase, so it will affect the subsequent play to some extent.

Therefore, in order to be able to play as calmly as possible, it is important to manage your funds properly and prepare a situation in which you can always play calmly.

To do this, you should set a wager limit or quit the game after losing a certain amount.

It's also important to choose a table that fits your bankroll when playing Texas Hold'em Poker. If you don't have much money and choose a table for high rollers, you'll run out of money at once, so be careful.

How to take action preflop

Two cards are dealt at the beginning of Texas Hold'em Poker.

And you have to take action based on those two cards. At this time, the action to be taken may be decided to some extent depending on the hand. The actions that the pros are mainly doing and the hands at that time are as follows.

monster: If you have AA,KK,QQ,JJ

Monsters is a very strong hand, and it is very likely that you will be able to advance the game in your favor after that. Therefore, it is best to raise when this hand is dealt. After that, if AA, KK, or QQ comes up, we recommend that you increase your bet even more.

top pair hand: If you have AK-AJ, KQ

In this case, it is very likely that you will be able to make top pair and kicker. A kicker is any card in a poker hand other than a hand making card.

With top pair hands, it's a good idea to raise pre-flop because you're more likely to win if you're kicked.

Suited connector: If you have QJs-89s

With suited connectors, both straight draws and flush draws are possible. If you have two cards that are suited and connectors, then you have a favorable hand, so you can go on the offensive.

However, although suited connectors can win big pots, it's too risky if someone raises, so it's best to fold. If the flop doesn't draw you should just leave the game without taking any risks.

*The starting hand is as follows.

(○○s means that the pattern is aligned.)

group 0AA, KK
group 1QQ, JJ, AKs
group 2AQs, TT, AK, AJs, KQs, 99
group 3ATs, AQ, KJs, 88, KTs, QJs
group 4A9s, AJ, QTs, KQ, 77, JTs
group 5A8s, K9s, AT, A5s, A7s
group 6KJ, 66, T9s, A4s, Q9s
group 7J9s, QJ, A6s, 55, A3s, K8s, KT
group 898s, T8s, K7s, A2s
group 987s, QT, Q8s, 44, A9, J8s, 76s, JT

How to recognize tell (habit)

Texas Hold'em Poker is a psychological game, and it is important to read the subtle changes in your opponent's actions and facial expressions. Specifically, the tell includes the following.

speed to action

How long it takes other players to act, whether they call immediately or think before making a call, is very important in Texas Hold'em poker.

If you call right away, you look bullish, but if your hand is really strong, do you really need to show that you're bullish? Or is it that you deliberately call slowly to show that your hand is not very strong and delicate?

It is generally said that calling too soon is a sign that your hand is not very strong. Especially when you are calling with 2 overs or draws, it is said that there is a high possibility that you will reflexively call immediately so that it will not be detected.

Of course, purely thinking, you can also expect to call immediately because it is strong, or call because it is weak.

In this way, in Texas Hold'em poker, cheating is unfolded to prevent the opponent from giving correct information, so it is important not to overlook trivial hints such as the time to action.

Conversely, when you take action, it's a good idea to think for a certain amount of time before taking any action other than folding. If the speed differs depending on the action taken, the strength of the hand may be read from there, so it is important to always keep the speed constant.

Reaction when looking at the card

The moment you see the cards you've been dealt is one of the most emotional moments during a game of Texas Hold'em Poker.

If you make a confident or happy face when you have an AA on your card, other players can easily read that your hand is strong. If you do, other players will fold prematurely, and even if you win, you will only get a small payout. This will ruin the precious premier hand.

On the other hand, if you look disinterested or disappointed when your hand is weak, some players will take advantage of your weak hand and steal you.

The expression when you look at the hand can be improved to some extent by being conscious of it, but even so, some differences will appear. Advanced poker players pay close attention to these subtle differences, which can lead to misreading the strength of a hand.

Therefore, if you are not good at hiding your emotions, one way is not to look at your hand until it is your turn to act. If you don't look at the hand, you won't show your face, so other players won't take advantage of you.

To read other players' expressions, it's important to play at the same table for a long time. Beginners are often desperate to play and can't hide their facial expressions, so it can be said that it is easy to read the contents of the hand.

Sudden holding/touching/fiddling with chips

Some people suddenly touch chips while playing Texas Hold'em poker. This is said to be an unconscious behavior that appears when you have a good hand.

If the hand is strong, the desire to bet quickly will take precedence, and the hand will reach for the chips.

In this case, the player is likely to call or re-raise, so you should avoid stealing marginal hands.

Alternatively, if your hand is weak, one option is to fold.

speak or shut up

In Texas Hold'em Poker, the amount of conversation can also tell you what your hand is.

Each player has his or her own characteristics, some become chatty when the hand is strong, while others remain silent. This is when you play the game together several times and you can see the characteristics of each player. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the characteristics of each player by winning or losing in the first few times.

It's also a good idea to always keep your mouth shut so that other players don't read about you. Even if other players talk to you, it's best to keep the conversation to a minimum.

Show your bet and check

If you reach for a chip and pretend to call or re-raise and then check, it's usually a marginal hand. If you have a monster hand, you should call or re-raise without showing any signs of worrying. Or maybe you check it out as calmly and without showing excitement as possible.

Therefore, if the player is about to hit and quits, it is like saying that the player is weak. In this case, bet aggressively and attack.

Conversely, if you tell this when you have a monster hand, most players will think that you don't have a monster hand. Then other players will bet more, increasing your chances of winning big in the end.

Use Texas Hold'em Winning Techniques!

In Texas Hold'em poker, there is no surefire way to win. Therefore, you have to analyze how the game will develop by predicting the possibility of winning or losing from your own hand, checking the expressions and actions of other players, etc.

Texas Hold'em is a complex game of psychological warfare. Therefore, it takes some getting used to to be able to consistently win at Texas Hold'em poker. Start by practicing the strategies introduced here and get a feel for how you can play Texas Hold'em Poker to win.

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