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If you register with Monkaji via Kaji Nippon, you can get a $5 no-deposit bonus♪
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Monkaji has temporarily stopped offering bonuses. We will inform you here as soon as we have a prospect of reopening. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Recommended points of Monkaji

Monkaji is an online casino that was just born in 2023, but it has already gained support from many users in the Australian market.

So how did Monkaji join the ranks of popular online casinos in such a short time? Here are three recommended points of Mon Casino.

A wide variety of games to choose from over 3,400

Monkaji boasts a top-class number of games in the online casino industry, with over 3,400 types of games including live casinos, table games, and slots.

There are more than 3,200 types of slots alone, and from simple and easy-to-understand classic slots to flashy video slots, jackpot slots that will make you rich, and more, there is a lineup that will satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced players.

Although it is a new online casino, it is attractive that the introduction speed of new games is very fast because it is highly trusted by game providers.

Welcome bonus with instant withdrawals on cash spins

Speaking of online casinos, the welcome bonus (first deposit bonus) attracts attention, but Monkaji has adopted a groundbreaking welcome bonus that has never been seen before.

Applied to all deposits from the first to the 4th deposit, cash spins of the designated slot will be awarded. The number of cash spins awarded varies depending on the amount deposited, and winnings can be withdrawn immediately.

If the development is good, there is no doubt that it will be a great welcome bonus that cannot be compared with other online casinos.

Fulfilling events and campaigns

In addition to the no-deposit bonus and welcome bonuses, Monkaji always carries out various events and campaigns.

There are plenty of contents such as 100% cashback for one person in the monthly lottery, 10% cashback for everyone every week (slot), cash gacha with a maximum of $ 100, drop & win in the popular slot.

In addition, tournaments centering on slots are held from time to time, so please try to challenge yourself to aim for a top ranking prize.

Review the reputation of Monkaji from reviews

What do users who actually play Monkaji think about it? Here, I picked up reviews and reputations of Monkaji from SNS.

Good reviews for Monkaji

Monkey is great! I was worried that my deposit was late without knowing it was outside the bank's business hours.Can I get a bonus for my deposit? He gave me $5! the best♡

I even got cashback!
If everyone is going to do it, do Monkaji! Withdrawals are fast!

I've said bad things about Monkaji before, but the winning rate of tournaments is about 80%. You can easily win for about $20. Yeah casino. (palm crew)

Negative Monkaji reviews

Monkaji and this slot are too cruel. 2000 times to pull Ojipuri Frispi 💩 and 8 times. After that, stickiness is good and 20 times. Negative even if subtracted 2500 times. It's too suspicious that the past 1 is terrible in the first play of registration. You should definitely avoid this slot.

I made a moncaji deposit, but it doesn't reflect. It was the same yesterday, but something is not going well. I should have done it properly today.

Monkaji is nasty. 600$ for 0.2 and poppin for 0 big wins. It's worth doing this on your first playthrough. No wonder the bonus has no conditions

Monkaji registration bonus

Monkaji's registration bonus is a bonus that you get when you first register with Monkaji, and $ 5 cash will be automatically reflected in your account.

The bonus you receive can be used for all games, and you can withdraw up to $ 100 (minimum $ 20) winnings. However, please note that withdrawals are subject to at least one deposit and account verification (KYC).

Also, after the registration bonus is activated, it cannot be used after 24 hours, so try to use it as soon as possible.

Monkaji welcome bonus up to $3,000 FS3000 times

The Monkaji welcome bonus is a special deposit bonus that you can receive from the first to the fourth deposit.

Number of depositsDeposit bonus contentcachefree spinsslot
First deposit1 spin per $1 Up to $1,000up to 1000 timesbig bus bonanza
Second time1 spin for every $2 Up to $1,000up to 500 timesgame of olympus
Third time1 spin for every $2 Up to $1,000up to 500 timesbig bus bonanza
4th1 spin per $1Up to $1,000up to 1000 timesmoney train

With a great bonus of up to $ 3,000 up to the 4th deposit, you can get up to 1000 free spins on Big Bus Bonanza with the first deposit, and up to 3,000 free spins from the first 4 times. !

3000 FS is an unprecedented number! you should definitely get it

Monkaji bonus withdrawal conditions

As a general rule, there are no wagering requirements for bonuses received at Monkaji. In other words, you can withdraw as cash immediately without any withdrawal conditions, and you can use it as a war fund for other games as it is.

Speaking of withdrawal conditions at online casinos, it is common to bet XX times the bonus amount, but Monkaji does not have that restriction, so it will be "bonus = cash".

However, please note that the registration bonus is subject to withdrawal conditions of a minimum bet of the same amount ($5 bet). Also, as an exception, there may be events and campaigns that apply withdrawal conditions, so be sure to check the terms of use in advance.

Monkaji cash gacha

Monkaji's cash gacha is one of the campaigns held every Wednesday, and the more you bet on non-slot games, the more money you can get from the gacha.

Of course, bonuses obtained from gacha are treated as cash, so you can apply for withdrawal as real money immediately without any withdrawal conditions.

However, please note that you cannot participate in the cash gacha unless you bet a total of $ 500 or more on the target game in one week and deposit $ 20 or more.

Monkaji cashback

Monkaji cashback is a bonus that returns 100% or 10% of your net loss, and all the bonuses you earn are added to your account as cash.

100% Cashback will be awarded to one eligible user through a monthly lottery and all net losses will be returned. Users with a minimum net loss of $100 or more are eligible for the draw.

In addition, 10% cashback is applicable to all users, and 10% of the net loss that occurred every Monday from 18:30 to 18:29 on the following Monday will be returned.

Monkaji Drop & Win

Monkaji Drop & Win is a campaign running from February 10, 2023 to February 9, 2023, and is divided into weekly tournaments and daily prize drops.

The target game is a slot of the popular game provider “Pragmatic Play”, and the weekly tournament will be awarded up to $ 10,000 (or 10,000 times), and the daily prize drop will be awarded up to $ 1,000 (or 1,000 times).

Tournaments in Monkaji

Monkaji tournaments are always held, and basically slot tournaments are the main ones.

Please note that even in the same tournament, the competition targets differ depending on the period, such as "number of free spins won", "total bet amount", "win amount", and "number of spins".

Participating in the tournament is very easy, and you can participate at any time by simply playing the target game during the period.

Rewards you can receive at Monkaji

At Monkaji, you can get free spins, cash, etc. in various events and campaigns, but these are called "rewards". (Same meaning as "bonus" in general online casinos)

If you select "Rewards" from the main menu while logged in, a list of rewards you can receive now will be displayed.

Please note that all registration bonuses and welcome bonuses must also be activated from Rewards. However, cash wins from free spins, tournaments, etc. are credited directly to your account and do not need to be activated.

Monkaji Loyalty Program

Monkaji also has a loyalty program (VIP system), but since it uses a complete invitation system, we do not disclose what it is.

Also, the conditions for receiving invitations are not disclosed, so I do not know how to participate in the loyalty program at this stage.

However, it is true that the "deposit amount" and "bet amount" are related, so if you are aiming for a loyalty program, actively deposit and bet on the game.

Deposit methods at Monkaji

Monkaji accepts credit cards, bank transfers, electronic payment services, and virtual currencies.

There are four types of cryptocurrencies available: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Payment MethodMinimum deposit amountMaximum deposit amountcommission
Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB)$10$1,500free
Bank transfer$10$2,500free
Jeton Wallet$10$2,500free
Jeton Cash$10$2,500free
MiFinity Wallet$10$2,500free
Vega Wallet$10$2,500free
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple)$10$5,000free

Withdrawal methods at Monkaji

Monkaji can be withdrawn by bank transfer, electronic payment service, and virtual currency.

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn per day is $10,000.

Payment MethodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountcommission
Bank transfer$10$5,000free
Jeton Wallet$10$2,500free
Jeton Cash$10$2,500free
MiFinity Wallet$10$5,000free
Vega Wallet$10$5,000free
Virtual currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)$10$5,000free

What is Monkaji withdrawal speed?

The withdrawal speed of winnings from Monkaji is basically completed within 24 hours, but it may take 1-3 days during busy times.

Withdrawals will be processed on weekends as well, but Monkaji's payment agency and financial institutions will not process them, so please be aware that payments will arrive on the next business day.

Monkaji Identity Verification (KYC Verification)

To prevent fraudulent use, money laundering and terrorist financing at Monkaji, you must complete identity verification (KYC authentication) in order to withdraw money from your account.

Documents required for identity verification are "identity verification documents" and "address verification documents". When using Ecopayz or Vega Wallet, submit a screenshot of the account screen, and when depositing by credit card, submit an image of the card itself. is needed.

You can also submit the required documents via live chat or email ([email protected]).

Identity verification documents

Only government-issued photo identification documents are accepted and must be valid.

·Driver's license

・My number card


・Basic Resident Register card

・Alien registration card

address verification documents

Proof of address documents are only accepted within 3 months of issuance and must always match the address on the proof of identity document.

・Certificate of residence

・Utility bills

・Bank statement

How to register Monkaji

We will introduce you to the registration procedure for Monkaji.

STEP1: Access the official website of Monkaji

Click on the Best-Gambling-Sites.org banner to jump to Monkaji.

STEP2: Enter your mobile phone number and press "Account registration"

Enter your mobile phone number and click Register Account.

STEP3: A 6-digit login code will be sent to the SMS of the mobile phone number you entered

A 6-digit login code will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number you entered.

Entering this will take you to the registration screen.

STEP4: Enter personal information

Enter your personal information here.

Enter your email address.

Enter your first and last name.

Enter your postal code.

Enter your date of birth.

STEP6: Agree to the two items and press "Finish" to complete registration

After agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy, account registration is complete.

As for the registration bonus, you can receive it by clicking the Get Rewards button after registration.

No special bonus code is required.

Monkaji games

There are more than 3,400 types of games that can be played at Monkaji, and there are a wide variety of genres such as live casinos, table games, slots, and jackpots where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a real land casino.

With over 50 game providers who develop games, there are almost no games that you can play at other online casinos that you can't play at Monkaji.

The introduction speed of new games is also very fast, so you can enjoy various casino games without getting bored.

Recommended slots for Monkaji

At Monkaji, you can play over 3,400 types of slots, including classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots, and more.

Recommended slots include Australian pachislot-style slot “Hawaiian Dream”, “SAN QUENTIN Xways” with tremendous explosive power and high volatility, and “BOOK OF 99” boasting an amazing payout rate of 99%.

Please try these slots when you register for Monkaji.

mon casino live casino

Monkaji has more than 170 types of live casinos, and in addition to the classic games of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, you can also play Big Wheel and Monopoly.

Evolution Gaming's live game show is a must-play live casino experience that you can't get at a land-based casino.

Furthermore, at a land-based casino, you can communicate with other players and dealers using chat, so you can have a good time.

moncaji jackpot

Monkaji has over 90 different jackpot games. There are many types of jackpots such as standalone, linked progressives, wide area progressives and mystery jackpots.

Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with Microgaming, so we cannot play "MEGA MOOLAH", which is listed in Guinness, but there are many jackpots with the same level of explosive power.

Is Monkaji illegal?

Monkaji is a licensed online casino, so there is no illegality.

In addition, since the operating company is located in Curacao and offers online casinos all over the world, including Australia, you can rest assured that you will not be questioned about illegality even if you play from within Australia.

Moncasino license

The license owned by Monkaji is issued by the government of Curacao and is famous as the most reliable license in the world.

It is so reliable that major online casinos actively possess it, and it will never be issued unless it passes a strict examination.

The license number is 8048/JAZ and is published on the site, so you can play at the online casino safely and securely.

Monkaji support

Monkaji's Australian language support supports email and live chat.

email address[email protected]
live chatMon-Fri 12:00-25:00 *Saturdays and Sundays only in English

Monkaji Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, I summarized the frequently asked questions and answers from Monkaji users.

QWhy can't I make a deposit to Monkaji?

If you cannot make a deposit to Monkaji,

・Wrong input of payment information

・Use of a payment method other than the principal

・You have reached your credit card limit

・Violation of credit card terms of use

・Monkaji side is undergoing maintenance

And so on. Incorrect payment information is a common reason for not being able to deposit money, so be sure to check it after entering it.

QWhy can't I withdraw from Monkaji?

If you cannot withdraw money from Monkaji,

・Account verification has not been completed

・Maximum withdrawal amount exceeded

・You are trying to withdraw using a different method than when you made your deposit.

And so on. Please note that account verification is always required when withdrawing the registration bonus.

Register from Kaji Nippon to the new casino monkaji that was born in 2023 and get a $5 no deposit bonus!
Reliability and fairness
A wealth of games and software
Extensive bonuses and promotions
Customer support friendliness
4.3 Comprehensive evaluation
Monkaji Casino Review [2023 Latest]
4.3 ratings