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Conquestador First Deposit Bonus Up to $2,500

Get Conquestador Deposit Bonus!

Speaking of the topic new casino that appeared in 2023conquestador(Conquestador). When you first register at this casino from Best-Gambling-Sites.org, you will receive a deposit bonus equivalent to $2,500, 200 free spins, and a free bet of $10 that can be used for sports betting.

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Overview of Conquestador

Bonus 100% Deposit Bonus up to $2,500 + 200 Free Spins + $10 Free Bet
bonus typeHybrid type (mixed type + separate type)
Wagering requirements10 to 20 times (depending on the number of deposits)
withdrawal limit20 times the bonus amount or unlimited
Maximum bet amount20% of bonus amount
Deadline for deposit bonus30 days

What does the Conquestador deposit bonus include?

If you register for Conquestador from Best-Gambling-Sites.org,

Up to $2,500 from first deposit to fifth deposit

is presented.

The bonus percentage for the number of deposits, the maximum bonus amount, and the withdrawal conditions are as follows.

Number of depositsbonus percentageMaximum bonus amountWithdrawal conditions
first time100%$30020 times
Second time200%$10020 times
Third time75%$40020 times
4th50%$70015 times
5th time25%$1,00010 times

You will also receive 200 free spins (20 spins x 10 spins) and a $10 free bet that can be used on sports bets when you make your first deposit.

Conquestador bonus type

Conquestador's bonus type adopts a hybrid type that has both a mixed type and a separated type.

As a feature of the hybrid type

・Withdrawal conditions apply to the total amount of deposit + bonus amount

・Bet uses both real money and bonus at the same time (calculated according to the ratio)

・ Only real money used for betting is reflected in the withdrawal conditions.

・It is possible to withdraw real money by discarding the bonus before the withdrawal conditions are met.

It may be a little difficult, but it means that they are managed separately within the account (separate type) and can be used immediately after receiving them (mixed type).

Conquestador Deposit Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

Conquestador's deposit bonus can be withdrawn as real money only after meeting the withdrawal conditions.

As mentioned above, the maximum withdrawal limit is 20 times / minimum 10 times, depending on the number of deposits, the withdrawal limit is applied to the total amount of real money actually deposited and the bonus amount received.

There is no withdrawal limit applied to the winnings earned from the free spins awarded at the time of the first deposit, so you can withdraw at any time.

Conquestador Deposit Bonus Withdrawal Limits

Conquestador deposit bonuses are subject to a maximum withdrawal limit of 20x the received bonus amount for the first and second deposits.

For example, if you received a $100 bonus, you can withdraw up to $2,000 at $100 x 20.

Also, there is no maximum withdrawal limit for the 3rd to 5th deposit bonus, and you can withdraw unlimited amounts as long as you meet the withdrawal conditions.

Number of depositswithdrawal limit
first timeUp to 20 times the bonus amount received
Second timeUp to 20 times the bonus amount received
Third timeUnlimited
5th timeUnlimited

Conquestador Deposit Bonus Expiration Date

Conquestador deposit bonuses have two expiration dates.

First of all, you have to activate the deposit bonus within 70 days after registering with Conquestador in "Expiration date of right to receive deposit bonus".

Once you receive the bonus, you must meet the withdrawal requirements within 30 days, otherwise the bonus will be void.

Digestibility of Conquestador Deposit Bonus

Conquestador's deposit bonus has different withdrawal conditions depending on the game you play, so please check "Contribution" on the site.

"Wagering requirement: ◯%" is displayed at the bottom of the game thumbnail, and this is the consumption rate.

Basically, slots are 100%, table games and live casinos are 5-10%, and some roulettes have different rates depending on where you bet.

Banned Games for Conquestador Deposit Bonus

Conquestador's deposit bonus includes games that prohibit playing with the bonus.

Forbidden games can be checked in the same way as the digestion rate, "Contribution" on the site, "Wagering requirement: -" is displayed at the bottom of the thumbnail, and a warning message appears if you try to open it as it is.

Please be aware that if you play a prohibited game, the entire bonus will be forfeited and your winnings will be invalidated.

If it is too malicious, it will be certified as a bonus observer, and heavy penalties such as account freezing and confiscation of real money actually deposited will be imposed.

How to Register and Earn Bonuses at Conquestador

The registration method and bonus acquisition method of Conquestador are very easy, so even beginners who play online casinos for the first time can proceed without hesitation.

Step1: Access Conquestador via Best-Gambling-Sites.org

Step2: Enter your email address and password

Step3: Enter your name, date of birth, and mobile phone number

Step 4: Enter country, address, zip code, currency used (select)

Step5: Check "Agree to Terms of Service" and "Agree to receive delivery" and click "Complete"

Step6: Receive a 6-digit verification code to your email address

Step7: Enter the authentication code and "Approve"

Step8:Account opening completed

Step9: Tap "Present" from the menu

Step10: Find the first deposit bonus, tap "Activate" and "Accept"

Step11: Deposit processing

Step12:After completing the deposit, the deposit bonus will be reflected in the bonus wallet of your account.

How to use the Conquestador Deposit Bonus

After receiving the deposit bonus at Conquestador, you can finally play the game and digest the bonus to achieve the withdrawal conditions.

Cash bonuses and free spins use different deposit bonuses.

Here we will explain the recommended games to use the cash bonus and how to use the free spins.

cash bonus

Cash bonuses can be used in all games except prohibited games, but we recommend slots with 100% contribution to use the bonuses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Among them, "THE DOG HOUSE MEGAWAYS" is recommended, not only has a high payout rate of 96.55%, but you can also use the bonus purchase function.

By allocating the deposit bonus to the bet amount of the bonus purchase function, it will be consumed quickly and you can also expect a chance of big win.

However, please be careful not to exceed 20% (bet limit) of the received deposit bonus.

free spins

Deposit bonus free spins can only be used on Thunderkick 'Midas Golden Touch'.

Midas Golden Touch is a slot inspired by King Midas from Greek mythology, with multipliers even during the base game for big win potential.

In addition, sticky wilds play a big role during the free spins bonus, and you can get continuous payouts without reducing the number of remaining spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the withdrawal requirements for the Conquestador Deposit Bonus?

Conquestador's deposit bonus has different withdrawal conditions depending on the number of deposits, 20 times for the first to third times, 15 times for the 4th time, and 10 times for the 5th time.

Please note that the withdrawal conditions will be applied to the total amount of real money actually deposited and the bonus amount.

Do I need a bonus code to claim the Conquestador deposit bonus?

No bonus code is required to claim the Conquestador deposit bonus.

After registering for Conquestador via our site and activating the deposit bonus from the gift menu, it will be automatically reflected in your account once the deposit is processed.

Do I get free spins with the Conquestador welcome bonus?

As a welcome bonus to Conquestador, you will receive 200 free spins to play Midas Golden Touch for free on your first deposit.

However, instead of being able to rotate 200 times at once, 20 times can be divided into 10 times.

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